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Introducing: Header Sections

The header of your website is the first thing visitor sees. It remains consistent on your website and used for placing important items such as logo, navigation, contact details, social media icons, language switcher, et cetera. So as a part of our efforts to provide users more control on the the header, we’re proud to …

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Switching to Astra?

Astra is fast, lightweight and customizable theme. If you’re planning to change your current theme and try Astra, here is the good news: We just released a plugin that will help you make all of your pages designed with Page Builders go full width in just one click. How it works? To see how it …

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Introducing Retina Logo

Most of the modern devices nowadays use retina and high definition screens and it is more important than ever to have the websites ready for high definition screens. So in version 1.0.19 of the Astra theme that will go live on September 12th 2017, we’re introducing an option where you can upload the Retina version …

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Public Roadmap

Hey all, One of the frequent question we had was about the roadmap of Astra. So we have put together a Trello Board where we will keep updating on the things we’ve in our plans. Here is the Trello Board with Public Roadmap of Astra. The Trello Board has a few lists that act as …

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Introducing Astra Sites!

It’s not easy for everyone to start with a blank page and design the complete website. A starting point with some initial content and setup is always helpful as it gives an idea of possibilities and how the final resultant can be. So today, we’re thrilled to launch Astra Sites. It is a simple plugin …

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Advanced Headers – Create Beautiful Page Titles, Transparent Headers and much more!

We’re back with an amazing update for the Astra Pro plugin 🙂 This time, we are introducing a new add-on called Advanced Headers. What this does is essentially allows you create really beautiful page & site headers. Here are some examples – Let’s see how this works: Once you are on the “1.0.0-beta.7” or greater …

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