Introducing Retina Logo

Most of the modern devices nowadays use retina and high definition screens and it is more important than ever to have the websites ready for high definition screens. So in version 1.0.19 of the Astra theme that will go live on September 12th 2017, we’re introducing an option where you can upload the Retina version of the Logo.

How would it work for users?

If you navigate to Customizer ▸ Site Identity; you will find a new setting from the version 1.0.19 of Astra theme where you can upload the Retina Logo. So if your current logo is 250 X 250, just upload 500 X 500 sized logo in the “Retina Logo” option. This 2x sized logo is necessary on high definition screens so the logo won’t look blurred.

Retina Logo without sacrificing performance.

Most of the themes use libraries such as Retina JS which checks if there is a high-resolution version of the logo available on your server. If a high-resolution variant exists, the script swaps the logo in-place. And some other themes some CSS hacks to display to high resolution logo

These methods add extra HTTP requests and unnecessary JavaScript code to request and download both versions of the logo.

However for Astra, we used the HTML5 srcset attribute which allow browsers to request only the required logo file and performance sacrifice. You will be surprised, how simple the code looks like:

<img src=”” srcset=” 1x, 2x” />

Just some simple addition in the HTML code and that’s about it.

HTML5 srcset attribute is used for the Responsive Images feature introduced in WordPress 4.4 and it is supported by most of the browsers.

We hope you all will enjoy the addition of Retina Logo option in the theme.

6 thoughts on “Introducing Retina Logo”

    1. Retina logo is basically 2x version of your current logo. This will be displayed only on the High Pixes density devices like Retina MacBooks, iPhones and other high-end devices.

  1. How about using a scalable vector image in SVG format? With a plugin like “Safe SVG” that is feasible.

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