Update Required Plugins – Starter Templates

While importing Starter Templates, does the popup says – “Update Required Plugins“. If yes, here’s why and how you can clear it.


Starter Templates are built with some awesome plugins. In case, you already have these plugins installed but not updated to their latest versions you might see this notice.

For example – You are importing a template that is built using the Elementor page builder. If you already have Elementor installed but not updated to a recent version, you will see a popup with this notice.

How to Clear?

Just visit a WordPress ‘Updates’ page and update all required plugins to their latest versions.

What If I Skip This Step?

In case you skip this step, the imported template might have some errors/issues depending on the update of the respective plugin.

For example – If the recent version of Elementor introduces a new widget and a template uses it, you might see error that the widget and its content is missing from the imported template.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.