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Version 1.2.5

15 Mar 2018


  • Whitelabel from Astra Pro now updates the strings and urls on Astra’s welcome page as well.


  • Sites who do not have Astra Pro installed were seeing notice to update the plugin to latest version.

Version 1.2.4

14 Mar 2018
  • New: Redesigned the welcome page.
  • Improvement: Separated the Theme Color & Link Color options.
  • Improvement: Added filter forastra_comment_form_title comments title.
  • Improvement: Load the full size of the post thumbnail by default, Pass the value through a new filter astra_post_thumbnail_default_size.
  • Improvement: Introduces filter ofastra_allowed_fullwidth_oembed_providers providers to be made full width.
  • Improvement: Don’t display post navigation on the LifterLMS Quizzes. (Props: thomasplevy)
  • Improvement: Add support for Course Builder for LifterLMS. Now Astra layout settings will be available for Quizzes in Course builder. (Props: thomasplevy)
  • Improvement: Added support for Content Layout option on LifterLMS quizzes via the builder.
  • Improvement: Load WooCommerce compatibility on WordPress action wp instead of init to improve compatibility with some third party plugins.
  • Fixed: Make the LifterLMS course videos full width.
  • Fixed: Black bars appearing when the video is made full width in the LearnDash course/lesson.
  • Fixed: Fatal error while editing the Elementor with Astra shortcode for the mini cart is used on a page.
  • Fixed: Fatal error if using PHP 5.2.

Version 1.3.0-beta.2

14 Mar 2018

Updated Learnndash branch with the latest stable release.

Version 1.3.0-beta.1

7 Mar 2018

The best theme for LearnDash is here ???

Download the beta version from your account on our store and try the beta version. Documentation will be added shortly.

Version 1.2.3

20 Feb 2018


  • Added shortcode support for Footer bar custom text section.
  • Updated Container layout strings for Default, Pages, Blog Posts, Blog Archives & WooCommerce.
  • Updated strings for Body & Content Font Family & Font Weight.

Version 1.2.2

14 Feb 2018


  • Now you can add responsive width for the Site Logo.
  • Option to set the Content width to shop page.
  • Grid option for LifterLMS membership.


  • WooCommerce Star rating will be displayed even if a product has 0 rating for consistency in alignments in the product grid.
  • Added blockquote border color as theme/link color with 0.05 opacity
  • Updated LifterLMS Quiz Styles.
  • Disabled automatic page builder compatibility for blog posts.


  • Footer widget spacings were not being saved in the customizer.
  • Incorrect alignment of the menu when using menu plugins.
  • Blog width being applied to the WooCommerce archive pages.
  • WooCommerce shop grid incorrect alignment when changing the mobile device orientation on iOS Safari.
  • Allow WooCommerce mini cart to be extended from the Astra Pro.
  • Fixed the style of category list on the Shop Page.
  • Update all the URLs to https scheme.
  • Submenu not correctly aligned with the parent menu item.
  • oEmbed’s adding extra padding causing whitespace below them.

Version 1.2.1

31 Jan 2018


  • Allow better styling for the LifterLMS shortcodes as per the settings in the customizer.
  • LifterLMS: Syllabus widget style updated.
  • Improved the Spacing param to allow selecting unit from px, em, %.

Version 1.2.0

29 Jan 2018


  • Full Support for LifterLMS.
  • Better support for navigation menu plugins, Allowing plugins to override complete menu markup easily.


  • JavaScript error breaking mobile menu toggle for some users.

Version 1.1.6

22 Jan 2018


  • Use correct next/previous arrows in RTL mode
  • Astra meta options not working on the shop page.

Version 1.1.5

18 Jan 2018


  • Slightly improved the size of WooCommerce cart icon in header for small devices for better accessibility.
  • Improved woocommerce invalid input field default color.


  • Alignment of empty cart message to the left in header cart.
  • Updated the size of coupon button for small devices.
  • Removed single product tabs background color.
  • Updated the position of product category widget counts to the right.