Build Exceptional Headers & Footers in Minutes!

The most powerful Drag-and-drop Header Footer Builder that you can use to design stunning Headers and Footers easier, faster, and without needing to write a line of code!
Features That You and Your Customers Will Love

Build Faster Navigation than Ever Before!

Astra’s Header Footer Builder brings everything at your fingertips so that you can go live and publish in minimal time.

A Superior Visual Builder to Power Your Header

Attract visitors with modern header designs and make it easier to navigate your website. Astra Header Footer Builder brings all the essential elements that will help you build complex designs quickly and easily.
3-Layered Structure

Enhance Header with Additional Layers

The Above and Below header feature will give you extra layers for the primary header. You can add essential elements here to enhance the navigation experience for the user.

Headers demo
Header menu icon
Headers for Smaller Screens

Design 100% Mobile-Responsive Headers

Astra Header Footer Builder provides options to build mobile header separately. You can manage your header look for smaller devices without hurting how the header looks on desktop devices.

Add a Wow Look!

Beautiful Transparent Headers

Do you want to build a transparent header with your choice of elements and design? You can do that just like you build a primary header in no time. Just enable transparent header, tweak it a little and your header will be ready in minimum time.

Transparent headers
Sticky headers image
Make Your Header Smart

Sticky Header on Scroll

Build and design Sticky or Fixed Headers that makes page navigation smoother when your users scroll through a page. Sticky header can be easily added and customized.

Advanced Column Structures

Get Full Control Over Footer Design

Choose from pre-built column structures to make your footer design process very easy. Different column combinations will help you create a professionally-looking footer.
Header Footer Builder
footers image
3-Layered Structure

Built Modern Footers with Different Layers

No more single layer footer. The Above and Below footer option will give you extra layers so you can provide more information to your visitors and customers.

Raving Review and Feedback from Beta User of the New Header Footer Builder

Thank you so much for the new header and footer builder. It works perfectly and I’m very much looking forward to use it on the websites I’ve built so far. I’ve never been entirely happy with the footer because the options were quite limited. And it’s good that header building becomes less complicated and more intuitive too. Great work!

Tina Roth

Just tried out the new Header Footer builder and it is awesome! Not being able to create the header I needed was very limiting for me and my clients. Now, the sky’s the limit! Thank you so much!

Christina Mang

VERY Cool! I just played around with the header builder and wow couldn’t be easier and more customizable!

Sterling Williams

Very impressed – it’s incredibly easy to use. I cannot wait to use it!

Tudor Thomas

Nice update to the Astra Theme will use the new header and footers on my next website
Astra is a great theme already by-the-way…very fast and easy to use, good for non-techie people like me.

Ian Okere

Easily Add Interactive Elements

Add essential elements like logos, menus, buttons, widgets, search tab, copyright information. It will improve page usability and navigation for your users.
Header footer builder icon

Create Stunning Designs

The new Header Footer Builder opens up several new design possibilities. Create professional and visually-appealing website elements to improve page navigation and user experience.

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