Last Updated 28 Dec 2023

50 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes in 2024 (Compared)

Quick Summary ↪ Multipurpose WordPress themes are designed to be all things to all people. To prove that you can have it all and can use the widest range of designs for any purpose. This type of WordPress theme takes a lot of design skill to deliver. Templates have to be flexible and have to include enough design

Multipurpose themes for WordPress

Multipurpose WordPress themes are designed to be all things to all people. To prove that you can have it all and can use the widest range of designs for any purpose.

This type of WordPress theme takes a lot of design skill to deliver. Templates have to be flexible and have to include enough design freedom to fit any type of website while not losing the aesthetics that drew you to them in the first place. All while delivering a coherent user experience.

We are real fans of the multipurpose WordPress theme. We love the freedom, the flexibility and the features. We like that you can take any design you like and turn it into any type of website you like with minimal effort.

This page showcases 52 of the multipurpose WordPress themes around. We have scoured the internet and tried and tested over a hundred of the bestselling themes to come up with this list. If you’re looking for the best WordPress themes around, it’s probably on this page!

What Should You Look for in a Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

We all have different tastes and requirements but there are some common features every multipurpose theme should have.

Premade Templates

Having premade templates you can quickly import and customize to your needs is a significant advantage. It means anyone, with any amount of experience can create amazing websites quickly and easily.

If those templates are complete with images, graphics, sample content and navigation all in place, you could have a website up and running in less than an hour!

Page Builder and Plugin Compatibility

Page builders enable you to drag and drop page elements into place and make designing pages easy. It’s a big step up in accessibility and means you don’t need to be a developer to create amazing websites.

Plugins are essential for delivering important features on a site. The more plugins a theme supports, the better.

Ease of Use

Ease of use feeds back into the accessibility we mentioned earlier. The easier a WordPress versatile theme is to use, the more people can use it and the more people can enjoy building a website.

Page builders help with a lot of that but the template itself must be designed to be approachable and accessible.


Responsive templates means they will adapt to whatever screen size is viewing it. With over half of web users now browsing on mobiles, using a theme that automatically adjusts while delivering the same quality experience is essential.

Users deserve it and search engines demand it, so you need to deliver it.

SEO Friendly

SEO friendly themes help you rank higher in search engines. They provide essential qualities search engines look for while giving you the opportunity to further optimize your site for search.

Compatibility with SEO plugins is also important as they can do much of the work for you.

A good multipurpose theme will use clean code and score very highly in page scores without reducing the number of features on the page.


Speed is key online. Your users want a fast website and search engines expect it. We cannot overstate the importance of speed and how it can impact the user experience!

The Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes

We include a massive 52 multipurpose WordPress themes in this post and while every one of them deserves its place, the 5 below deliver that little bit extra.

Theme namePricingOur rating
AstraFree / Starting from $49 €45 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
DiviFrom $89 per year⭐⭐⭐⭐
Oshine $69 per year⭐⭐⭐⭐
Zakra$59 per year ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Binder Pro$129⭐⭐⭐⭐
NeveFree or €69 per year⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ultra$59 per year⭐⭐⭐⭐

Here are our top picks for multipurpose WordPress themes in detail.

1. Astra

Astra multipurpose wordpress theme

We may be biased, but we think Astra is one of the best responsive multipurpose WordPress themes around. It comes with dozens of multipurpose themes as well as more focused business, blog or other themes. It was designed from the ground up to be easy to use, fast to load and deliver a professional looking website with the minimum of effort.

Astra themes are colorful, vibrant and eye-catching. All things your audience is going to love!

Astra is compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy Builder, Gutenberg Blocks drag and drop page builders, has over 250 website templates, includes a wide range of popular features and delivers the kind of visitor experience your audience wants to see. All without knowing a line of code!

We built Astra to deliver the performance experience too. The code clean, contains no render-blocking jQuery and is designed to load pages as quickly as possible. This is essential in providing a superior experience to your audience but has a beneficial SEO impact too.

You would imagine putting together a website of the standard of our Astra demos was difficult but it’s anything but. We included a simple demo import tool so you can select the Astra theme you like and import it onto your website. You can use it as a template for your own pages or build on it to suit your needs.

It’s a surprisingly straightforward process!

Recommended Astra’s templates:


brandstore eCommerce template

Brandstore is a multipurpose eCommerce template that provides a modern look with an engaging fullscreen image and headline with simple navigation, lots of product showcase options, feature blocks and a very clean page design.

The template includes a smart parallax effect, simple and effective checkout page and all the basic pages you would need for a store.

Creative Blog

creative blog template

Creative Blog is a simple and engaging template that uses lots of white space to help you relax, combined with modern fonts for headers and some contrast colors in calls to action and imagery.

The template includes simple navigation, a selection of blog layout options, a contact form and the ability to customize everything you see on the page.

Love Nature

love nature template

The Love Nature template is an attractive multipurpose design with bright and breezy colors, modern fonts and a lighthearted design that encourages you to explore further.

The template includes simple navigation, great page balance and lots of options to add content blocks for services, products and anything you need on your website. It can be a perfect template for nature websites or related services.

Astra Pricing

Astra is a free to use or premium plans starting at $49 €45 per year.

2. Divi

Divi multipurpose wordpress theme

Divi is another very capable all-purpose WordPress theme. Like Astra, it was designed to be simple to set up and use and deliver a professional looking website with little or no development knowledge. There are lots of themes to choose from including multipurpose and those aimed at specific industries.

Divi also uses a drag and drop page builder, has lots of page elements to choose from, a huge selection of demos covering every industry and all the features you need to build any kind of website.

Divi Pricing

Divi costs from $89 per year.

3. Oshine 


Oshine is a capable, all-purpose WordPress theme that lets you easily build beautiful websites for any purpose. The theme has 52 demos with hundreds of prebuilt sample pages. It has infinite layout possibilities, so you can make your website just the way you want. 

This theme has been a popular choice for creative professionals to present their portfolios in the best way possible. It comes with a powerful page builder that lets you build any kind of website, from simple portfolio websites to full-blown eCommerce stores without any coding.

Oshine Pricing 

Oshine costs $69 per year. 

4. Zakra 


Zakra is a powerful and versatile all-purpose WordPress theme. Like Astra, it enables you to quickly build a unique and functional website that fits your specific needs. Get started with any of its 80+ templates in no time. It is fast, secure, and SEO-friendly. 

The theme is fully customizable so you can create sites of any niche and get freedom for your own creativity.  It integrates seamlessly with popular page builders like Elementor, Brizy, BlockArt, and the Gutenberg editor. 

It is also compatible with a wide range of popular WordPress plugins that lets you extend its functionality as needed. 

Zakra Pricing 

Zakra is free or $59 per year 

5. Balance

Balance theme demo

Balance is one of the best modern all-purpose WordPress themes available from WPZoom. It’s a single theme rather than theme family but covers almost every use you could think of. The design is flat and modern with a range of content blocks covering blogs, general content, store content and anything else you might need.

Balance uses the WordPress visual customizer to build pages. It comes with WooCommerce support, Retina-ready visuals, a selection of page elements and scrolling options so you really can build whatever you want.

Balance Pricing

Balance costs €69

6. Binder Pro

Binder pro theme image

Binder Pro is one of the top multifunctional capabilities WordPress themes on this list. It’s light, colorful, modern and makes an immediate impact. It’s a magazine style design with white background and boxed content. The demo website shows a range of page elements and layout options that could work for any multipurpose WordPress website.

Where Balance is low key and quietly confident, Binder Pro is more out there. It’s bold, colorful and capable and could work for any type of website you have in mind. The range of demos available will have something you can build on for sure!

Binder Pro Pricing

Binder Pro costs $129.

7. Blossom Shop

Blossom shop theme demo

Blossom Shop is in our list of the best multipurpose WordPress themes because it can easily be transformed into any type of shop or used as the basis for a standard website with a shop attached. The design is light, feminine, attractive and comes with great balance and flow throughout the page.

Blossom Shop comes with 16 different page elements so you can build out your site however you like. It also comes with different headers, footers, sliders, graphic sections and product layout options. You really could build a store to your specific requirements using this theme, hence its place in this list.

Blossom Shop Pricing

Blossom Shop costs $49.

8. Qi Theme

You don’t often find themes that unite superb design and advanced functionality as Qi Theme does. This theme offers 150 demos to choose from, covering almost any possible niche. 

The driving principle behind Qi Theme is that WordPress websites can and should look extremely modern and innovative, while fulfilling virtually any UX requirement. The demos are crafted with great understanding of aesthetic principles and propose designs that range from minimalist to brutalist – and everything in between.

Qi Theme pricing: 

Qi Theme and Addons for Elementor cost $79 per year.

9. Neve

Neve theme site image

Neve is another multi-use WordPress theme. It comes with a range of demo websites that offer vast opportunities for personalization and customization. Each displays great design with good use of white space, color pops with content blocks or buttons and a smooth flow that is a pleasure to use.

Neve works with the Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin and Divi Builder, is AMP compatible and mobile ready and has over 80 demo templates covering most website types. You’ll want the premium version of Neve to access the full range of multipurpose WordPress themes but it is well worth the investment.

Neve Pricing

Neve is free or €69 per year.

10. Shopexcel Pro

Elevate your online store with Shopexcel Pro. It’s the ultimate WooCommerce WordPress theme. With its feature-rich and multipurpose design, Shopexcel is the best solution for creating any online store. From fashion and beauty to electronics and home goods, Shopexcel has everything you need to showcase your products and drive sales. 

With its sleek and modern design, intuitive navigation, and advanced eCommerce features, Shopexcel is the perfect choice for online retailers looking to stand out. Get started today and take your online store to the next level!

Shopexcel Pro Pricing

It has a free with a premium version that costs $59.

11. Sydney

Sydney Free WordPress Business Theme by aThemes

Sydney is one of the most recognized design-driven multipurpose themes you’ll find. It has been around seemingly forever, but the great design and steady updates keep it as fresh as ever.

Demo templates are attractive and very well-designed and the theme includes the ability to customize almost every element on the page. It is fully compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce, pages load quickly and the theme includes everything you need to build fully functioning websites for any purpose.

Sydney Pricing

Sydney is free or $69 per year.

12. Ultra

themify ultra multipurpose theme

Ultra is a very colorful multipurpose WordPress theme with a lot of options. The theme comes with 15 headers, multiple backgrounds, footers, page layout and blog posts layout types. It has almost infinite options to change colors, fonts and images and pages can be built to any specification, hence its place in this list of best WordPress themes.

Ultra supports parallax scrolling, comes with its own Themify Builder page builder, provides extra page elements such as counters, timelines, progress bars, pricing tables and other types. It also loads quickly and is fully responsive too.

Ultra Pricing

Ultra costs $59 per year.

13. Customify

Customify theme demo

Customify is one of the best free WordPress themes out there. It’s a multipurpose theme with a five star rating on The design is slick and looks professional. You certainly wouldn’t think this was a free theme at first glance. There is also the opportunity to purchase a Pro version too if you like the look of the free one.

We rate Customify because the design is clean, pages load quickly, color and fonts have been well chosen and you have the opportunity to customize it as you like. The Pro version adds a range of great looking demo websites and Beaver Builder or Elementor page builders to make life even easier.

Customify Pricing

Customify is free.

14. Mesmerize

Mesmerize theme image

Mesmerize is another of our top WordPress themes for free. Like Customify, it has five star ratings on and comes with a free and a pro version. The design is clean, modern, colorful and has a very strong header image with bold call to action and content blocks.

The free version of Mesmerize provides a very competent multipurpose theme but the Pro version is where it really comes alive. You get access to a range of well-designed demo templates, an impressive array of icons and graphics, Google Font integration, WooCommerce support and all the tools you need to build your website.

Mesmerize Pricing

Mesmerize is free.

15. Membershiply

Membershiply WordPress Theme Demo

Membershiply is a very attractive multipurpose WordPress theme. It opens with a standard page layout with minimal navigation and full screen image. Below the fold are a selection of page elements you can build into any type of page you like from business websites to hobbyist blogs.

Membershiply works with the Elementor drag and drop page builder and offers a wide range of colors, features and layout options. The premium version supports Google Fonts, lots of header and footer types and a multitude of page layouts, widgets and more.

Membershiply Pricing

Membershiply costs $69 per year.

16. Convert

Convert theme demo

Convert is a colorful business demo created using one of the best WordPress themes around. The landing page makes an instant impact and delivers a professional look that immediately inspires confidence.

As this is a multipurpose theme, you can move, add or remove page elements as you like using the live customizer or Elementor. You can completely change the character of the demo to serve other industries or uses, change colors, fonts, images, page elements, post types and anything you like.

Convert Pricing

Convert costs from $49 per year.

17. Layers

Elementor Layers WP theme site

Layers has been designed specifically for the Elementor page builder for WordPress. It comes with a selection of demo templates covering a wide range of niches and layout types. You can use one or mix and match all of them as much as you like, which is why it’s in our list of best multipurpose WordPress themes.

Demo layouts are modern, colorful and have a smooth flow down the page. There are a range of page elements to choose from, layout types, headers and more. Layers is one of the most flexible multipurpose themes around and is well worth checking out if you already work with Elementor.

Layers Pricing

Layers is free.

18. Creativo

Creativo theme demo

Creativo is an excellent multipurpose theme with a wide selection of demos to prove it. Designs are modern and impactful, contain great visuals, modern fonts, a wide selection of page layouts, post types and store options. There is a lot to like about this design.

Each Creativo demo is slightly different. You could just import a demo and use it as your site but you could also customize every single element using the included Visual Composer page builder. Pages load quickly and can contain animations or effects. The theme also supports most WordPress plugins including WooCommerce.

Creativo Pricing

Creativo costs $59 per year.

19. Authority

Authority Pro theme demo

Authority is a thoroughly modern multipurpose WordPress theme. It’s stark, white and uses white space very effectively. The pops of color from content elements and strong fonts make for an attractive first impression.

Authority uses the Genesis Framework and comes with a wide selection of customization tools, plugins, layout options and more. You get the very powerful Atomic Blocks plugins as part of the package. Like many themes here, you can use the theme as is, or personalize every element as required. It’s entirely up to you!

Authority Pricing

Authority is free or $360 per year with Genesis Pro.

20. Corporate

Corporate theme demo

Corporate is a business-oriented WordPress theme. It’s a contemporary design with a bold header, subtle navigation, nice graphics, alternating light and dark backgrounds and a nice flow down the page. It’s a very calm design with a professional edge.

Corporate comes with a range of page elements including blog posts, service listings, images, social media, animations, forms, counters, a contact form and the opportunity to add more. There is also the option to monetize using AdSense, use shortcodes and control every element of every page. Corporate is one of those themes that reveals more potential the deeper you dig into it.

Corporate Pricing

Corporate from $39 per year.

21. Bento

Bento theme demo

Bento is a striking multipurpose WordPress theme and one of the best WordPress themes from Satoristudio. What’s more, the theme is completely free. It’s a bold and colorful masonry grid design with an instant impact. It is one of the most impactful first impressions of any design in this list.

The demo leaves a lot to the imagination while showing you exactly what it is capable of. It takes just seconds for you to imagine just how you would use it and that’s to its credit. Bento comes with a drag and drop page builder, responsive design, support for WooCommerce and a whole lot more.

Bento Pricing

Bento is free.

22. Veni

Veni WordPress Theme Demo

Veni is a stylish Gutenberg-compatible WordPress theme custom-designed for blogging. The theme is fully customizable so you could tweak it for other uses if you wanted to. This theme stands out due to its original side navigation but has a lot more going for it.

It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Gutenberg, which is ideal if you’re looking to create some additional income streams. With features such as Google fonts, flexible layouts, and multiple colors, the theme offers lots of options for customizing any website.

Veni Pricing

Veni costs from $59 per year.

23. Modules

MODULES theme demo

Modules, as the name implies, is a multipurpose theme that lets you build your website using a modular approach. What this means is, you get to choose from several building blocks or modules, to create any kind of website that you want.

With the modules being drag-and-drop elements, this theme is very easy to use, even for WordPress beginners. There are all sorts of module types including, for example, sliders, flash news, pricing tables, slidable insights, featured posts, testimonials, and much more.

Modules Pricing

Modules costs $129.

24. Elegant

Elegant themify theme

Elegant is a simple multipurpose theme that is especially useful for creative professionals like writers, artists, and designers. Instead of packing on elaborate graphics and animation, this theme creates websites with a minimalist interface designed to enhance your content.

Some noteworthy features include multiple layouts, social icons, built-in image filters, demo import, and WooCommerce support. With WPML compatibility, this theme is also translation-ready. It is highly customizable with up to 6 color skins and a customizer panel that lets you make changes to any element from the header to the footer of your site.

Elegant Pricing

Elegant costs from $59 per year.

25. True North

True North WordPress theme

This versatile theme was specially designed to help creative professionals in a wide range of industries display their work or just their thoughts. If you’re a photographer or an artist looking to create a portfolio, True North is an excellent option.

Features such as custom widgets, multiple layouts, and an options panel, give you the creative freedom to customize your site as you wish. This theme is also optimized for speed and performance, SEO friendly, and compatible with several plugins including Advanced Custom Fields, Mailchimp, and Yoast.

True North Pricing

True North is free.

26. Float

Themify float theme

Float is a multipurpose theme that lets you create stunning, modern-looking websites. It features parallax scrolling, an effect that adds depth to your site and can help increase user engagement.

This truly versatile theme provides a range of customization options with several layout choices, a diverse options panel, and an integrated page builder. It is fully responsive to any screen size, supports WooCommerce, and has inbuilt social share buttons. There are also several pre-built demo sites that you can import with a single click if you don’t feel up to designing your website from scratch.

Float Pricing

Float costs $59 per year.

27. WbcomDesigns

wbcom designs themes

Wbcom Designs offers several WordPress themes that are great for a wide range of purposes including social networking websites, eLearning websites, job portals, and business directories. Themes are great for building social networking platforms like online dating and company sites or for online stores or colleges. 

Themes are fully compatible with WooCommerce and offer a wide range of customization options to let you build “the marketplace of your dreams”.  There are a wide range of designs here for every conceivable use.

WbcomDesigns Pricing

WbcomDesigns costs $69 per year.

28. Peak

Peak theme demo

Peak from Themify uses a similar masonry grid layout to Bento but also includes more traditional layout options including blog posts, eCommerce and business layout types. Each demo has a selection of predefined colors and page types that you can customize further if you wanted to.

Peak is a more subtle design than Bento. It is still strong but makes less of an instant impact and could be suitable for a huge range of industries or website types. The theme comes fully responsive and supports a wide range of WordPress plugins including WooCommerce. It’s a very flexible theme that deserves its place in our list.

Peak Pricing

Peak costs $59.

29. Dixie

Dixie theme demo

Dixie is in our list of best WordPress themes because it is ideally suited to its target market, podcasts. It could also be used for a wide range of other niches. The inclusion of an audio player in the header could make a real difference for some websites but it is purely optional. It could be replaced by an image, video or removed altogether with ease.

The main Dixie demo has podcasts instead of page content but the theme comes with support for most page elements including posts, images and graphics. It supports most page builders, WooCommerce, video and more. It’s also SEO-friendly and responsive too!

Dixie Pricing

Dixie costs $69 per year.

30. Hellomouse

Hellomouse theme demo

Aside from a very cool name, Hellomouse is a very effective WordPress multipurpose theme. Rather than go for an impactful header, the design uses a subtle content element for the top alongside gentle fonts and navigation. Then, just before the fold, a set of very colorful images immediately grab your attention.

While you could customize this to suit, it would be a shame to change what is a unique approach to attention grabbing. The rest of the theme is minimalist with an off-white background and content blocks throughout. Pages are responsive and the theme comes with a full customizer and support for widgets and WordPress plugins.

Hellomouse Pricing

Hellomouse costs $49 per year.

31. Ariel Pro

Aerial pro theme demo

Ariel Pro has a clean, Scandi feel about it. It’s a relaxed design with minimalist image header, strong fonts and lots of white space. It goes in a completely different direction than Hellomouse but has an equal appeal.

The design is light with crisp fonts, darker content blocks for contrast, a range of layout options, post types, a sidebar and the opportunity to add a raft of page elements should you want to. This is a very flexible multipurpose WordPress theme that could be tuned to suit any niche with minimal effort.

Ariel Pro Pricing

Ariel Pro costs $35 with one month of updates.

32. Highend

Highend theme demo

Highend certainly lives up to its name. This multipurpose theme could easily be one of the best WordPress themes here. The main demo has a traditional layout with image header and headline, service or product blocks, well-designed navigation, subtle off-white background and a nice flow down the page.

Selecting different layouts from the menu, Highend features a range of content blocks from images to graphics, post types to portfolio grids. This gives a huge amount of freedom to design your website in exactly the way you want. You can even add a store onto it if you like as Highend supports WooCommerce.

Highend Pricing

Highend costs $59 per year.

33. Monstroid

Monstroid multipurpose theme demo

Monstroid is one of the longest-running WordPress themes around. It is also one of the top WordPress themes around in terms of sales. The theme comes with over 20 demo sites covering most niches from music to manufacturing. It’s a truly multipurpose WordPress theme.

Designs are colorful and modern with good use of color, imagery and fonts. Depending on the demo you choose, pages make an instant impact or are more of a slow reveal. All work well to create a great user impression. With support for Google Fonts, Google Maps, WordPress Live Customizer and most plugins, this is a viable theme for most situations.

Monstroid Pricing

Monstroid costs from $95 per year.

34. Presence

Presence theme demo

Presence is a curious WordPress theme. At first glance it looks like any other theme. It’s only when you begin exploring that you see it’s true potential. The white boxed layout on a dark background, the super-crisp fonts, embedded images and video, slightly darker contrasting content blocks and smooth flow all combine to create a deceptively pleasurable experience.

Presence comes with a range of demos including an impactful dark theme. Others cover different niches and could work for a multitude of industries. As the theme supports IDX, real estate is a definite possibility here. Presence also supports WooCommerce and most other WordPress plugins for true flexibility.

Presence Pricing

Presence costs from €69 per year.

35. Indigo

Indigo theme demo

Indigo is a very strong WordPress theme that isn’t afraid to make an immediate impact. The very strong image slider and font combination sets the scene perfectly for a thoroughly modern theme with intense colors, contrasting light and dark elements and clean design.

Indigo is an impressive design-driven multipurpose WordPress theme with a selection of demo websites you can repurpose for your own needs. The theme has a front-end editor, supports translations, Typekit, AdSense, Gutenberg blocks and the vast majority of WordPress plugins. It’s well worth trying if you like bold modern design.

Indigo Pricing

Indigo costs $129.

36. Essence Pro

Essence pro theme demo

Essence Pro is another theme that isn’t afraid to make a statement. It is definitely one of the best WordPress themes in this list in terms of instant appeal. A strong header with a very stark font makes you pay instant attention. A nice background image slowly reveals itself and the subtle navigation is content to be noticed but not get in the way.

Once past the header, Essence Pro moves more towards a Scandi look with off-white background, white content blocks, relaxed serif fonts and smooth flow. While the brown contrast colour for buttons won’t appeal to everyone, it works very well here. You can always change it like you can change everything about the page if you wanted to.

Essence Pro Pricing

Essence Pro is free or $360 per year with Genesis Pro.

37. Schema

Schema theme demo

Schema is a more traditional boxed blog layout with less impactful visuals. It’s still an effective multipurpose theme though, just for different reasons. The theme comes with three different demos and each loads quickly and makes you scroll down each page. That’s great design!

The Schema demo provides the bare bones you need to build out a page. That doesn’t mean it isn’t flexible, because it really is. You can adapt every page element from the header down to the footer to your exact needs using the built-in customizer. You can add, remove and change page elements and build out the page however you like. For those reasons, it deserves its place in our list of best multipurpose WordPress themes.

Schema Pricing

Schema costs from $39 per year.

38. Shoppe

Shoppe theme demo

While the name may create an impression of being old world, the design of Shoppe is anything but. The demo makes quite the impact with a colorful image slider and mix of sans serif and handwritten fonts. A subtle sticky navigation bar at the top keeps you oriented.

Further down the page, the font mix continues while the header gives way to more white space and image blocks down the page. Uniquely colourful social media buttons also make an impression. The theme comes with Themify Builder and supports Ajax search, WooCommerce and Mega Menu. It’s a very capable theme.

Shoppe Pricing

Shoppe costs from $59 per year.

39. Spencer

Spencer theme demo

Spencer is an elegant theme with feminine touches that makes a completely different impression. This is a more upscale design with salmon pink navigation bar and divider and strong header image with pink filter. Fonts are a mix of old and new and combine to create a chic design that could be used anywhere.

Of course, if pink isn’t your color, it can be changed in seconds using the powerful Elementor drag and drop page builder. You can change everything about Spencer if you like, from the images to the fonts. Spencer is compatible with most popular WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce so could be put to almost any use.

Spencer Pricing

Spencer costs $49 per year.

40. Sirius Pro

Sirius pro theme demo

Sirius Pro uses modern material design to great effect. It’s an attractive flat design with header slider, a selection of content blocks sitting on white and off-white backgrounds, modern sans serif fonts and a mixture of colors that create a feel of comfort and ease with a healthy dose of authority. It’s a great balance.

Sirius Pro is a top WordPress theme. It uses material design better than many themes we have seen. Page balance is excellent and the authority the demos create would be valuable for many website types. The theme also has a range of other elements that support videos, audio, information cards, search and translation. Everything you need for your next website.

Sirius Pro Pricing

Sirius Pro costs $35 with one month of updates.

41. Struct

Struct theme demo

Struct is a contemporary multipurpose WordPress theme designed around technology. As with any of these themes, you can change that with ease by customizing the colors and images. What makes this theme one of the best WordPress themes around is the overall look and feel of the site.

This is a modern design that uses contrast to create its effect. After a strong initial impression thanks to the header image, pages flow across contrasting light and dark content blocks illustrating key information and painting a very effective picture about a business. That, alongside support for graphics, video and audio makes this an excellent option for company websites.

Struct Pricing

Struct costs from $49 per year.

42. Nectar

Nectar theme demo

Nectar is a website design that puts you instantly at ease. While the images have a lot to do with that, the header and font combine to elicit a relaxing breath as you land on the page. That works incredibly well for some niches.

Nectar has a nice design with header slider nestled between the colored header and divider. Scroll down the page for more traditional content blocks covering everything from services to blog posts in a range of layouts. There is also support for a store should you want to sell stuff.

Nectar Pricing

Nectar costs from $59 per year.

43. Pepper Plus

Pepper plus theme demo

Pepper Plus is a mix of modernist and minimalist and delivers a very competent website design. As this is a multipurpose theme, pages can be built however you want, to fit any niche. The theme comes with a range of demos and a front-end customizer to any change you make will take seconds.

The overall design philosophy of Pepper Plus is one of serenity. A unique navigation arrangement at the top creates interest while contrasting black and white backgrounds and fonts offer clarity. The inclusion of inline images and overlaid headers is a simple but very effective addition to what is an excellent overall design.

Pepper Plus Pricing

Pepper Plus costs $129.

44. Astrid Pro

Astrid theme demo

Astrid Pro is a minimalist web design with Scandi elements. We think it’s one of the best WordPress themes that uses Scandi design and rate it highly. A strong but subtle header slider makes you feel instantly at ease while the coffee color scheme is instantly familiar.

Scroll down the page and the coffee colors continue with great effect. Combined with attractive graphics, stylish flat design and the majority of page elements you’re likely to use, this theme has everything you need. If the theme doesn’t have it, you can use a WordPress plugin to implement it. It is that flexible.

Astrid Pro Pricing

Astrid Pro costs from $59 per year.

45. Vandana

Vandana theme demo

The default Vandana demo is quite feminine and makes you feel instantly relaxed as you land on the page. Other demos included with the theme continue that overall feel while being more mainstream. Each has its own appeal and works well for its intended purpose. As they are multipurpose themes, they can be tweaked to suit any use with ease.

Vandana has a great mix of content blocks, images and graphics to create the design. The pink color can easily be changed. Other demos use a variety of pastel colors to keep the easy going vibe while appealing to other niches. All designs are fully customizable and should be compatible with your existing WordPress plugins.

Vandana Pricing

Vandana costs from $49 per year.

46. Parallax

Parralax theme demo

Parallax certainly lives up to its name. This is an impactful WordPress theme with dark and light elements and a very bold header slider. The inclusion of navigation underneath the slider is novel and switches seamlessly into a sticky slider as you transition down the page.

Once you do scroll down, Parallax comes into its own. A series of bold colors, strong fonts and effective parallax effects create a vibrant design that isn’t too busy. The theme comes with a range of demos, each with a selection of layout options and page features that make them stand out in their own right. This is a very strong showing from Themify.

Parallax Pricing

Parallax costs from $59 per year.

47. Chic Pro

Chic Pro by Rara themes demo

Chic Pro is a premium feminine blog theme that can be used for a variety of niches. It’s a nice design with calm colors, some nice flourishes and lots of features to help you build a successful web presence.

The design offers a variety of ways to keep visitors engaged and to craft your visitors’ user experience. Features include a full-page banner, unlimited featured sections and multiple post sections in the homepage. These allow you to offer a selection of content for visitors and can be customized to fit your own needs. This theme is an excellent choice for feminine bloggers who want to make an impact.

Chic Pro Pricing

Chic Pro costs from $59 per year.

48. Hestia

Hestia theme demo

Hestia is one of the best WordPress themes out there for material design. It uses color, imagery, font and white space to fantastic effect while keeping pages impactful yet simple. It’s a top performer in terms of being a multipurpose theme too.

Hestia comes as a free or premium theme but you’ll want to pay to get the most out of it. There are lots of page elements to choose from, limitless font, color and design options and a very subtle image and font shadow effect that creates a fantastic impression on the page. As Hestia supports most popular page builders, it won’t take long to get your website up and running either!

Hestia Pricing

Hestia costs from $69 per year.

49. Avada

Avada all purpose wordpress theme

Avada is the epitome of the multipurpose WordPress theme and proves beyond doubt that you can be all things to all people. It is one of the best WordPress themes on ThemeForest in terms of reviews and sales, which says a lot.

Avada has dozens of demo templates covering most niches. Each has a blend of colorful layouts with a range of colors, images, videos and page elements. There is a predefined template for most industries but the included Avada Website Builder makes short work of customizing or building your own.

Avada Pricing

Avada costs $60.

50. Felt

Felt theme demo

Felt is a very bold design. It features an impactful image header, novel center navigation and a bold sticky header color with contrasting white font. Scroll down and the page transforms into a modern layout with more subtle colors. There are two sides to this demo and we think it works exceptionally well.

Felt uses the WordPress Customizer and its own Style Manager tool to make customization easy. The theme supports predefined colors or lets you create your own. You can add or remove page elements, change fonts, change images and generally personalize the pages however you like. All without spoiling the overall effect of the theme.

Felt Pricing

Felt costs from €70 per year.

51. eCommerce

eCommerce theme demo

eCommerce has a definite online store element but is also a credible WordPress theme for eCommerce. It’s a modern, flat design that uses color well and the demos utilize imagery to great effect too. Combined with great page flow, distinct sections and clear navigation, each demo provides a professional appeal that could suit any niche.

eCommerce uses distinct content blocks for its layout that helps create a competent store feel. The mixture of colors and themes in the demo templates provide a strong base for customization while WooCommerce support helps build your store.

eCommerce Pricing

eCommerce costs from $39 per year.

52. Meridian One Plus

Meridian theme demo

Meridian One Plus is an exceptionally flexible theme. The main demo exhibits a selection of content blocks, font types and design philosophies that clearly illustrate just how flexible this theme is.

We start with a sepia-toned header image and transition immediately into a more traditional white background with inline content blocks and nice contrast colors. Scroll down further for service blocks, an image background, store elements and a selection of graphics and images that show what is possible with this design. It’s a very modern design that covers all potential bases.

Meridian One Plus Pricing

Meridian One Plus costs from $59 per year.

Summary of Multipurpose WordPress Themes

As you can see, the quality of multipurpose WordPress themes is exceptionally high. If you’re looking for the top WordPress themes to use on your own site, you won’t go far wrong if you use one of these.

Each offers something slightly different and could appeal to different target audiences. Each uses the full power of WordPress to deliver exceptional user experiences with the minimum of setup and configuration. While it may take a while to finalize your design, we think spending time experimenting with your options is a good thing!

What do you think of our list of the 51 best multipurpose WordPress themes? Did we nail it? Did we miss any exceptional themes? Have your own suggestions of top WordPress themes? Let us know your thoughts below!

Article by
Sujay Pawar


Sujay Pawar is the co-founder and CEO of Brainstorm Force. He brings a one-of-a-kind fusion of tech brilliance, business savvy and marketing mojo to the table. Sujay has consistently spearheaded the development of innovative products like Astra, CartFlows, ZipWP and many others that have become market leaders in their respective niches.

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  1. muzammil raza Profile Pic

    Astra theme is a very responsive and flexible theme I love the part that is you can transform your website in one click.

  2. Billie Ryan Profile Pic

    Well, right now even a simple blog theme can be used as a multi-purpose theme, with page builders of course. Astra and Divi are simple and fast and come with lots of premade templates, that’s what a multipurpose theme needs. Keep updating the free template list, it made us web designers job easy…. 🙂

  3. Lane Randolph Profile Pic

    With Astra starter templates and Header footer and block templates plugin, I don’t even want to consider switching to a different theme.
    Staying with a single platform made my work easier, by the way, the article is nice, and the first 10 themes are the ones you should try out.

  4. Otis Profile Pic

    The list is nice and very detailed, but I will not suggest studio press themes as a multipurpose theme. Because they become heavy with page builders and load slowly in my experience. Also, it can be costly compared to other themes in the list.

  5. Teejay Profile Pic

    I mostly work on Astra and Ultra, because they come with their own set of plugins and templates, it’s easier and bug-free when you use the same company products.

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