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Version 1.3.3

24 May 2018


  • Add Astra Pro fields in the LifterLMS Course builder.
  • Quick View gallery now support image variation images.
  • Headers created using custom layouts work correctly with transparent headers.
  • Target Rule now allows targeting WooCommerce shop page.
  • Target Rule now allows targeting all the posts inside a taxonomy/term.
  • Added newly introduced actions in Custom Layouts addon.
  • Updated logic for Ajax add to cart to add better support for third-party WooCommercce plugins.
  • Set default background color for page headers with 0.5 so that the background image is visible by default.
  • Custom Layouts addon now supports Divi Builder.
  • Change read time string to be grammatically correct.


  • Page Headers not displayed correctly when in the customizer.
  • Ajax add-to-cart not displaying variation names in some cases.
  • Custom Layouts + Thrive Page builder fixes.
  • When WooCommerce cart is used in header layout 2. The menu is misaligned on safari 10
  • Sticky header is not working as expected with the padded layout.
  • Quick View popup adds space for the header, above-header.
  • Enable cursor for the Quick View background.

Version 1.3.2

17 Apr 2018


  • Custom layout not saving values for “Sticky: Desktop + Mobile”.
  • Background color not working for the sticky header.
  • Background color not working on blog layouts and blog grid layouts.
  • Added a default value for link color for below header section.
  • Background param not saving when color is set to empty.
  • WP CLI commands to activate the license not working on a fresh site.

Version 1.3.1

10 Apr 2018


  • Above header navigation JS error.
  • Above header background color not working.

Version 1.3.0

9 Apr 2018


  • Added support for LearnDash LMS from Astra Theme.
  • Background images options for Header, Above Header, Below Header, Sidebar, Content.


  • Ajax add to cart not adding products to cart for Composite Products and WooCommerce Booking plugins. Ajax add to cart will be by default disabled on these product types.
  • Blog Pro – Excerpt word count of 0 was not working.

Version 1.2.3

27 Mar 2018


  • Improve UX on white label screen so that it’s more clear on how to get back the white label screen when it is hidden.


  • Some of the Links on the welcome page sidebar were not removed even though white label settings were enabled.
  • Multiple Custom layouts loaded on the same page causing second layouts to not load its CSS when using Thrive Architect for building the Custom Layouts.
  • Incorrect content height applied to the quick view content area.
  • Transparent Header navigation colors should be applied only for the desktop view. This fixes issue where transparent header on mobile would add same background color and text color which made texts non-readable.

Version 1.2.2

15 Mar 2018


  • Updated the latest Translations.
  • The welcome page URLs can now be updated from White Label.


  • PHP Warning appearing in Custom Layout addon when saving a layout.
  • PHP warning appearing on some sites when white label settings are not found.

Version 1.2.1

14 Mar 2018
  • New: 404 layout support in Custom Layouts addon.
  • Improvement: Moved the links for Custom Layoutsand Page Headers add-ons under Appearance. So one less click to get to the required settings.
  • Improvement: Support for gtag.js for the infinite scroll for tracking Google Analytics page views.
  • Fixed: Quick View not loading the description completely.
  • Fixed: Correctly send only the base URL to Google Analytics when tracking page views on the infinite scroll on single post view.
  • Fixed: CSS from custom hooks addon being loaded as a separate file is not combined with rest of the Astra Pro’s CSS.

Version 1.3.0-beta.2

14 Mar 2018

Updated Learnndash branch with the latest stable release.

Version 1.3.0-beta.1

7 Mar 2018

The best theme for LearnDash gets better with Astra Pro in  ???

Download the beta version from your account on our store and try the beta version. Documentation will be added shortly.