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    How to Fix Starter Template Importing Issues

    You tried importing Starter Template, but the import failed. In this case, you might have seen a popup that says – “Import Process Interrupted”. There are a number of possible reasons behind this issue and how it can be solved.

    These are several reasons for having your import fail: 

    Let’s Understand Fundamentals of How How Import Works:

    All starter templates are stored on our server ( When you choose a template you would like to import, the Starter Template plugin connects to our server and imports the files to your website. This process has a specified flow which includes a connection request being sent from your server and receiving back the template data with a reply from our server.

    The connection request flow looks like this:

    Starter Templates Import Process Flow

    As you have an understanding of how the import process works, let’s explore some of the common issues that we have seen in the import process.

    500 / 502 / Any 5XX Error

    5XX error can happen for more than one reason. This error is mostly related to the server and, in this case, most likely caused by either one of your installed plugins or PHP configuration.

    Please check this article on how to fix the error which says: 500 – Internal Server Error

    Connection Timeout

    As previously described importing a template to your website will require the template files to be transferred from our server. The Starter Templates plugin on your website will initiate a connection request to do this. If this complete flow for this request is not successful in a specific time, it will fail, and you will get this error like this: WP_Error – cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 30001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received.

    Please check this article for understanding how to fix it.

    Blocked Request 

    As mentioned, there needs to be communication between your server and ours for the template to be imported. Sometimes it happens that the connection request coming from your server gets blocked. If this is the case, you will see the following error: WP_Error – User has blocked requests through HTTP.

    Please check this article on how to fix this error.

    XML file storing issue 

    To import the template content, WordPress needs to store an XML file in the /wp-content/ folder. This issue could be related to your host offloading /wp-content/ folder to a third-party server. In this case, you might see an error that says something like this: Looks like your host could not store XML file in /wp-content/ folder.

    Please check this article on how to fix this error.

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