25 Best WordPress Restaurant Themes To Promote Your Eatery

WordPress restaurant themes

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Restaurants are a business that depends as much on emotion as on the quality of the food, wine and service. Visiting a restaurant is as much a lifestyle choice as a culinary one and your website should reflect that.

A successful WordPress restaurant theme will sell a lifestyle. It will need to create a feeling of quality and a little exclusivity. Depending on the type of restaurant, it could also benefit from promoting accessibility, family values or uniqueness.

If you’re lucky, your restaurant theme could exhibit all those qualities!

The 25 WordPress restaurant themes are certainly capable of that.

We tried and tested hundreds of themes from across the spectrum to develop this list of what we think are the best WordPress restaurant themes of 2024 so far.

They are all a little different and showcase restaurants in slightly different ways. So whatever kind of eatery you’re planning to represent with the website, there will be a theme here to suit!

List of Best Restaurant WordPress Themes

If you don’t have time to read about all 25 of our chosen restaurant themes, the table below showcases 5 of the best. You won’t be disappointed with any themes in this post, but these are our favorites!

Theme namePricingOur Rating
AstraFree / Starting from $49 €45 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Rosa 2From €70 per year⭐⭐⭐⭐

Let’s dive into detailed overview of best restaurant WordPress themes.

1. Astra

Astra Food Truck demo template

Our very own Astra has a couple of superb restaurant website templates. Each has been designed specifically for the food niche and are created to help sell the lifestyle as well as the venue and cuisine.

All Astra themes are designed to be fast loading, SEO friendly, fully responsive and include lots of opportunities to showcase your restaurant at its best.

The Italian Restaurant demo pictured above is a case in point. It uses images well, has stylish typography and graphics, a superb menu section and compatibility with most WordPress booking widgets.

Astra is also compatible with leading page builders such as Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder and others. This makes updating your website fast and easy, giving you more time to do what you do best!

Recommended Astra’s templates:

Fast Food Restaurant

fast food restaurant astra template

The Fast Food Restaurant template reflects all those colors and qualities we automatically associate with fast food brands. Bold colors, modern fonts, impactful images and lots going on.

It’s an excellent template for any fast food joint and includes lots of opportunities to showcase your food as well as engage customers.

Pub and Bar

pub and bar restaurant astra template

The Pub and Bar template has been designed with an Irish theme but can be easily customized to any niiche. It’s a calm, engaging design with dark colors, contrasting fonts and all the characteristics we look for in order to paint a picture of a lifestyle.

The template includes lively images and content areas, plenty of calls to action and all the pages your pub or bar is likely to need.

Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant astra template

The Italian Restaurant theme is a flat modern design with a bold orange contrast color, friendly fonts and some flourishes that play on the traditions of Italian family eateries.

The template includes lots of opportunities to showcase dishes and a menu, provide essential information to visitors and encourage them to make a reservation.

Pros of Astra:

Cons of Astra:

  • So many designs to choose from!

Astra Pricing

Astra Pro costs from $49 €45 per year.

Opinion of Astra

It’s hard to criticize our own product. We genuinely believe it’s the best WordPress theme out there. With over 1.2 million websites using Astra and over 800 five star reviews, we’re not the only ones who think it’s amazing!

2. Divi

Food Bank Home Divi theme

Divi is a very capable WordPress theme with a number of food-oriented website templates. We like Bakery as it’s clean, uses images well, has a fresh, modern appeal and delivers everything a theme like this should.

Divi demos aren’t as rich or as professional looking as Astra’s but they include everything you’ll need to set up a restaurant website. It is compatible with drag and drop page builders and has full compatibility with most WordPress plugins too.

Pros of Divi:

  • Compatible with leading page builders
  • Bakery demo is light and very attractive
  • Fully responsive designs
  • Works with most WordPress plugins

Cons of Divi:

  • Demo themes need a little work to make them really shine

Divi Pricing

Divi costs $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime licence.

Opinion of Divi

Divi is great for its power, ease of use, fast loading and well balanced designs. We don’t think those designs are up to Astra standards but could be very competitive in the right hands.

3. Foodica

Foodica demo site

Foodica is built as a food blog but could easily be turned into a WordPress restaurant theme. It’s light, accessible and easy to use, all qualities we look for in themes like this.

Foodica uses a simple design with white background, modern fonts and lets the images tell the story. That approach could work well for a restaurant which is why we include it in this list. That and its fast performance and overall appeal of course!

This theme is best suited for cafes, restaurants, bistros, food courts, or an eatery.

Pros of Foodica:

  • Clean light design
  • A nice layout that could be tweaked with ease
  • Comes with a visual customizer
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Foodica:

  • It will need a little tweaking to become a restaurant website

Foodica Pricing

Foodica costs $69.

Opinion of Foodica

We like Foodica as a WordPress restaurant theme because of its potential. It looks great on mobile and could be tweaked very easily to suit a range of restaurant types. The included visual customizer makes short work of any changes you need to make.

4. Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro demo site

Foodie Pro is another food blog demo that could easily be tweaked to suit a restaurant. This theme has a laid back bistro vibe to it which could work well for diners, cafes, gastro pubs and other eateries.

There are a range of layout options, the theme already handles imagery very well and has some superb font choices. The theme is also built on the Genesis Framework so is easy to use and customize. It is also SEO friendly and fully responsive too!

Pros of Foodie Pro:

  • Light and laid back theme ideal for bistros or cafes
  • Works with the Genesis Framework
  • Pages load quickly and scroll smoothly
  • Looks great on mobile

Cons of Foodie Pro:

  • Not the cheapest WordPress restaurant theme here

Foodie Pro Pricing

Foodie Pro costs $75.

Opinion of Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro is another theme that will take a little work to get right but would be well worth the effort. It’s a very accessible website that could work for a number of restaurant and cuisine types. That’s why it’s in our list.

5. Rosa 2

Rosa 2 Demo

If you’re looking for something bold and beautiful, Rosa 2 is it. It makes an instant impact with its full screen header and stark headline along with slick parallax effects. If your target diner would respond to this style of design, this is definitely a theme to try.

Rosa 2 has some great ideas done particularly well. While the demo is designed as an Asian restaurant, a simple change of imagery and font and you could make it fit any cuisine. It even has a booking widget built-in which is a significant advantage.

Pros of Rosa 2:

  • Very striking design
  • Fully responsive and works well on mobile
  • Built-in menu and booking elements
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

Cons of Rosa 2:

  • The striking design won’t work for everyone

Rosa 2 Pricing

Rosa 2 costs from $75 per year or $95 for a lifetime licence.

Opinion of Rosa 2

We like Rosa 2 so much that we would actively look for an excuse to use it. The design is superb, font choices inspired and the theme package includes everything a restaurant website is likely to need.

6. Ultra

Ristorante Ultra demo template

We feature the Ultra theme a lot in our ‘best of’ lists. It’s such a powerful and flexible multipurpose theme that it can turn its hand to literally anything. It also has superb aesthetics, a great eye for design and comes with a wide range of pre-built demo templates.

Ultra has its own drag and drop page builder to help customize, has great page balance, is SEO friendly and fully responsive too. The Eatery demo also has a simple but attractive menu section, a recipe area, a blog area and an existing reservation section that could be expanded easily with a widget.

Pros of Ultra:

  • Appealing design
  • Includes a menu and booking section
  • Nice use of images throughout
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Ultra:

  • The demo will need a little rearrangement for restaurants

Ultra Pricing

Ultra costs from $59 up to $89.

Opinion of Ultra

Ultra uses great design and page flow and has a great eye for colour. Themes are welcoming, include all the elements you could need and are easy to customize too. What more could you need?

7. Delicio

Delicio demo site

Delicio is a smart modern WordPress restaurant theme that could work for all kinds of cuisines. It’s flat, attractive, has a great mix of fonts, good use of white space, an appealing menu section and even a predefined online ordering page.

Delicio is a flexible theme that could be tweaked for almost any lifestyle simply by changing images. It uses a visual customizer to help build pages, supports WooCommerce and most WordPress plugins and looks fantastic on mobile too.

Pros of Delicio:

  • Fantastic looking theme
  • Good use of images and typography
  • Pages load quickly
  • Fully responsive design

Cons of Delicio:

  • You will need to be good with images to do it justice

Delicio Pricing

Delicio costs $69.

Opinion of Delicio

Delicio is a superb WordPress theme for restaurants. It has a nice appeal that will offend nobody and could be customized to suit almost any style or cuisine you can think of.

8. Hestia Pro

Coffee Shop hestia demo site

Hestia Pro is another regular in our ‘best of’ lists. That’s because it’s a very flexible theme that could be turned into almost anything with a little effort. That’s true here, as the image illustrates.

While built as a coffee shop theme, this template could easily be used as a WP restaurant theme. It’s modern, interesting and has some great images spread around. It also looks great on small screens and is compatible with WooCommerce and most leading page builders.

Pros of Hestia Pro:

  • Compatible with popular page builders
  • Fully responsive
  • Uses some effective design tricks
  • Could be tweaked easily to suit different cuisines

Cons of Hestia Pro:

  • Themes don’t immediately shout quality

Hestia Pro Pricing

Hestia Pro costs from $69 up to $199 per year.

Opinion of Hestia Pro

We rate Hestia Pro highly because of its flexibility and ease of use. The designs don’t shine like some but they could be made to look amazing with enough work.

9. Carbone

Carbone bar restaurant theme for WordPress

Carbone starts strong with an impressive full screen video header. It then opens out into a parallax scrolling site with alternating white and image backgrounds. It’s a very modern theme that effortlessly creates a cool, calm atmosphere.

The theme is well balanced and uses white space well. Your eyes can rest quickly but enough between sections so those colours and images really work. An integrated menu section and attractive form delivers practicality while page builder compatibility ensures complete design freedom.

Pros of Carbone:

  • Compatible with leading drag and drop page builders
  • Atmospheric design
  • Great font choices
  • Smart menu sections down the page

Cons of Carbone:

  • Video headers can lose their appeal with browser video blockers

Carbone Pricing

Carbone costs $34.

Opinion of Carbone

Carbone is an accomplished theme with a lot to recommend it. It’s atmospheric, well balanced and works as well on small screens as it does large ones. We’re not sure about the video header though, given how many people block autoplay videos, but it could be replaced easily.

10. Liber

Liber Beer restaurant theme demo site

Liber has four WordPress restaurant themes to choose from that cover both dark and light design. Each has a different aesthetic appeal meaning it could work for many types of restaurant. We like all of them!

Each has some strong imagery and typography, some smart half page parallax effects and attractive menu sections. There is also a predesigned booking section that could be implemented into your own booking system.

Pros of Liber:

  • Works with the WordPress Customizer
  • Four demos to choose from each with different characters
  • Very accomplished designs
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Liber:

  • Only 6 month’s support and updates included

Liber Pricing

Liber costs $59.

Opinion of Liber

Liber includes four very good designs that cover a wide range of eatery types. Each has its own appeal and could work very well for all kinds of restaurants, cafes, bistros and other food businesses.

11. Laurent

Laurent Restaurant Theme demo site

Laurent is a dark restaurant theme that just oozes class. There are 9 default designs to choose from. Each uses dark design very well alongside well-chosen typography and colours to create a heritage feel that is very popular right now.

Each theme has a nice flow and has been designed with a great eye for the niche. They include booking widgets, menus, parallax effects and some powerful imagery to help build the picture of a lifestyle.

Pros of Laurent:

  • Very stylish dark designs
  • Innovative use of typography and colours
  • Lovely overall feel
  • Menu sections are particularly good

Cons of Laurent:

  • You’re going to need to be good with images to get the best out of this theme

Laurent Pricing

Laurent costs $75.

Opinion of Laurent

Laurent is in a class of its own if you like dark design. It’s a very well designed WordPress restaurant theme with a real atmosphere. Templates also include all the elements you would expect from such a theme.

12. Mise En Place

Mise En Place Restaurant Theme demo

Mise En Place is as equally stylish as Laurent but in a completely different way. It’s another dark WordPress restaurant theme but with a more modern approach. It has modern fonts, filtered images and some nice touches that help widen its potential appeal.

Mise En Place uses the free Page Builder by SiteOrigin so customization is very straightforward. Templates include a menu section, attractive contact form and full compatibility with most WordPress plugins

Pros of Mise En Place:

  • Attractive dark design with contemporary appeal
  • Excellent typography choices
  • Nice menu layout
  • Page builder compatibility

Cons of Mise En Place:

  • You’ll have to create your own booking element

Mise En Place Pricing

Mise En Place costs $55 per year or $115 for a lifetime licence.

Opinion of Mise En Place

Mise En Place is an achingly stylish theme that is bang up to date even though it’s over five years old. That’s a real testament to how good this design is.

13. Neve

Craft Beer Neve demo template

Neve is a very flexible multipurpose theme. What the demo designs lack in flair they more than make up for in ease of use. The Restaurant demo is a mix of dark and light with a red contrast colour that works well. Along with some strong images and fonts, the design creates a superb first impression.

Neve is compatible with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin and Divi Builder. It is also fully responsive, loads quickly and flexible enough to be tweaked in all manner of ways. You could genuinely build anything with this theme!

Pros of Neve:

  • Fast and fully responsive
  • Compatible with all leading page builders
  • Themes can be customized to any degree
  • Wide selection of demo themes to choose from

Cons of Neve:

  • Neve, like other Divi designs requires more work to make it really shine

Neve Pricing

Neve costs from $69 up to $259 per year.

Opinion of Neve

We like Neve for its potential and not for what it actually delivers. Themes are good but not great but the speed, quality of code and the theme basics provide everything you need to build something amazing.

14. Gourmand

Gourmand Food Blog Theme for WordPress

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for your food blog? Consider Gourmand!

Gourmand is an easy to set up, clean, and lightweight WordPress theme dedicated to food blogs. Whether you’re sharing food recipes or featuring the latest eateries in town, you can display them elegantly using this stylish and practical theme.

The theme is responsive and displays perfectly well across various devices. You can customize pages just as you want with popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and even the Gutenberg block editor.

Pros of Gourmand:

  • Simple and easy installation with a one-click import process
  • Search engine friendly code
  • Translation-ready and WPML compatible
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce, just in case you’d like to build an online store

Cons of Gourmand:

  • May need a little work to make it perfect for a restaurant

Gourmand Pricing

Gourmand costs $69 per year.

Opinion of Gourmand

Gourmand is a WordPress theme ideally suited for food bloggers. The clean look enhances the overall user experience. It looks great on mobile as well and can be easily customized to suit your requirements.

15. Cookely

Cookely Food Blog Theme for WordPress

Cookely is another responsive WordPress theme that is ideally suited for food bloggers. The SEO-friendly WordPress theme comes packed with many features that add style and elegance to your blog.

Cookely is compatible with page builders as well as the Gutenberg block builder. You also get to include recipe card blocks, Instagram feed, infinite scroll, and various ad placement areas in the posts and homepage.

Pros of Cookely:

  • SEO-optimized theme
  • Compatible with Gutenberg block editor
  • WPML compatible
  • Multiple ad zones for Google Adsense and banners

Cons of Cookely:

  • May need a little work to make it suit restaurants

Cookely Pricing

Cookely costs $69 per year.

Opinion of Cookely

Cookely is another WordPress theme that is ideally suited for food blogs but could be made to fit restaurants with some work. If you are looking at creating a professional food blog, this should add the much-needed zing.

16. White Rock

White Rock Restaurant Winery Theme Preview

White Rock is a responsive, easy-to-customize, elegant WordPress theme suited for restaurant websites. You have a full width homepage slider right up front on the website, which is the center of attraction. Ideal for displaying your restaurant’s best pics.

With various layout options, you can customize your pages to suit your website requirements. Use the custom widgets for contact information, restaurant working hours, Twitter feed, and more.

Pros of White Rock:

  • Customize your website easily with drag and drop page builders
  • Completely responsive and works well across all devices
  • Use the demo importer and get your website up and running within minutes
  • Supports drop-downs and mega menus

Cons of White Rock:

  • You’ll have to invest more if you require extended support

White Rock Pricing

White Rock costs $59.

Opinion of White Rock

It’s an easy-to-customize WordPress theme and works just about fine for a restaurant website. If you’re looking for a more creative restaurant theme, you may be left wanting more.

17. Korina

Korina theme demo site

Korina is a classy WordPress restaurant theme with a full-screen slideshow above the fold. The overlay allows you to showcase your restaurant ambiance in the background while driving home your restaurant’s USP.

The restaurant theme comes with an in-built menu management system that adds items like a custom post type. While the theme looks great by itself, you can customize the look and feel just that way you want with tons of header variations, typography options, color schemes, and more.

Pros of Korina:

  • Compatible with the Gutenberg block editor
  • Menu management system
  • SEO ready and speed optimized
  • Compatible with page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi

Cons of Korina:

  • You’ll need some high quality images to do justice to this theme

Korina Pricing

Korina costs $34 or up to $174 for a lifetime license.

Opinion of Korina

The theme’s design is one that sets it apart from the rest. It’s classy and elegant. It’s one of those designs that you can use as it is. With an in-built menu management system, Korina is undoubtedly one of our favorites.

18. Osteria

Osteria theme demo

Osteria is another fantastic-looking WordPress restaurant theme that impresses with a 3D scrolling effect. You can easily create and update your menu and allow your customers to order food online with a fully WooCommerce enabled theme.

Osteria comes with an online reservation system where customers can book a table. Using the Style Manager, you can easily customize and change your website’s colors to match your brand.

Pros of Osteria:

  • Impressive scrolling and parallax effects
  • Online menu management system
  • Online reservation and food ordering system
  • Advanced customization and over 600 fonts to choose from

Cons of Osteria:

  • Expensive, especially when you have similar, cheaper options

Osteria Pricing

Osteria costs $112 per year per website or $135 for a lifetime license.

Opinion of Osteria

Osteria is an excellent WordPress restaurant theme. Considering there are themes that look similar, is it worth the investment? Not if you pay yearly. The lifetime deal does look more lucrative if you are considering Osteria though.

19. Bakes and Cakes

Bakes and cakes demo site

Bakes and Cakes is one of the few free WordPress restaurant themes we thought worth your time. There is a free and a premium version and both offer the foundations from which you can create a unique and attractive website for your own eatery.

The theme is light and attractive and sits in that middle ground that appeals to the widest audience without standing out for anything specific. We think there is genuine merit in that, hence its place here.

Pros of Bakes and Cakes:

  • Clean, welcoming design
  • Friendly and approachable page elements
  • Simple navigation
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Bakes and Cakes:

  • The free theme will require more work to customize

Bakes and Cakes Pricing

There is a free version of Bakes and Cakes while premium costs $59.

Opinion of Bakes and Cakes

Bakes and Cakes provides a framework from which to build something superb. It’s a well designed theme and while certain elements look a little dated, they can be removed or changed with ease.

20. Restaurant Recipe

Restaurant Recipe demo site

Restaurant Recipe is another of the free WordPress restaurant themes we think is worth checking out. This has a different appeal than Bakes and Cakes and would appeal more to a contemporary restaurant or bistro.

It has a nice header slider with strong header, a gold contrast colour and a clever ‘Browse Menu’ element at the bottom. That leads to an attractive menu area further down the page among some parallax effects and useful site elements. There is even a booking widget built in.

Pros of Restaurant Recipe:

  • Free theme that doesn’t look it
  • Premium version available
  • Fast loading and responsive
  • Works with the WordPress Live Customizer

Cons of Restaurant Recipe:

  • Free themes generally have little or no support

Restaurant Recipe Pricing

Restaurant Recipe is free but there is a premium version that costs $55.

Opinion of Restaurant Recipe

If you didn’t know Restaurant Recipe was a free WordPress restaurant theme, you would think it was a premium one. The design is very good, images and typography look top drawer and the overall look and feel looks way more expensive than it is.

21. GloriaFood Restaurant

Restaurant Pronto theme demo

GloriaFood Restaurant is another of the free WordPress restaurant themes we think is worth your time. It’s a clean, modern design that could work perfectly for a deli, bistro or other more casual eatery. The design is light, accessible and relaxed, which is why we like it so much.

The design is also full of useful elements, attractive images, a smart menu section, a reservation widget and the option to add more to the page if you want. Those pages load quickly and include everything you’re likely to need along with some extras like special offer sections and a sticky header.

Pros of GloriaFood Restaurant:

  • Very composed and accessible theme
  • Light and bright with just enough white space
  • Includes a booking widget
  • It’s free

Cons of GloriaFood Restaurant:

  • Free themes generally have little or no support

GloriaFood Restaurant Pricing

GloriaFood Restaurant is free.

Opinion of GloriaFood Restaurant

GloriaFood Restaurant is definitely one of the better free WordPress restaurant themes. It’s bright, colourful and has all the page elements you’re likely to need. It’s also fast, responsive and easy to use.

22. Igloo

Igloo demo site

Igloo may be a strange name for a WP restaurant theme but there’s nothing strange about the design. It’s a boxed layout with a full width header, grey background with white content sections and a mixture of sans serif and serif fonts.

The Igloo demo is very simple with not a lot going on, but you could build this out however you like. There are predefined menu pages, a contact form, a reservations form and an attractive location page. All the ingredients you need to build your very own restaurant website.

Pros of Igloo:

  • Simple, unfussy design
  • Nice complementing pages
  • Page load quickly
  • Fully responsive

Cons of Igloo:

  • You will have more work to do building out the demo website

Igloo Pricing

Igloo costs from $34 up to $174 for a lifetime licence.

Opinion of Igloo

Igloo has an unusual boxed layout that makes it stand out for all the right reasons. It’s a relaxed design with effortless appeal, ideal for all kinds of restaurants.

23. Moonrise

Moonrise demo site

Moonrise is one of the best restaurant WordPress themes if you’re mainly looking to showcase your menu. The demo has a relaxed feel ideal for casual dining and a very appealing menu section throughout the upper area of the page. There are more content areas underneath but it’s these menus that really stand out.

The design of Moonrise is actually very simple but done in such a way that it punches way above its weight. Pages have a smooth flow, the alternating white and image backgrounds are very effective and the overall feel is comfortable. What more does it need?

Pros of Moonrise:

  • Simple but very effective design
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins
  • Includes attractive menu sections
  • Regularly updated

Cons of Moonrise:

  • Better suited to casual dining

Moonrise Pricing

Moonrise costs $55.

Opinion of Moonrise

Moonrise is the perfect example of simple design done well. It’s a very straightforward design that doesn’t leave you wanting while delivering everything you expect from a restaurant website.

24. Restaurantz

Restaurantz theme By WEN Themes

Restaurantz is a more traditional WordPress restaurant theme but still has a unique appeal. It opens with a full width slider with booking widget and a burnt orange contrast colour. It’s a great way to open a website like this and works very well.

The rest of the demo includes menu sections, a mixture of content areas, a booking widget embed, blog section and other content areas. Surprisingly, this is a free WordPress restaurant theme, but we doubt you would have guessed that until now. Which is why it’s in our list.

Pros of Restaurantz:

  1. Free theme that looks premium
  2. Modern design with a smooth flow down the page
  3. Includes a booking widget and menu section
  4. Fully responsive

Cons of Restaurantz:

  • More work to customize free themes than premium ones

Restaurantz Pricing

Restaurantz is a free WordPress restaurant theme with a premium option costing $59.

Opinion of Restaurantz

Restaurantz is another of those free WordPress restaurant themes that really doesn’t look like it. The demo is slick, modern and includes a premium feel throughout. There is even a booking widget included. Hard to fault for free!

25. Food Restaurant

Restaurant logicalthemes demo

Food Restaurant is another high quality free WordPress theme. It’s light, bright and vibrant and creates a welcoming atmosphere from the very beginning. It could serve certain types of restaurants very well indeed.

The demo includes a full page slider and unfolds into alternating white and colourful content sections. There is a menu section in the centre, an events section, some nice graphics, a blog area and even a booking section further down. We think it is a great option!

Pros of Food Restaurant:

  • It’s free but doesn’t look it
  • Vibrant design creates a welcoming atmosphere
  • Ideal for family or casual restaurants
  • Includes menu and booking sections

Cons of Food Restaurant:

  • No page builder support

Food Restaurant Pricing

Food Restaurant is a free WordPress restaurant theme with a premium option that costs $39.

Opinion of Food Restaurant

We like Food Restaurant a lot. It includes some premium sections, a lively design scheme and some attractive design elements. All for free!

Why You Should Prioritize Your Restaurant Website

Restaurants are a business that relies on goodwill, good communication, a trustworthy brand image and a presence in the local community. Even the most successful restaurants need to be seen and heard as well as tasted.

All things a good website will provide.

Here are a few more reasons why your restaurant would benefit from a fantastic website:

Informs the diner – Not all restaurants are named for their cuisine so a website lets your customers know the type of food you sell, the type of ambiance to expect and the prices they will pay.

Brand image – Your website could be the first point of contact for a new customer. That’s especially true if you don’t depend on local foot traffic. Making that first impression reflect your values will help that customer make an informed decision about whether to visit or not.

SEO – While food delivery apps and other new technologies are all very good, your restaurant needs to be found. That’s where a website comes in. You want to appear in the search engines for your cuisine and for anything else you want to be known for.

Local search – While technically part of SEO, local search is particularly important for restaurants. When someone types ‘restaurant near me’ you want to appear close to the top!

Table bookings – Including a booking widget on your website is a significant convenience for both you and your customers. It helps you plan ordering and staffing and provides a simple way to guarantee a table for the diner.

We’re sure you can think of other advantages of a restaurant website but we think those are reason enough!

What to Look for in a WordPress Restaurant Website

There are a few key requirements for WP restaurant themes. Some are obvious like great design and attractive aesthetics but some are less so.

Online booking – As mentioned above, including a table booking widget offers convenience for everyone. If a theme doesn’t directly support one, it should at least be compatible with a booking widget.

Menu section – You can build a menu section out of most content elements but a WordPress restaurant theme should ideally include one. The more attractive it is, the higher the chance of a booking.

Full responsiveness – Around half of us now use our phone so to surf the web, so all good website themes should be fully responsive. They should deliver the same high quality experience regardless of the device we use.

SEO friendly – We also mentioned SEO before. Most good quality WordPress themes are SEO friendly but if the theme you use is fast, well-coded and loads quickly, it could contribute to your SEO as much as your page content.

Page builder compatibility – While you should only need to build your restaurant website once, you will likely add pages often for seasons, holidays, special events and other occasions. Being compatible with a page builder means those pages should be simple to build and fast to deploy.

Recommended Plugins for Restaurant Websites

Once you have the perfect WP restaurant theme, how about adding a plugin or two to help you market and promote it?

All three of these plugins are designed by our team here at Astra. We think they could be the perfect accompaniment to your new theme!

WP Portfolio

WP Portfolio homepage

As images can play a pivotal role in your restaurant website, it makes sense to showcase them at their best. WP Portfolio can help you do that.

It supports images and video and includes some attractive portfolio designs you can use to supplement your theme. The plugin is fast, very easy to use and works with most WordPress plugins and themes.

Convert Pro

Convert Pro homepage

Marketing is incredibly important for restaurants and Convert Pro makes it easy. This is a lead generation plugin that provides the tools you need to create attractive opt-in forms and popups for your website.

Convert Pro delivers intelligence to apps by allowing you to select when a popup appears, how often and whether to hide them from returning visitors. You can even set popups to appear as someone leaves rather than arrives.

It’s a very powerful plugin that makes it so very simple to begin collecting leads from your visitors.

Schema Pro

Schema Pro homepage

Websites that feature schema markup stand a much higher chance of featuring in those extra areas of the search engine results page. You know those extra sections that appear beside the search results? The ones with recipes, news, or FAQs? That’s what schema can achieve.

Used alongside your SEO efforts, schema provides an extra opportunity to stand out in search results. They also provide an extra opportunity for users to engage and reach out!


So there you have it. A list of what we think are the best restaurant WordPress themes around right now. Some are free while others are premium. All are worth checking out.

They each offer high quality design, flexible layouts and lots of opportunities to customize them to suit your brand. You even have three high performance plugins to help you promote your website once it’s live!

Do you use any of these restaurant WordPress themes? Have any others to suggest? Have advice for new restaurateurs launching their first website? Tell us your thoughts below!

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  1. Judith Frazier Profile Pic
    Judith Frazier

    Can you guys suggest any restaurant theme that has Arabic language support? We have a client who wants to create a website for his restaurant situated in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Ruth Palmer Profile Pic

    Excellent collection of restaurant themes. I was searching for the best WordPress theme for our small food outlet. I have started our site’s design with Astra’s BBQ restaurant starter template. I hope everything will go fine with this setup.

  3. Orville Pope Profile Pic

    Thank you for the detailed guide on creating a restaurant website. You guys explained the Pros and Cons of each theme, but I’m still confused about which theme will suit the lunchbox services website? We want a theme that has an attractive layout which both kids and their parent will love.

  4. Earl Profile Pic

    Hi, I’m looking to create a WordPress website through which users can order food online. I just want to know if this possible with the themes listed above? And which theme is best for that?

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