1. james katt Profile Pic

    Thank you for supporting LearnDash.
    But I have a wish: Can Astra Pro add a feature to allow any PageBuilder to style LearnDash lesson pages?
    Currently, Divibooster.com makes the Divi LearnDash Kit which allows Divi to style LearnDash lesson pages on any theme.
    It would be nice to have the same feature for Elementor Pro and others.

  2. Sergeo Profile Pic

    I have been using Page Builder from SiteOrigin for several years now. Clients like it because they can easily change or create new pages, making them look as if a professional developer did the work.

    It’s amazing how quickly they pick up on it. Set-up the grid to give the page the structure they want, add the necessary widgets to display the content and publish. More or less, that’s about it.

  3. Marina Profile Pic

    I have been working with Siteorigin for a while and found out that there is a problem with the shortcodes. I tried to find a solution, but couldn’t.
    I have to think about Elementor…

  4. Erik Profile Pic

    Great comparison. In my practice, webpages built with site origins is faster loading time than built with elementor. So I still use siteorigin for website that short loading time. If siteorigin have inline editing like elementor, I definitely choose it.

  5. JP Profile Pic

    Great piece and helped me choose Elementor for my new blog…

    I like Elementor so much I want to use it on my other Website that is built using Site Origin Page Builder….

    The question is…..
    Can I use Elementor on a site that SO Page Builder exists on?

  6. Kathir Profile Pic

    Great comparison, i have used both plugins. I must say elementor is top page builder currently..
    Can create/edit to great greater extent, Plus 3rd plugins makes its more awesome.
    I suggest to get elementor pro & astra agency plan for awesome page building.

  7. Erica Dyson Profile Pic

    Yes I use both. I was skeptical about moving to Elementor but I have to say that although I found it a bit tricky, there are more features. SiteOrigin produces a solid stable responsive site but it just has less bells and whistles. The CSS editor is better and their support is superior. They really help with giving you code to do what you want. BUT, I have to say that I think Elementor leads in features and design possibilities and more people are creating great plugins for Elementor than for SiteOrigin currently.

  8. Denis Profile Pic

    Great article. I have been looking for a professional comparison for a long time. SiteOrigin – faster running.

  9. Jerry Bustamente Profile Pic
    Jerry Bustamente

    I use both but have found Elementor more flexible for my needs. Elementor also seems to have more development going on which of course only means more functionality. I am thinking about converting my SiteOrigin sites to Elementor.

    Greate, fair review.

    1. Miguel Profile Pic

      Hi, I want to give you my honest recommendation.

      The pages created with SiteOrigin are more lightweight, make less HTTP requests, make less database queries and have a much faster page loading speed. This means that SiteOrigin source code is a lot more optimized for page loading speed and efficiency. Elementor has a better interface and more options for designers but sadly the pages created with Elementor are slow if you compare them with the pages created with SiteOrigin.

      So if you care about Page Loading Speed then SiteOrigin is much much better. But if you don’t care too much about page loading speed and the most important thing for you is to have more design options and have a better interface then Elementor is for you. I prefer performance so for me the winner is SiteOrigin. If you want to compare the performance and efficiency of this to page builders I recommend you the following 4 tools: Query Monitor plugin, Google Lighthouse, webpagetest.org and key CDN speed test. Best.

  10. Di Profile Pic

    Thanks for the article. I have been using SiteOrigin for quite a long time, over many sites, but it’s always fun to try something new. I am starting a blog for my daughter, so will play around with Elementor to see how it feels.
    Not sure about block editing, tried wp bakery, and hated it – but will give Elementor a go.
    Stay tuned!

  11. Shaun Bowen Profile Pic

    Personally I see Elementor as a page builder for people who don’t have as much HTML and CSS knowledge. I use SiteOrigin for all my sites because, as Miguel says above, it creates MUCH cleaner, faster code.

    Elementor has a really janky way of creating code that makes it really awkward to work with – there are extra CSS files saved to confusing places for each page and it’s way to easy for inexperienced users to add a ton of inline styles.

    Any time I take on an Elementor site I will recreate it in SiteOrigin and discard the original, which takes a little time, but the speed increases are phenomenal! I’m talking a mobile score of 0-15 on Elementor and 80-95 on SiteOrigin.

  12. Tanzim Profile Pic

    Our company is using SiteOrigin for years. I was thinking for the first few months that Elementor is way better than SiteOrigin as I used Elementor earlier. But after discovering various techniques of SiteOrigin, I can say that it’s a very powerful tool, if you know to use it properly.

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