1. Ned Parham Profile Pic

    Astra’s free starter templates are better than most premium themes, and premium ones are excellent. Just got for it.

  2. Brian Terry Profile Pic

    It’s two years that I’m using Deep theme for my online shop. Before that I had Zakra (as in your article). It was great but due to some deficiencies, I decided to migrate to Deep. Thank you for this great article by the way.

  3. Justin Profile Pic

    These are amazing themes; I have experienced a few of these themes while using them for my clients. With these themes, most features like a sticky header, High-quality templates, more heading options are already pre-built.
    Good themes do make a difference while building a new website and managing them in the future.
    If you like to know my best, then go for Astra Pro. The custom layout feature is fantastic. 😃

  4. Harold Quinn Profile Pic

    The pros, cons, and pricing you mentioned for each theme helped me decide on a good premium theme. Even though free themes these days are so good, the premium ones are even better.

  5. David Profile Pic

    Thank you, this is the article I was looking for. Btw may I know what you use for your great and fast website? I’m also planning to create a simple website for my business, but I need a domain and hosting recommendation. I hear asphostportal has a good reputation for that. Can you recommend them or are there any alternatives?

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