The Most Comprehensive WordPress Speed Optimization Course

Latest Website Optimization Lessons You’ll Need – New SkillJet Course

Speed is everything right? The faster your pages load, the higher you’ll appear in search engines.

Well, the full picture is a little more nuanced than that.

This is one of many misconceptions around website speed and its effect on SEO. Not all courses go into the deep level and talk about it.

To tackle these common misconceptions and to keep you up-to-date with the latest website optimization best practices, we are introducing our new SkillJet course – Speed-up Your WordPress Website.

This is not just another speed optimization course. In our continuing quest to make WordPress work for everyone, we have developed a course that covers WordPress speed optimization in great detail.

To gain value from this course you don’t need to be a WordPress expert. We have designed it for everyone and every skill level!

Excited? Watch the course overview –

Speed-up Your WordPress Website – What’s in the Course?

This exceptional new course covers every aspect of WordPress speed optimization.

Topics range from understanding the difference between reward and punishment, common causes of slow websites, and those popular misconceptions around website speed.

It also offers a range of actionable methods to speed up your WordPress website!

The course covers:

  • Website speed and its place in SEO
  • The optimization mindset
  • What really matters to Google -What’s Core Web Vitals (CWV)
  • LCP, FID, and CLS
  • Accurate page speed measurement
  • Choosing a fast web host
  • Caching and minifying
  • Image optimization
  • Content Delivery Networks

And a whole lot more!

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you’ll have a full understanding of how page speed influences the user experience and how it’s viewed by Google.

You’ll learn what influences page speed, how to improve it, and how to measure it.

You’ll also learn some core optimization tips you can use on your own website to improve performance.

In fact, this course has everything you’ll need to optimize your WordPress website!

A Course by Yuvraj Wadhwani

Speed-up WordPress Course by Yuvraj Wadhwani

This course is presented by Yuvraj Wadhwani. Yuvraj has been building WordPress websites for close to a decade and has extensive experience in not only building WordPress websites but also optimizing them for performance.

He has extensive knowledge about SEO and has developed a practical approach to website optimization that ties in with business goals.

In this course, he holds nothing back and shares practical tips on website performance optimization that everyone, including WordPress beginners, can follow.

Who Can Access This Course?

Speed-up Your WordPress Website is one of the best premium courses we offer within the SkillJet Academy.

Everyone who has an active Growth Bundle subscription can access this along with many other courses we offer as a part of SkillJet.

You can access all premium courses we offer on SkillJet Academy by subscribing to Growth Bundle or upgrading your current subscription here.

Take the Course Today!

In this course, you will learn the right mindset to build high-performing websites, one of the most important things that help you grow your business.

Our mission is to help “small businesses grow online” and this course is just another way we can help make that possible.

We think this course could genuinely help all new businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Take the course today and let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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  1. SpeedWeb Profile Pic

    everyone is betting on the speed of the site, but would it still be up to date? Now most have access to high-speed internet.

    Best regards

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      Hello, there are still various aspects of the website starting from the hosting, to files and other aspects that need to be looked into. Also, we continuously keep watch on our videos and resources to keep it up to date.

      1. SusandGirl Profile Pic

        It seems an interesting course, but does the content on the blog also have an impact on the position of the page? Alternatively, if we were to calculate the weighted average, what weight would we add to the page speed?

        1. Support Team Profile Pic

          The content on the blog could affect the page size. Page speed could be added by the Images, content, any stylings, etc.

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