Error while importing Astra Site?

If you see an error as in the screenshot below, most likely your hosting server timed out while importing the Astra Site. This article explains how this can be fixed.

Error while importing Astra Site
Error while importing Astra Site

What does this error mean?

Every server has the maximum time limit set (usually 30 seconds) to execute any operation. After that time, the process is aborted. So while importing the Astra site – if the import process takes longer than the limit set by the server, users see the error message as in the screenshot above.

Steps to fix:

  1. Just try to import the site again. Most probably, it will work! If there are still any issues, read the Step 2 below.
  2. It is possible that data was partially imported. So we would encourage you to take a look at your site. If necessary, reset the site with this plugin. 
  3. After reset, try importing the site again. In most of the cases, second attempt takes lesser time and site gets imported successfully.
  4. If it still does not work, contact your host and request to increase the time limit to some higher number, such as 300 seconds. You may provide a link of this article with them.

Can I increase PHP Time Limit myself without contacting host:

Increasing the PHP Time Limit is complex and the process that differs from hosts to hosts. So it is always better to get it done from someone who knows it well. But if you are comfortable with making changes in the code or editing configuration files, please refer this article.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.