How to Switch to Astra from Another Theme?

Have you already created any layouts built with Page Builders? Have you completed part of your website? And now want to switch to Astra to make your site super fast!

You might be wondering what will happen if you deactivate your current theme and activate Astra. What will happen to the layout of the site?  This document will help to set your site after switching your current theme with Astra.

You can do this in two ways using –

Below are the detailed steps that will guide you about how to switch to Astra using –

Astra Bulk Edit

You can even switch to the Astra theme by bulk updating your meta settings of posts/pages in Bulk.

Here’s a detailed article that explains How to Bulk Edit Astra Meta Settings on Multiple Pages & Posts at Once?

Switch to Astra

Step 1 – Take a backup of your current site. Refer document here.

Step 2 – Install and activate the Switch To Astra plugin. It searches for page builder used and set Astra settings to suit page builder used.

Step 3 – Set navigation menu and widgets with Astra

Step 4 – Redesign header, footer using Astra Options.

Step 5 – Design Blog/Posts page from Astra customizer settings.

As Astra is integrated with plugins like WooCommerece, LifterLMS, LearnDash, Easy Digital Downloads, you can see the default design applied by Astra. Respective pages for these plugins can be managed from customizer settings. 

Let’s see an example of how you can go full width for your Page Builder designs using the Switch to Astra plugin –

Step 1 – Install the Switch to Astra plugin, and click on the “Let’s Go Full Width” button in the message notification after installation to update your layouts to full width.

Step 2 – On clicking the above-mentioned button you will see the message mentioning that your process has begun and is working in the background

Step 3 – After the process is complete you will notice the following successful message. You can also deactivate and delete the plugin.

Step 4 – You can visit your site and notice the layout go full width as shown here –

That’s it! You’ve updated your site layout successfully.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.