1. Mira Nair Profile Pic

    Out of all the articles I’ve read about themes, this one is my favorite. It just suits me well and the concept that I think of for my website. This article is very informative, especially for a freshman like me.

    I am looking forward to more articles. Kudos!

  2. Jacob Profile Pic

    Absolutely a big help. I just started my website about two weeks ago. I never change anything. Its as is. After reading this article, I was encouraged to choose from these WordPress themes. Then, I did it. I was so happy with the result.

  3. Malika Wilks Profile Pic

    This article is a must-read one. They’ve laid out all the details you need to know if you want to have that simple theme for your website. I am promoting this article because I can say that this article is beneficial, especially to those who are just starting to make their websites.


  4. Dionne Profile Pic

    I was overwhelmed by huge number of themes, but because you guys mentioned pros and cons. I helped me to choose right theme for my food based blog.
    Thank You it was a huge help

  5. Francis West Profile Pic

    After reading this article, I found the cleanest, simple, and easy to use WordPress theme for my website. They definitely picked some of the best simple WordPress themes that’ll be suited for any kind of website—looking forward to many more articles that’ll help people like me.

  6. Emma Profile Pic

    “Simplicity is beauty” That’s what I think. I want simple theme which is focused for Readability and got what I wanted.
    Thank you for a nice article

  7. Misbah Profile Pic

    Being simple, keep things minimal. That is why I love being simple. That is also the vibe of my website.
    Thanks for this!

  8. Elsa Profile Pic

    Most WordPress themes are simple to start with. Can you please suggest me Simple but unique theme for my photography blog? Something which has background shadows behind images.

  9. Korey Profile Pic

    I love that there are articles like this because sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect theme. At least there’s something you can read before you apply.

  10. Hughie Daniels Profile Pic

    All themes are good but I’m looking for a theme, similar to the Medium site. Can you suggest some good Medium like WordPress themes?

  11. Olivia Haas Profile Pic

    I find Astra is the most simple WordPress theme, with little bit changes and customization it really looks good and has tons of options.

  12. Mira Profile Pic

    Was looking for a simple WordPress theme for a Food Blog, and I really like the Food Blogger theme, but I don’t think this theme is simple. Anyway, I’m still going to use it on my blog.

  13. Aminah Cruz Profile Pic

    WordPress theme sorting is bad, and because of this article, I’m able to decide which theme to go with. As I know what my blog is going to look like in the end. It also help me decide if a paid theme is really worth buying.

  14. Jesse Profile Pic

    When your website goal is to post articles for reading purposes, then simplicity matters a lot. I’m currently using Authority Pro and looking for an alternate theme that focuses on readability.

    Looks like Foodie Pro should be good for readability.

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