Astra: Your Fastest Theme is Now AMP Ready!?

Mobile web is not just the future! It is the PRESENT that we all cannot ignore!

Yes! We all know that most of the visitors reach our website through mobile, tablets or laptops. The fact the Google Analytics has a view where you can bifurcate users based on the device they use is itself a proof showing that the number of mobile users is increasing and we cannot ignore them.

Faster loading websites are loved! Not only on desktops – but mobile too!?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an assuring way to make your web pages load faster on the mobile. And now it is time to give wings to your web pages with the fastest and most loved WordPress theme – Astra!

Google initiated AMP as an open-source project for the betterment of the future web on mobile devices. AMP restricts JS and CSS to be loaded on smaller devices resulting in faster loading of the pages.

With these restrictions, advanced design and features on the page get compromised sometimes. But you don’t have to worry because –  Astra Stands With You! Your favourite WordPress theme now offers Native AMP support! The Astra-AMP native integration tries to retain the initial design of the page up to a certain extent. This makes sure that your AMP pages look very much similar to the original Non-AMP pages.

That’s not all! Astra helps you to achieve the standards set by AMP so that your web pages are counted notably in Google’s mobile search results.

Magnificent! Right? ?

Speed is our priority! And everything has a better way to be done. We are constantly working on Astra and striving to cope up with the speed and improvising it even further. We care about your website’s performance as much as you do. We will be bringing more updates with AMP in the future.

You can enable AMP on your website with a plugin and use it with Astra theme for faster and beautiful mobile pages. Visit our knowledge base to know more about native AMP support and how it works well with Astra. In case you need any help drop us a mail.

Just update Astra and Astra Pro to the latest version and get ready to boost up your web pages. We wish you all the speed and success ?

Hope your webpages stand in the crowd with Astra and AMP! ⚡

14 thoughts on “Astra: Your Fastest Theme is Now AMP Ready!?”

  1. Is it same like WordPress dot com having AMP plugin by Automattic? I am updating now, let me check how it works.

    One suggestion – Tags in Astra shows at the top of the post. It would be better if you can provide an option to display tags after content like other themes because that will give a feeling to the visitor to click on related texts. At the top, just below the Title nobody will click on tags.

  2. I have used Astra on more than 100+ websites for my clients as well as for me. Thanks to the team for keeping Astra always on top. Awe-inspiring and unique!

    1. Nikhil Chavan

      AMP plugin will still be required. Astra adds Native AMP compatibility from this update, i.e. Your Astra layout will work in AMP mode without any issues.

    1. Astra Theme is free and you can download it directly by searching for the theme in your WordPress dashboard.
      Astra also comes with a Pro addon plugin which adds more customization options which can be purchased from here.

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