How to White Label Astra?

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How to White Label Astra?

This is a premium feature available with Astra Pro Addon plugin. To use these Pro features, you need to have the Astra theme along with the Astra Pro Addon installed on your website.

What is White Label branding?

White label Branding is the ability to rename and present a product or a plugin as your own. This helps you hide the actual identity of the theme and plugins used and lets you use your brand name instead.

Astra Pro comes with an option for white label branding. You can change almost every field to prove that the product is yours and you are the whole and sole developer who has worked on a website.

In order to edit the Astra Pro white label settings, you will need to click on “Astra Options” under Appearance, then click white label settings option and add all necessary details in the fields given.

Astra White Label Activation

Following is an image of how you can fill the details:

Astra White Label All Fields

Save your settings.

If you have installed Starter Templates plugin or Astra Premium Sites plugin (available with Astra Essential Bundle or Growth Bundle), you can see options for these plugins as well.

Astra White Label Starter Sites Settings

Save your settings.

If you are using the following plugins/options with Astra, you would see options to while label them as shown in above screenshot.

Later, if you wish to hide these settings from your client or anyone who would be accessing the backend of a website, you can simply opt to hide these settings by enabling the checkbox for Enable White Label as seen below.

Astra White Label Enable Setting

Save your Settings.

Note: If you wish to see these (White Label) settings again after hiding them, you can do so by reactivating (deactivate, then activate again) the plugin from the plugins page.

Want to see where this all will be displayed?

We have a few images for you to understand all the places where all your white label settings will be seen.

This is where the Astra Pro Plugin Name, Agency Author name,  Agency Author URL and the Plugin Description will be replaced.

White Label Plugin Label

The following image shows the replaced Theme name.

White Label Theme


Does White Label Feature Make Changes in the Code?

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