Astra is Used on 20000+ Websites!

Astra is Used on 20000+ Websites!


Astra is now being used on over 20,000 websites in just a few months from launch. Thank you, everyone, for your love and we look forward to your continued support.


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  1. Congratulation ASTRA!! but a lit confuse there is no video tutorial how to build website from A to Z, please advise if any? thanks

    1. Thanks giostanov. Actually, if you search on YouTube, you will find there are many tutorials that explain step by step how to make a website with Astra from the beginning.

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  3. i am newbie just unsure if i purchased theme do i just used that for 1 website or i can use it for multiple website???
    unsure about unlimited websites thing in pro package for theme and elementor pro??

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