How to Translate Astra Strings with WPML?

In case you need to translate strings added with Astra, you can do it manually with WPML.

Let’s consider you have added custom text in Astra primary header and want to translate it.

This article will explain required steps in detail –

Step 1 – From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WPML -> String Translation page and click the Translate texts in admin screens option.

Step 2 – You need to make custom menu item translatable.

  • For that find the option astra-settings.
  • Opening it you will get options for font-size-body.
  • Select header-main-rt-section-html 
  • Apply the changes.

Step 3 – Navigate to WPML -> String Translation page.

Step 4 – The string will appear at the top and you can translate it just like any other strings.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.