16 Best WooCommerce Themes for 2023 [FREE & Premium]

What are the most important factors you should know before choosing a WooCommerce Theme?

This article will help you choose the best WooCommerce WordPress theme to launch a successful online store.

The right theme will ensure that your store is fast and reliable at all times, and at the same time provide an exceptional shopping experience that converts visitors to customers and boost your store’s sales.

Summary of the best WooCommerce themes for 2023

If you are in a hurry, these 5 WooCommerce themes are perfect.

ThemePrice (USD)Active InstallationsRatings
AstraFree/ $47 €44 per year (unlimited sites)1,653,898+4.9 / 5
StorefrontFree/ $69 per site200,000+4.5 / 5
Flatsome$59 per site110,000+4.8 / 5
Divi$89 per year400,000+4.8 / 5
BotigaFree/ $69 per site10,000+4.9 / 5
eCommerce theme features

What are the best WooCommerce themes? 16 great options compared

Let’s start with our hand-picked list of the best WooCommerce themes of 2023.

1. Astra – 100+ Pre-built WooCommerce Templates

Astra WooCommerce theme Gift Shop

Astra is a fast, highly customizable and lightweight WooCommerce WordPress theme that is designed to convert better and boost your online store’s sales.

Created and maintained by the team at Brainstorm Force — the Astra theme is now used on over 1,653,898+ websites and has over 5142 five-star ratings on WordPress.org.

Design and Customizations:

Using Astra, you can customize every small detail of your site, all without writing a single line of code. You can choose different colors on your homepage, landing pages, product pages, and more.

You can customize the colour scheme of your website in one single dashboard with Astra Global Color Palette. This helps you save a lot of time while building the website.

With the advanced header and footer builder you can customize the header and footer of your website the way you want. You can keep it transparent or solid, add or remove columns, manage navigation menu, change logo, add buttons and widgets and many more.

You can display products and product-categories making it easier for your users to find the right type of product they’re looking for.

The grid settings allow you to display your products in a responsive grid layout. The theme also offers numerous layouts, header, footer, sidebar and typography options.

You have multiple options to customize your widgets and sidebar for either the whole site or individual pages.

Astra is also accessible and translation ready.

Using Astra Pro, you can customize:

  • Enhanced customization for individual products.
  • Quick View option for products.
  • Check out page optimization.
  • Gallery options for product images.
  • Infinite scroll options to display products.
  • Dropdown Cart to show users the products that have been added to their carts.
  • Sales Bubble Style options.

Astra WooCommerce website templates

fashion woocommerce template
Fashion Website WooCommerce Template
woocommerce template for food website
Food Website WooCommerce Template
furtniture woocommerce website template
Furniture Website WooCommerce Template

Brandstore – WooCommerce Template

Astra Brandstore

The BrandStore is perfect if you have multiple products and have large inventory. At the outset, it looks like a fashion store, but it can pretty much cover any kind of branded store you want.

The minimalist approach to design makes your eCommerce store look professional and premium.

Gift Shop -WooCommerce Template for eCommerce Website

Astra Gift Shop template

The Gift Shop template has everything you need to set up a vibrant store. You can also  customize it the way you want. You can add multiple categories of products display them in a professional grid.

The product pages are well optimized for conversion and you can customize the design as per your brand. 

Cosmetics store – WooCommerce Template for eCommerce Stores

Astra Cosmetics Store template

The Cosmetics Store templates contain the best features of the top beauty brands of the planet. If you have a range of beauty products to sell, you can create an elegant store with this template. The minimalist design exhibits a premium look and delivers a great customer experience.

Recommended Astra’s templates:


The Astra theme sets you up with a mobile-responsive design and configuration options for mobile, tablet and desktop devices to ensure the best experience for your shoppers.


The free version of Astra already has integration with WooCommerce. But with Astra Pro — the functionalities have been expanded for WooCommerce (more powerful styling and customization options).

If you want to create a more attractive eCommerce store easily you can use Spectra or Elementor page builder.

At Brainstorm Force we really know those plugins.

We created Spectra and developed Ultimate Addons for Elementor. UAE adds 5 dedicated widgets for WooCommerce to improve checkout, categories and products, among other things.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

As everything is developed in-house this makes Astra one of the best WooCommerce Elementor themes out there.

Speed and performance:

Astra provides a clean and performance-optimized code that ensures blazingly-fast loading times. Weighing in at less than 50KB, compared to 3MB+ for most WooCommerce themes, means load times are as low as 0.5 seconds.

Astra also offers you the tools to cut down your cart abandonment rate with the help of a customizable and conversion-optimized checkout process.


Astra is an SEO friendly WooCommerce theme that comes with built-in schema support. Schema is a structured markup that helps search engines better understand what your website is about to display more relevant results to end-users.

Astra pricing:

Astra is a free WordPress theme with paid options.

Annual Pricing:

  • Astra Pro $47 €44 .
  • Essential Bundle $137 €127 .
  • Growth Bundle $187 €174 .

One-time Lifetime Pricing:

  • Astra Pro $227 €211 .
  • Essential Bundle $677 €629 .
  • Growth Bundle $937 €870 .

Both annual and lifetime pricing customers will get access to one-on-one support, extensive training, and unlimited website usage.

With the Growth Bundle you also get access to Convert Pro and Schema Pro. 

Convert Pro is an incredibly powerful list builder tool. You can personalize pop ups, banners and sliders throughout your website to capture the emails of your visitors. You can connect Convert Pro with your email marketing tool to nurture your leads and sell them your products.

Schema Pro helps you take your SEO game up a notch. It adds the relevant schema markup to your posts and pages helping search engines understand your website better. This way your content obtains rich snippets that helps your website rank higher in search results. This helps driving interested audience to your website without any money spent on ads.

The Astra team has recently launched an online learning platform called SkillJet that contains exclusive and relevant courses to help you create and scale a web-development agency at a faster pace. The best part is that Astra Growth Bundle customers get unlimited access to SkillJet for free.


  • Dedicated knowledge base in-depth articles, and video tutorials that explain each and every feature.
  • 24/7 Dedicated email support.
  • A dedicated Astra Facebook Group with over 12,000+ active members.

2. Storefront – Free WooCommerce Theme

Storefront theme

Storefront is a free WooCommerce theme for WordPress that you can use to get your WooCommerce site up and running quickly, and easily.

The theme is created and maintained by Automattic (the team behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce).

The theme currently has over 2,00,000++ active installations and over 105 five star reviews on WordPress.org

Design and customizations:

The theme provides a simple, clean, and intuitive eCommerce-focused design that allows you to display product categories, featured/top-rated products all from your homepage.

Users can customize most of the design aspects such as background, color, header styles, link colors, typography, button styles, etc.


The Storefront is a fully responsive WooCommerce theme, and it adjusts to any device or screen size.


The Storefront theme is compatible with most WooCommerce extensions, plugins or addons.

Storefront is a great Elementor WooCommerce theme.

Both tools are compatible and since the theme is officially developed by Automattic, you’ll get a very solid working foundation by combining them.


The theme is built with valid schema markup to improve your site’s SEO performance.

Speed and performance:

The theme is built on Automattic’s popular underscores starter theme. It’s lightweight with ultra-minimal CSS. Its code is reviewed and updated constantly and is kept clean to provide very little disruptions or conflicts with any other WooCommerce-supported plugins.

The Storefront theme is also compliant WordPress’s accessibility guidelines, and thus the website will be accessible to most of the audience or visitors on the site.

Storefront for WooCommerce pricing:

The Storefront theme is free to download, install, and customize.

Storefront Extensions Bundle $69 per site.

The bundle includes add-ons that provide additional customization options such as reviews, pricing tables, contact sections, etc.


  • No Support or help-desk is available. However, there is a thriving online community and forum to find answers to most of your questions.
  • Storefront Extension Bundle comes with 1-years worth of software updates and support for all the add-ons included in the bundle.

3. Flatsome – Highly Customizable Shop Theme

Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome is a highly customizable and multipurpose WordPress theme with tons of features that allows you to create the exact type of eCommerce store you want.

Created and supported by the team at UX Themes. According to Envato Marketplace (ThemeForest), the Flatsome theme at the time of writing has over 110,000+ purchases.

Design and customization options:

The theme provides a wide array of customization options, and it comes with a drag-and-drop page builder making it easy to configure your layouts.

The Live Customizer allows you to see any changes in real-time. All customizations can be made without any coding.

The theme also comes with pre-made templates that let you quickly build new pages. You also have the option to pick and choose from their elements library which includes numerous options for banners, sliders, buttons, galleries, grid settings, and many more.


The theme is responsive across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. As well as coming with specific options for responsive based column sizing.


The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin (version 3.8 and above), and also other supporting extensions and add-ons.

Flatsome includes its own page builder so we don’t recommend you use it along with Elementor. It may work but you might face some incompatibilities and unnecessarily overload your eCommerce site.

Flatsome plugin compatibility

Speed and performance:

Flatsome uses Smart Lazy Loading on all backgrounds and images, and this makes the site load incredibly fast.

Lazy loading is a technique that defers loading of page elements when the page is first launched, instead, it only loads them when needed (for instance, when a visitor scrolls).

Flatsome is also built on a lightweight CSS and JavaScript framework, another reason for page speed. A CSS framework is a software framework that has been created to allow for easier, more standards-compliant web design. Since it’s built in such a way that it requires fewer resources, hence it provides an optimal page speed.


The CSS has a minimal file size, which makes it ideal for page speed and SEO. The theme also comes with Yoast SEO integration, which helps optimize the website for search engines.

Flatsome pricing:

Flatsome is available to purchase at $59, and it comes with all templates, demos, page builders, headers, and many more features that we have covered so far.


  • Each purchase receives six months of support from the UX Themes’ team. You can also get an additional 6 months of support by paying $17.63.
  • The basic documentation and knowledge base is available on the UX Themes’s site, which covers articles on setup, configurations, troubleshooting, etc.
  • There’s also an active Facebook Group for theme users.

4. Divi – Popular WooCommerce Theme

Divi theme

Divi is a popular WordPress and WooCommerce theme that’s known for both its versatility and also for its flexible page builder. Since it’s a multi-purpose theme, it can be used for any type of website, including building an eCommerce store.

Created and supported by Elegant Themes, Divi has over 600,000 customers at the time of this writing.

Design and customization options:

The Divi theme is easy to set up and includes tons of theme customization options. Divi also includes the ability to create custom headers and footers which can be used on a per-page basis.

Most of the updates can be made without any coding using the drag-and-drop builder. However, you also have the option to redesign the modules using custom CSS, and you can also save your modules and custom layouts.

The best thing about Divi is that you can work right on the front-end, thus saving you time. Divi comes with 800+ pre-made website layouts that you can customize and use right away.


Divi is fully responsive across all devices/screen sizes and comes with the ability to set what shows at different breakpoints.

You’re able to see how a page or post looks on various mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). You also can make site-wide settings and customizations to ensure consistency across all your posts or pages.


The Divi theme and Divi page builder are both compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce blocks within Divi provides multiple modules for more control of product listings, product pages, and shopping carts. You have the flexibility to change all the elements, including font size, color, links, price text, and much more.

Is Divi Compatible with Elementor?


Do we recommend using them together to customize the theme of your WooCommerce store?

Probably not.

The fact that Divi has also developed its own page builder means it’s not considered one of the best Elementor WooCommerce themes.

It will be more efficient to work with the Divi Builder.

Speed and performance:

Divi automatically minimizes the CSS and JavaScript files which reduces the size of the page and provides a faster load time.

Divi also gives you the option on how the CSS file is created you have the option to either display it on the footer of each page or it’s generated as a separate static file. The latter is the default option set for all users and this reduces a page’s document size and allows for even faster page loading.


Divi gives you complete control over how the theme handles your SEO.

The theme options include an SEO tab to help setup custom SEO for the home page, individual pages, and the index page. You can also setup custom titles, descriptions, keywords, and custom fields.

Divi pricing:

  • An annual subscription of $89 per year — can be used on unlimited websites.
  • Lifetime access of $249 one time — can be used on unlimited websites.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered on all plans.


  • 24/7 support is available via email or instant chat.
  • They also have an active Facebook group (online), and also a few Divi Meetup Groups (offline) around the world.

5. Botiga Theme – Easy WooCommerce Theme

Botiga Theme for WooCommerce

Botiga is a WooCommerce theme from aThemes and delivers everything a modern eCommerce store needs.

It comes with an attractive home page, lots of areas to promote products, a persistent shopping cart at the top and lots of opportunities to promote special offers and discounts.

Design and customization options:

Botiga is compatible with the WordPress block editor and provides the tools needed to customize every element of the page, including headers and footers.

Customization requires no coding knowledge as the block editor takes care of everything. You can change the home page, product pages, cart, and checkout page and personalize every element of every page.

If you don’t want to redesign your site, the theme comes with multiple versions of each element so you can pick and choose as you see fit.


Botiga is fully responsive and scales quickly and seamlessly on all screen sizes.

Plugin compatibility:

Botiga is compatible with most WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce. This is the default requisite for a list such as this, but it’s still worth noting.

Botiga officially supports and promotes compatibility with a couple of best-known page builders.

It might be the best Elementor WooCommerce theme for you if you like all the other features it offers.

Botiga plugin compatibility with WooCommerce

Speed and performance:

Botiga has been designed to perform. Base pages are just 44.3kb in size and load in 454ms according to aThemes testing. It also gets a 100% GTMetrix score, which is an industry standard testing tool.

The theme was built to be compatible with the WordPress block editor, which offers certain speed advantages over other page builders. This definitely works in the themes’ favor!


The theme is fully compatible with leading SEO plugins and its fast performance should help with search positioning.

Botiga theme pricing:

Botiga has a free version that includes all the basics for setting up your WooCommerce store.

There’s also a premium version that costs $69 per year or a $99 per year subscription to all premium themes.


The free version of Botiga has community support. You have to buy the premium version to get priority support from the developer.

6. Blossom Shop Pro – Premium WooCommerce Theme

Blossom shop pro WordPress theme

Blossom Shop Pro is a feature-rich WooCommerce theme to create a fully functional online store. With this theme, you can create eCommerce stores for selling various products like clothes, jewelry, groceries, gadgets, essential oils and much more.

The theme offers multiple layouts for headers, blogs and product sections to offer endless customization flexibility. You can also add a quick view, wishlist and compare features for your products to offer an intuitive user experience to your customers. 

This SEO-friendly theme is also speed optimized to help your online store rank better on search engines.

Design and customizations:

The theme offers a clean and intuitive design that allows you to display products on the homepage. You can set up different sections to display products based on the latest arrival, popular products, and best-rated products with unique layouts for each section.

You can change the colors and typography with a single click to give it a personalized look. In addition to this, it offers multiple layouts for header, banner and blog posts.


Blossom Shop Pro is fully mobile-responsive to adjust to any device or screen size. It also passed the Google Mobile-friendly test.


The theme is compatible with most of the WooCommerce-supported extensions, add-ons and plugins.


The theme is built keeping SEO in focus. The theme follows schema-friendly markup and best SEO practices to optimize the site for search engines. It is also compatible with all WordPress SEO plugins.

Speed and performance:

The theme offers a few speed optimization settings such as smart lazy loading for images, hosting Google fonts locally, JS optimization and much more. In addition to this, it is lightweight and optimized to load fast.

Blossom Shop Pro pricing:

Blossom Shop Pro has a free version that includes the basic features for setting up your online store. The premium version is available to purchase at $59 per year. It also offers a lifetime plan at $99. All the purchase comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee.


  • Detailed documentation and video tutorial that covers each feature in-depth
  • Support is available via email or instant chat.
  • There’s an active Facebook Group for theme users.

7. eCommerce – Simple WooCommerce Theme For WP

eCommerce Theme MyThemeShop

The eCommerce theme is a highly-customizable and simple WordPress theme that allows you to sell both digital, physical, and affiliate products through your online store.

Design and customization options:

The ECommerce theme comes with 17 built-in custom widgets and unlimited customization options. You can also customize various elements such as homepage layouts, headers, footer columns, single posts, sidebars, colors, background options.

Also, the parallax slider helps you add animation to your homepage.

The Unique Product Slider Widget allows your visitors to browse through all the products on your store easily. The theme also included 17 built-in custom widgets that you can use to add more features to your store.


The theme is fully responsive and works great across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.


The ECommerce theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and most WordPress plugins. It’s also compatible with WP Review Pro and WP Testimonials so that you can add customer reviews for your online store.

Speed and performance:

ECommerce WP Theme uses AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technique which enables the pages to load faster. AJAX enables web pages to load only parts of the page without reloading the whole page.

The theme also allows you to add AJAX live search to make it easier for your visitors to search for products or categories listings.

Also, the theme has a stepwise checkout (multi-step checkout) process that assures all transactions are made safely and easily. The stepwise checkout process makes it simple for the shopper to understand the steps and enables them to complete the payment.


The theme is fully compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin to help boost SERP (search engine results page) results.

eCommerce Theme Pricing:

Depending on the number of websites there are a few affordable packages to choose from:

  • $49 — License for 1-site.
  • $69 — License for 3-sites.
  • $87 — License for unlimited sites.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The theme comes with 24/7 dedicated email support.
  • You can also find extensive documentation and even a support forum on the MyThemeShop website.

8. Meridian One Plus – One Page WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Meridian One Plus theme demo

Meridian One is a simple one-page WooCommerce theme that is easy to customize with no coding required.

Created and supported by the team at Meridian Themes (the team behind WPKube, a popular WordPress blog).

Design and Customization Options:

The code-free WordPress customizer provides you full control over the various design elements of your site. The theme is set up in such a way that it’s easy to enable or disable any sections.

The theme also comes with a live preview function. You can add or customize multiple homepage sections to display products, projects, and pricing tables. You can also customize colors and typography options.

The theme has the ability to easily reorder any of the sections on your home page easily through a drag-and-drop function.


The theme is fully responsive and your website will work on all devices. You will be able to see a live preview of each page or post will look like on smartphones and tablets.


The theme is compatible with WooCommerce and the supporting extensions or add-ons.

Speed and performance:

The code standards for the theme allows for fast loading time and optimized for performance.


Meridian One Plus is compatible with most popular SEO plugins out of the box like Yoast SEO and others

Meridian One Plus pricing:

Depending on the number of websites – there are a few affordable packages to choose from:

  • $59 — Annual License for 1-site; and 1-year of updates. Auto-renews annually.
  • $89 — Annual License for unlimited sites; and 1-year of updates. Auto-renews annually.
  • $249— Lifetime License for unlimited sites; and lifetime updates.

A 7-day money-back guarantee is provided for all pricing plans.


A knowledgebase is available on the Meridian Themes website with information on installation and updates. You are able to reach them with additional questions via contact forms on the knowledge base. Get Started with Meridian One Plus

9. WooCart eCommerce WP Theme – User Friendly WP Theme For WooCommerce

WooCart Theme MyThemeShop

WooCart is an intuitive theme that is ideally suited for selling products online. Created and supported by the team the MyThemeShop.

Design and customization options:

The WooCart theme has a seamless sales flow and product display making it very user-friendly. The drag-and-drop editor features help you to configure your homepage quickly.

The theme includes unlimited color, background and typography customization options. It comes pre-built with 519 font icons and additional Google Fonts.

You can display your products either using carousel-based categories or with an engaging slider. Besides, you can also list products based on brands making it easier for users.

The theme also comes with a built-in translation panel that lets you translate your theme into another language simply by adding a PO (portable object) language file.


The theme features a fluid responsive design that automatically optimizes for any device or web browser.

It also has an animated mobile menu and an added touch swipe support that helps with enhancing the user experience.


WooCart is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and the supporting extensions.

Speed or performance:

The lightweight theme is built on AJAX frameworks which makes the pages load faster, and thus helps improve page speed.


WooCart is SEO-optimized. Also, included in the Schema integration and it helps properly index and classifies all the pages on your website.

The theme also has built-in breadcrumbs features that are valuable both for visitors (to improve their experience) and for search engines (provides them with a site structure and classification).

WooCart eCommerce WP theme pricing:

Depending on the number of websites there are a few affordable packages to choose from:

  • $49 — License for 1-site.
  • $69 — License for 3-sites.
  • $87 — License for unlimited sites.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back policy.


  • The theme comes with 24/7/365 direct support from the MyThemeShop team.
  • You can also find extensive documentation on the MyThemeShop website.

10. eStore Pro – Premium WooCommerce Theme

eStore demo site

eStore Pro is a popular and highly-customizable WooCommerce theme.

Created and supported by the team at Theme Grill, and the theme powers over 10,000+ sites.

Design and customization options:

The eStore theme allows you to choose one primary color to match the color that matches your brand color. You also get up to 15+ color options to customize the rest of the site.

There are numerous font size options. Also, the theme comes pre-packaged with 600+ Google Fonts.

There’s a wide array of widget options available for the various site elements such as category grids, category slider, category carousel, advertisement, features posts, and other custom widgets. You can also choose from 3 different header layouts along with 4 Footer column options.


It automatically adapts to various mobile devices.

Plugin compatibility:

eStore is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and its extensions/add-ons. It also integrates with the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin.

The wishlist is a powerful and popular tool on eCommerce websites (You see this on Amazon frequently); the feature allows users to save their favorite products and then find them easily the next time they visit.

The theme is translation-friendly and is compatible with either Weglot, WPML or Polylang plugins.

Speed or performance:

The theme is speed-optimized in such a way that all assets are loaded only if required, and this keeps the site load time to a minimum.


The theme is built to follow all the best SEO practices. The entire site is “Title-Tags” ready that can help with search engine visibility.

The title tag is an HTML tag that is part of the header section of each page. It provides the search engines an idea of what the content of that particular page is.

eStore Pro pricing:

Depending on the number of websites there are a few affordable packages to choose from:

  • $69 — License for 1-site.
  • $99 — License for 10-sites.
  • $249 — License for unlimited sites; also includes other themes from Theme Grill.


  • All plans come with 1-year of theme updates and premium support access.
  • Support is provided via an active forum; Users can also email support. There’s also an extensive knowledge base available.

11. EightStore Pro

EightStore Pro demo site

EightStore Pro is one of the most feature-rich WooCommerce themes available allowing you to create an online store in a short amount of time.

It’s an ideal fit for large stores that use a lot of marketing (such as social media) and eCommerce promos (CTAs, seasonal discounts, product discounts, featured products, deal of the day).

You can also add promo tickets on the website header that can help boost sales.

The theme is developed, and supported by the team at 8 Degree Themes.

Design and Customization Options:

You get access to unlimited color options allowing you to personalize based on your brand guidelines. You can also update the layouts for the home page, product pages, and blog posts in multiple ways.

You can add more functionality to your eCommerce site with the help of multiple sidebars and CTAs (Call-to-actions).

You can also enable search options for your products and posts, thus making it easier for your visitors to browse the site.


EightStore Pro is fully responsive and functions well on all kinds of devices. It’s also compatible with all the major browsers.


The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and all its extensions and add-ons.

The theme is also compatible with bbPress, which helps you create a customer/user forum on your website.

Speed and performance:

The page speed for the theme is above average, based on page speed tests we conducted using GTMetrix.


The theme is fully SEO-optimized.

EightStore Pro pricing:

  • $55 — License for a single domain; free 1-year updates available.


  • Support is available via support forum or online chat, as well as email.
  • There is also an extensive knowledge base and video tutorials library.
  • Customers can also contact the 8 Degree Themes team for additional paid customizations to the theme.

12. Ultra

Ultra theme

Ultra is a modern and multi-purpose theme that can be used to create any website, including eCommerce sites.

Created and supported by the team at Themify.

Design and customization options:

The theme is packed with many features such as a drag-and-drop builder (Themify Builder) and other customization options. It includes several ready-made multiple skins or demos, and 60+ pre-designed layouts all of which can be installed with a single click.

You can also choose from a selection of multiple header/page styles (15 styles at the time of this writing) and 6-footer layouts.

The theme customizer looks like an upgraded version of the WordPress customizer and can be used to make global changes.


The theme also has a parallax scrolling and floating effect, which is responsive and works on all device types.


The theme is compatible with WooCommerce.

They also have an add-on called The WooCommerce Builder that is available for purchase at an additional $39. The add-on bundle also includes other options such as progress bar, contact form, countdown, maps, pricing table, and more.


The Themify builder and the Ultra theme are SEO-optimized.

Speed or performance:

One advantage of the Ultra theme s that it comes with automatic minification options for CSS and JavaScript. This feature can be turned on by default for your entire website. It’s great for your page speed (faster load times), and also eliminates the need for another WordPress plugin for minification.

Ultra pricing:

You can either purchase just the Ultra theme or a collection of all themes from Themify

  • Ultra theme — $59; includes 1-year support and updates.
  • Themify Master Club — $89; includes all current and new themes; and 1-year support and updates. It also includes 12 plugins and 25 Bonus Builder Add-ons.
  • Themify Lifetime Club — $249; includes all current and new themes, plugins, photoshop files and add-ons, and 1-year support and updates.

All purchases are for a single-year and have to be renewed each year to get updates and support. All the purchases can be used on unlimited sites. The purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Unlimited access to theme updates and support during the membership.

13. Extra

Extra Theme demo site

Extra is a flexible WooCommerce theme powered by Divi. It’s in a magazine format that can showcase products as well as news and delivers a fully operational website with minimal effort.

It’s designed by Elegant Themes and uses the excellent Divi Builder to put together. While not quite up to the standard of our own Starter Templates, it’s a solid contender.

Design and customizations:

Extra includes all the power of the Divi Builder drag and drop page builder. That includes the ability to add or remove page elements, build category pages, change colors, fonts and layouts and design pages exactly how you want.

Divi Builder is a competent page builder with many similar tools to Elementor and Beaver Builder. It’s easy to get to grips with and makes short work of designing pages.

The Extra theme has over 800 flexible layouts and you can tweak every element of it by simply dragging and dropping page elements as required.

Mobile friendliness:

Extra is fully responsive and was designed specifically to work on multiple screen sizes, covering every device.

Plugin compatibility:

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce and most leading WordPress plugins.


All Divi themes are built to be completely SEO friendly and include fast loading pages.

Speed and performance:

Extra is designed for elegance rather than speed but it’s no slouch. It loads quickly and uses tight code to deliver fast page load times.

Code is updated regularly, as is Divi Builder, and while page builders are known for slowing down pages, the effect seems minimal here.

Extra pricing:

Extra costs $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access. That includes the ability to use it on as many websites as you like, Divi, Extra, Bloom, Monarch and other plugins.


All purchases entitle users to premium support throughout the lifetime of the subscription. Lifetime purchases get lifetime access to support.

  • Purchases also qualify for updates for the year or lifetime depending on the package.
  • There is also a vibrant community you can use to answer basic questions.

14. Shoppe

Shoppe Multi-purpose WooCommerce Theme

Shoppe is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme from Themify. It’s a minimalist, flexible theme with a selection of well designed templates built ready for online stores. Each can be installed and customized using the Themify Builder.

Shoppe comes with access to over 60 layouts and 20 landing pages and offers the chance to customize any of them to suit your store.

Design and customizations:

Themify Builder is a drag and drop page builder similar to Elementor or Divi Builder. It’s a decent drag and drop page builder that simplifies page design and ensures WordPress users of every skill level have the chance to build high performance online stores.

The theme comes with a selection of predesigned layouts covering a range of store types from fashion to technology. Each can be customized to suit your exact needs by simply changing images and content, although you can go much further if you want to.

With multiple layout options, infinite colors and fonts and multiple predefined templates and landing pages, choice is certainly something you’re not short of here!

Mobile Friendliness:

Shoppe is fully responsive and has been proven to work in all screen sizes. It also includes smart elements that automatically adjust to screen sizes by simplifying or minimizing depending on the requirement.

As Shoppe is fully compliant with all WordPress design guidelines, responsiveness should be inherent in all versions of this theme going forward.

Plugin Compatibility:

Shoppe is fully compatible with Google Fonts, WooCommerce and most WordPress plugins.

As a fully compliant theme, it should work with all your current plugins and any you decide to use in the future.


Shoppe has been coded to be as SEO-friendly as possible. That includes using SEO best practices, being WPML compatible for translated pages and maintaining compliance with WordPress best practices.

Speed and performance:

This theme has been kept as tight and as streamlined as possible while still delivering a fully-featured experience. Code has been kept to a minimum while delivering a full suite of features and fast page load times.

The Themify framework isn’t as lightweight as some but it isn’t exactly slow either. As long as pages and images are optimized, websites built with Shoppe should perform well.

Shoppe pricing

Shoppe has three pricing options. All include use on unlimited websites.

  • Buy a single theme for $59 per year
  • Buy Master Club membership for access to 42 themes for $89 per year
  • Buy Lifetime Club memberships for $249 as a one off fee


  • Both yearly prices include one year of support from the Themify team.
  • The lifetime membership includes lifetime support.
  • The Themify forum is also useful if you’re getting to grips with the theme.

15. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Shoptimizer is a WooCommerce theme from CommerceGurus. It is designed to balance the needs of eCommerce with speed and flexibility and does so admirably.

It markets itself as the fastest eCommerce theme and whether that’s true or not, it does perform well. It’s also a good looking design with a nice flow, nice page balance and plenty of opportunity to showcase products.

Design and customizations:

Shoptimizer uses the Elementor drag and drop page builder. We highly rate it for its flexibility, ease of use and ability to allow anyone to design a website without touching code or knowing much about how websites work.

The theme comes with a great design out of the box, which you can edit quickly and easily with Elementor. Add or remove page sections, change colors or fonts, add calls to action and anything else with ease.

Page builders are the new way of building websites and the fact that Shoptimizer uses Elementor but is also compatible with Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin and Visual Composer is just icing on the cake.

Mobile friendliness:

Shoptimizer is fully responsive across all devices and screen sizes. We tried the demo on different screen types and it performed well across all of them.

Plugin compatibility:

Shoptimizer is fully compatible with WooCommerce, Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Visual Composer and most WordPress plugins.

While we couldn’t test them all, we used a range of backup, caching and security plugins with no issues.


CommerceGurus paid special attention to SEO and has provided extra category fields for search and initiated mobile-first to fit into Google’s new ranking policies.

Pages also load quickly, offer simple ways to add or update page content and metadata and works with SEO plugins.

Speed and performance:

The marketing for Shoptimizer says it’s ‘the fastest eCommerce theme’. Whether that’s true or not, it is fast. Pages load quickly and don’t seem to be slowed down by images either.

The theme automatically minifies CSS and keeps code light to help performance. The theme gets a perfect score on the Google Lighthouse audit, which should tell you all you need to know.

Used with caching plugins and optimized images, there is a lot of performance to be had here!

Shoptimizer pricing

Shoptimizer costs $99 although the company does run regular sales. That includes 1 year of updates and premium support.


  • Purchases include premium support and updates via a web form.
  • There is also an extensive documentation section on the website with lots of resources.

16. Hugo

Hugo WordPress theme for WooCommerce

Hugo from CSSIgniter is a stylish, modern WooCommerce theme for WordPress. It’s a full page theme with contemporary styling and some well designed page elements to make it really stand out.

While there is a single template within the theme, it’s one of those carefully-crafted themes that can look completely different with minimal tweaking.

Design and customizations:

Hugo is a full screen design with lots of page elements to use or not, as you see fit. It’s a feature-rich design with some nice graphical elements and design flourishes that make it really stand out.

The theme is compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi Builder and also has its own customizer. Whatever you choose, you can adjust any element of the theme with minimal effort.

Use the template as it is, or change it completely. The theme supports customization and the page builder compatibility makes it easy.

Mobile friendliness:

Hugo is fully responsive and scales well to different screen sizes. The page builders are all compatible and the design as a whole makes it easy to build for small screens and preview the build on screens of different sizes.

Plugin compatibility:

Hugo has compatibility at its heart. As well as page builder compatibility, the theme is also compatible with WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Pods, OptinMonster, Toolset, Advanced Custom Fields, Mailchimp and WPForms to name just a few.


CSSIgniter has a good reputation for delivering speed and compatibility and that works for SEO as well as usability. Code has been kept to a minimum and the developer purposely doesn’t use elements known to slow down website performance, which feeds into SEO.

Speed and performance:

As mentioned above, Hugo is designed for speed and ignores elements that slow down websites like JavaScript, image sliders, animations and other features.

Code is kept tight and pages load quickly. Use Hugo along with a good quality web host and you’ll see excellent performance.

Hugo pricing

Hugo has four pricing options.

  • $34 per year for the theme only
  • $48.30 per year for Standard Club membership including all themes
  • $55.30 per year for Developer Club with all CSSIgniter products
  • $174.30 for lifetime access to all CSSIgniter products


  • Yearly paid themes include 1 year of premium support and updates
  • Lifetime includes lifetime premium support and updates

What to look for in a WooCommerce theme

Clear and intuitive design

Studies show that of all the factors for rejecting or leaving a website, 94% were design related, and only 6% content-related. Another study showed that 38% of people will leave a website if they find the layout unattractive.

If your goal is to get your shoppers to spend more time and purchase — then offer a simple and clear design.

The theme you use should be clear and not confuse visitors with lots of unwanted widgets, sidebars, etc. The colors, fonts, and texts you use also play an important role in influencing visitors’ behavior and experience on your site.

Customization options

No matter which theme you purchase or install you’ll have to make some design and customizations to match your branding guidelines.

The theme should give you control to change or update colors, backgrounds, widgets, typography, sidebars, and product catalogs.

Mobile-friendliness and responsiveness

Consumers have become more confident in shopping on mobile devices. According to Adobe, Cyber Monday sales in 2019 generated a record of $9.2 Billion in sales and a record of $3.0 Billion of that was via smartphones. Meaning almost 33% of all purchases were on mobile. In the next few years, this trend will continue to rise for mobile commerce.

You have to make your eCommerce store mobile-responsive and device-agnostic to ensure that you are not missing out on traffic and sales.


To run a successful online business powered by WooCommerce you probably need multiple plugins for various reasons such as checkout optimization, payment options, shipping options, social media, SEO.

WooCommerce itself is compatible with many plugins, extensions, and add-ons.

The theme needs to be able to easily connect with other plugins that you need.

Speed and performance

High bounce rates are the bane of the eCommerce industry, about 69.57% of shopping carts are abandoned by shoppers causing eCommerce merchants $18 Billion annually.

About 7.57% of shoppers will abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and it’s even scarier to know that 80% of them will never return.

Also, speed is also an important ranking factor for SEO.

It’s important to have a theme that provides a fast-loading and secure experience.


According to nChannel, 44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search.

As an eCommerce business, you shouldn’t ignore SEO, so you have to ensure that all elements of your website are SEO-optimized, and that includes the theme you choose to build your website.

The theme should have a simple code base, use proper title-tags, header-tags meta-tags, integrate the correct Schema markup, and provide additional controls such optimizing breadcrumbs, AMP settings, that allow you to follow SEO best practices.

It’s also essential that the theme is blazing fast. Studies have shown that even a 1-second delay means an overall 7% loss in conversions and page speed is part of how Google ranks your website in search engines.


Any software you purchase or download must come with solid support whether it’s an extensive knowledge base, video tutorials, or even dedicated 1-on-1 support.

As you build and grow your eCommerce site, you will need to refer to or ask for assistance, and hence support is crucial when evaluating any popular WooCommerce theme.

How to select the best WooCommerce themes

When you’re setting up your eCommerce store, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which theme to use. The right theme will give your store a professional look, and help with getting you more sales..

But with so many themes to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? 

Let’s look at some factors to consider when selecting a WordPress theme for your eCommerce store. 

Good rating and reviews

Astra free WooCommerce theme ratings

Check if the theme is well-rated in the WordPress repository or the marketplace where it’s being sold.

The efficiency of the theme and the developers is directly reflected in the ratings and reviews they get. 

A bad rating should make you think twice about using that particular theme. 

An excellent rating indicates that users have had a positive experience with it. 

Go for themes rated at 4 stars and above.

Also, read the reviews. You will get to know many shortcomings the theme might have, which might sway your decision.

Dedicated support team

No matter how good a theme might be, you might run into some issues while setting up or using it. 

This is where the quality of support comes in. 

A good WordPress theme should have a dedicated support team that can help you with any problems you encounter. 

Check out the theme’s website for pages where you can connect with their support whenever possible.

Astra contact page

Many themes also have private communities like FaceBook or Discord Groups for you to join. It is good because you can now get support not just from the team but also from your peers.

Professional design

A professional design is essential for an eCommerce store. 

The theme you choose should be designed specifically for eCommerce stores, with all the necessary features and pages required for such a store. 

Astra WooCommerce product page layout

It should also be visually appealing, so that it can help attract more customers to your store. 

Customers judge a store based on its design, so a well designed store is likely to convert very well.

Good documentation and tutorials

Good documentation and tutorials are vital for any WordPress theme, but especially for those who are not very familiar with WordPress or any other CMS. 

The theme you choose should have detailed documentation and tutorials to guide you. They should ideally cover the process of setting up your eCommerce store, as well as taking care of all the necessary steps required for successful online selling.

You can look at how thorough a theme’s documentation is by checking its website. Just like we have at Astra.

Astra knowledge base

Lightweight and high performance

An eCommerce store needs to be fast. There’s no way around this. 

People demand speed and every successful website needs to deliver that. Online stores even more so.

You don’t want your theme to slow you down.

Choose a lightweight WordPress theme that loads quickly without sacrificing functionality. 

The last thing you want is something flashy which doesn’t perform well in real-world conditions!

Must be responsive

A majority of online shoppers now use a smartphone to browse web stores and make purchases. 

You must ensure that your store is mobile-ready so customers can easily navigate your site on their smartphones or tablets and place an order. 

That’s why you need a theme that looks great on all screen sizes, both desktop computers and devices like mobile phones and tablets. 

Easy to use

You don’t want to spend hours trying to configure a theme that you’ve just purchased. 

The theme you choose should be easy to use, with all the necessary features pre-configured so that you can start using it as soon as possible. 

If the theme is compatible with drag and drop page builders all the better!

Updated regularly

One of the main benefits of using WordPress is that it’s regularly updated by the developers with new features and security patches. 

You don’t want to use a theme that’s no longer being updated by the developers, as it could leave your store vulnerable to attack. 

The update information is available on the right side of the WordPress repository. Check if the theme has been updated recently as it gives you an idea whether that theme is supported or not. 

Astra last updated date

You can also check their website for more details.


Now that you have reviewed a few WooCommerce themes in detail, where do you go from here?

If you’re looking for a WooCommerce theme that’s reliable, fast, ranks well with customers, and more importantly isn’t expensive then consider the Astra theme.

Astra is lightweight, blazing-fast, secure, SEO-friendly, easy to customize, and comes with ready-made WooCommerce templates.

Astra Theme WooCommerce options

Here’s the best part Astra is available for free to use for your WooCommerce based website. As you grow your store and add more features, then Astra Pro will help you provide more customizations and personalization.

Get started with Astra for WooCommerce today.

Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission. Read disclosure. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we have personally used and believe will add value to our readers. Thanks for your support!

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