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Version 1.2.2

15 Mar 2018


  • Updated the latest Translations.
  • The welcome page URLs can now be updated from White Label.


  • PHP Warning appearing in Custom Layout addon when saving a layout.
  • PHP warning appearing on some sites when white label settings are not found.

Version 1.2.1

14 Mar 2018
  • New: 404 layout support in Custom Layouts addon.
  • Improvement: Moved the links for Custom Layoutsand Page Headers add-ons under Appearance. So one less click to get to the required settings.
  • Improvement: Support for gtag.js for the infinite scroll for tracking Google Analytics page views.
  • Fixed: Quick View not loading the description completely.
  • Fixed: Correctly send only the base URL to Google Analytics when tracking page views on the infinite scroll on single post view.
  • Fixed: CSS from custom hooks addon being loaded as a separate file is not combined with rest of the Astra Pro’s CSS.

Version 1.3.0-beta.2

14 Mar 2018

Updated Learnndash branch with the latest stable release.

Version 1.3.0-beta.1

7 Mar 2018

The best theme for LearnDash gets better with Astra Pro in  ???

Download the beta version from your account on our store and try the beta version. Documentation will be added shortly.

Version 1.2.0

26 Feb 2018

Astra Pro v1.2.0 is finally here ?

Some of the Highlights of v1.2.0

  • Introduced Spacing Addon. Check out the documentation for the Spacing Addon.
  • Introduced LifterLMS Addon. Check out the documentation for LifterLMS Addon.
  • Added Typography and Color options for WooCommerce.
  • New shortcode [astra_woo_mini_cart] to display cart icon anywhere you want. Check out the documentation for the shortcode

Be sure check out the changelogs of all the beta versions of v1.2.0 for the complete list of changes.


  • Fixed a bug where too many cache files were being created on some of the hosting providers.
  • Move Site layout options into Container Layout.
  • Woocommerce Single Product Ajax add to cart is activated then related products and upsells not able to add to the cart.
  • Display Author only for the post, not for any custom post type.
  • Corrected the global translations directory to be – wp-content/languages/plugin/<translation-file>. Earlier this global directory was wp-content/languages/<translation-file> Which differed from what we are recommending in the translation documentation –

Version 1.2.0-beta.4

14 Feb 2018


  • Now you can add responsive width for the Transparent Header & Sticky Header Logo.
  • Added WooCommerce General typography and color options.
  • Cart in the menu can be used on Above Header as well as Below Header.
  • New shortcode [astra_woo_mini_cart] to display cart icon anywhere you want.


  • Renamed Action astra_woo_quick_view_product_summary and deprecate astra_woo_qv_product_summary action.
  • Added Thrive architect support for Custom Layout.
  • Site Layout options moved to Container section.


  • Blog Pagination not working with Woocommerce addon.
  • Quick view not working for infinite pagination.
  • The quick view modal position below when Sticky Header activated.
  • Display Author only for post, not for any custom post type
  • Affiliate single product ajax add to cart not redirecting to the affiliate URL.
  • Custom Menu Item for Page Headers HTML markup being not rendered to the front end.
  • Quick View loader not working in the WooCommerce shortcode.

Version 1.2.0-beta.3

5 Feb 2018


  • Blog Pro spacing option added.
  • Blog Pagination spacing option added.


  • Added top, bottom spacing for menu & Submenu for Primary Header, Above Header and below Header.

Version 1.2.0-beta.2

31 Jan 2018


  • Improved the Spacing param to allow selecting unit from px, em, %.
  • Added spacing options for Site Identity.


  • Updated the UI of the spacing param.

Version 1.2.0-beta.1

29 Jan 2018


  • LifterLMS Addon.
  • Spacing Addon.
  • Option to separate menu on mobile, This allows displaying the top header/ below header menu on their place even on mobile.


  • WPML Compatibility for Custom Layouts addon.
  • Updated compatibility with the navigation menu plugins.

Version 1.1.0

23 Jan 2018


  • WooCommerce Designer Addon.
  • Override the custom menu item from Page Headers.
  • New action astra_footer_inside_container_top to the footer.
  • New action astra_footer_inside_container_bottom to the footer.
  • Header content fullwidth not working with Sticky Header.