Astra is Now Beaver Themer Compatible!

Have you seen the cool Beaver Themer plugin that allows you to literally customize every single part of the theme? Yes, the header, footer, blog layouts, archive pages and even WooCommerce templates.

Design theme parts with Beaver Themer plugin

The plugin was launched just a few days ago and it has already become popular among WordPress enthusiasts as it gave them flexibility to design almost anything they want without touching a single line of code.

So we went ahead and made Astra 100% Beaver Themer compatible. Right now, Beaver Themer is fully compatible with just four themes in my knowledge and Astra is one of them. That means, if you’re a Beaver Themer user, you will be able to easily customize the header / footer & other layouts of Astra.

If you’re still not sure what is Beaver Themer, learn more about it here.

5 thoughts on “Astra is Now Beaver Themer Compatible!”

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  2. Hey there!
    Loving Astra!! But I have to ask: If you can ” literally customize every single part of the theme” with Beaver Themer, why would you buy Astra Pro plugin? ‘m a newbie, so there’s a fair chance that I’m missing something… for example, would it be better (cleaner code etc) to customize sites using your theme options rather than third party plugins? 🙂

    1. Hi Eva!

      If you’ve the Beaver Themer plugin and using it comfortably, you don’t necessarily need features from Astra Pro Addon unless, you need the unique features like White Label, Better Typography & Colors Management for entire website, etc.

      Honestly, I do not imagine there would be any cons for using one over another. It is up to each individual to choose the tools that they find more suitable for themselves.

  3. Beaver themer removes the sidebar when creating a single post layout in another theme I am using. Does it do the same thing with your theme or can you still specify the post have a sidebar? I had to recreate the sidebar in that single post layout with a 2 column layout, which to mean isn’t ideal because it isn’t using the native layout.

    1. Hi Robert, From the version 1.0.27 of Astra, you can control whether to enable the theme sidebar or not even on Beaver Themer layouts.

      Is that what you mean to ask?

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