Revamped Astra’s Customizer

After the release of Astra 3.0.0 having improved the Customizer speed, we have now completely revamped Astra’s Customizer bringing you a whole lot of additional options. We’ll name just a few of the great Astra’s Customizer changes that came with Astra 3.1.0. like refined customizer and sharper fields, color pickers, and redesigned General/Design tabs. Continue reading for a detailed review.

Color Picker UI Updated

You will now find the Color Picker to be right outside having Normal/Hover color fields rather than inside the edit boxes and under the Normal and Hover color sections.

This means that you can modify the color of the respective options much faster with fewer clicks.

Old Color UI Options – Normal and Hover
New Color UI Options – Normal and Hover

Spacing Control Design Updated

The Spacing control options include the Padding and Margin options. We have updated this design to give it better and cleaner look.

Old Spacing Option
New Spacing Option

Cleaner UI with Divider between All Controls

We added spacing and dividers between all controls, dividing them into sections. We did this to make the Customizer more intuitive and to make it easy for users to understand and use the options.

Drag-Drop Meta Structure Updated!

We simplified the way Drag-Drop meta structure so it looks cleaner.

Old Drag-Drop Structure
New Drag-Drop Structure

Other improvements

Apart from the above mentioned changes you will notice some additional major improvements.

Slider Input Control Updated

The slider input control has been updated with the WordPress Range Control option.

Dropdown/Select Groups converted to Multi-button Options

We have reduced the number of clicks need to set any dropdown option. Now you can simply select the options from the Multi-buttons and set up your pages in no time. Also, it gives you an overview of all available choices straight away.

Checkbox converted to WordPress Toggle Control

We moved from the Checkbox options on the left to the default WordPress Toggle Control options for quickly enabling and disabling options.

Old Checkbox Options
New Slider Options

Align Select field converted to Multi-Button control

Just as the above Select options were updated we have converted the Align fields to a Multi-Button control for quicker selection.

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