How to Create a Multilingual Website Using Astra and WPML?

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    How to Turn Astra Multilingual with WPML?

    The Astra theme is 100% translation ready and can be used alongside WPML in order to create a multilingual website. Before we proceed with this you need to make sure you’ve purchased the latest version of WPML for your website.

    Let us begin with the initial setup

    • You will first need to install and activate the core WPML plugins, viz. WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management. You’ll also need to install and activate the other WPML plugins that may depend on them.
    • Set up WPML through WPML -> Languages. The first three steps are easy where you just need to choose your default language, a set of active languages and a language selector. For more details about the setup, you can refer to the Getting Started Guide of WPML.

    Translating Pages, Posts, and Post Types in Astra
    When you go to wp-admin -> Pages or Posts, you’ll find a new column added to the list of pages or posts. This is where you’ll find the available languages.

    Under these columns, you’ll find the pencil icon that allows you to edit a translation if it already exists. If not, you’ll find a plus icon ‘+’ that lets you add a translation for that specific language.

    You can add a translation or edit an existing one using these icons.

    Translating Menus and Languages Switchers in the Header
    WPML can help you synchronize your website menus. This means that if some entries, pages or posts are in the English Menu, WPML makes sure these are added to the other language menus too and point to the respective translated pages, posts, etc.

    You can add menus through Appearance -> Menu, translate and then synchronize them together.

    Translating Theme Strings and the other text on your website.
    You can translate theme settings and other text by:

    • Going to WPML -> Theme and Plugin Localization.
    • Click on ‘Scan the theme for Strings’

    You’ll see the list of strings being used in the theme with the translated version besides them.

    For further help and assistance, you can refer to the extensive documentation by the WPML Team.

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