Astra is WPML Compatible!

Astra is WPML Compatible!

Good news if you’re thinking of creating a multilingual website with Astra. We have been working with WPML team since the last few weeks and today, we are very happy to announce that Astra is fully compatible with WPML.

Read how you can create multilingual website with Astra and WPML »

WPML is one of the pioneers in the WordPress multilingual space and without doubt the best option. OnTheGoSystems, the company behind WPML has been developing for WordPress since 2007 and is a company of 40+ people.

Toolset is another popular product from OnTheGoSystems. And Astra is already one of the few themes that’s compatible with Toolset.

We would like to thank OnTheGoSystems team for all the co-operation and support provided while the integration.


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  1. It seems true that WPML is the best plug-in por multilanguagle sites, but it is only-paid option.
    And Polylang? It is the best free option.
    Are you concerning with making tne next versions of Astra theme to be translatable by Polylang?

    1. Though we have not officially tested it yet, Polylang should already be working fine. If you come across any difficulties, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to take a look 🙂

      1. Polylang works very well on Astra, but it doesn’t traduce tne strings of Astra. It seems that Astra has the stings only geolocated. Polylang can’t reach the strings of the theme.

      2. I tried Polylang, but it somehow overrides the settings of the main menu and makes it display all top level pages. Had to deactivate it.

    1. Oops!

      Did you contact the Polylang team and report this? If not, I’d suggest you to do that asap and feel free to let us know if you need any help from us. 🙂

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