Discover Possibilities with Pro

Astra Pro is an advanced plugin that compliments the abilities of our fastest theme, Astra.

What You Get with Astra Pro?

Astra Pro gives you a lot of enhancements that compliment the features of the theme. The Beta version comes with an Advanced Footer, Color & background settings, Sticky Header, Typography and Scroll to Top addons.


Advanced Footer

Add customizable widget areas above the main footer


Colors & Background

Customize colors or add background images on your website.


Scroll to Top

Ease navigation with a scroll to top link on longer website pages.


Sticky Header

Let your header stick throughout the site or just on a few pages.



Easily manage typography everywhere on your website.


Many More Addons Coming Soon!

We have several other addons planned, while many are already under development. Just a few of them - Transparent Header, Spacing, Hooks, Blog Layouts, Header Layouts.

Download Beta now and discover possibilities with Pro DOWNLOAD ASTRA PRO