What Are the Astra Options That Won't Work with Amp?

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Astra Options that won’t work with AMP

As we know AMP does not allow JS to render on mobile devices. It also restricts the CSS size to 50 KB. Some advanced options from Astra theme and Astra Pro needs JS and extra CSS to work. With the restriction of JS and CSS, some Astra options will not work when AMP is enabled.

Though some Astra options will not work on AMP pages, switching to AMP with these options will not break anything on your website. These features will be replaced by alternative options from the Astra itself.

Below is the list for the Astra Pro addons that will not work with AMP –

  • Above and Below Header – If above/below header is designed with Astra Pro’s Header Sections addon then it will not appear on AMP pages.
  • Sticky Header – Header designed with Astra Pro’s Sticky Header addon will not work on AMP pages as it needs JS to work.
  • Scroll To Top – If you have enabled Astra Pro’s Scroll To Top addon, it will not display on AMP pages.
  • Mega Menu – The feature offered by Astra Pro’s Nav Menu addon will not work on AMP pages. All menu items will display as a normal drop-down. Template added from the page builder will not display, instead of the template a menu item text will display.
  • Custom Layouts – Layouts designed with page builder in Custom Layouts addon will display without any style. If page builder used is not supported by AMP then only content from the layout will display and AMP will skip the style. So it is recommended to disable custom layout on AMP. You can find a setting on individual Custom Layout (Screenshot).

Apart from the above, some options from other Astra Pro addons will not work. They are as follows –

  • Search Style – Advanced search styles like Full-screen, Header cover search, the Search box will not work on AMP pages. Only slide
  • Menu Style for Mobile Header – Astra Pro’s Mobile Header addon provide options for Menu Style – Flyout, Full-Screen, No Toggle style. These styles will not work on AMP pages. Instead of these styles, a simple drop-down menu will display.
  • Toggle Button Style and color – For Mobile header, Toggle Button styles like outline, minimal and Toggle Button Color will not work. Instead of this a default Fill style will be applied with theme base color.
  • Infinite Scroll on blog/archive page – Astra Pro’s Blog pro addon offers pagination option. If you select Infinite Scroll for blog/archive page, it will not work on AMP pages as it needs JS. Instead of the infinite scroll, pagination will be replaced with numbers.
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