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28 Best Law Firm WordPress Themes – Free and Premium Options Reviewed

Best WordPress Themes for Lawyers

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Astra law Firm demo site

Looking to upgrade your website to keep up with the latest trends? Think your current lawyer WordPress theme is looking a little dated? Concerned your current website isn’t conveying the message you want to communicate with your audience?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this page is for you. We are going to list 29 of the best WordPress law themes available right now. By the end of this page, you will hopefully have found the perfect theme to represent your firm.

A WordPress law theme has to do many things. It has to convey trust, gravitas and authority while also being approachable. It has to communicate that you’re expert lawyers and fearless in service of your clients but be accessible enough to not scare people off.

We think all of the following lawyer WordPress themes can easily achieve that.

What Should I Look for in a Lawyer WordPress Theme?

You can find hundreds of lawyer WordPress themes, but they won’t all have been created equally. 

Here we’ve listed the elements to look out for when choosing a lawyer WordPress theme for your website. 


Having a place to show off your previous clients is essential. The best way to showcase this is by using testimonials or a brief review. 

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to build social proof and assure your clients that you are flexible and reliable to deal with. 

Many business websites have a testimonial section to present reviews attractively. You should do the same.

Things You Need to Build a Website for Lawyers

If you’re building your first website, you’re going to need more than a legal WordPress theme. Here’s a quick overview of what you will require to get your site up and running.


A domain is the URL, or website name, the www. address you type into a browser. This should reflect your company name or brand. Ideally it would be the same as your company name, or as close as possible. Domain names can be bought at the same time as your web hosting.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is what makes the website accessible to your audience. You’re essentially renting space on a server with direct access to the internet. You install WordPress and your legal WordPress theme onto the host, set up the website and people should be able to visit it in the same way they do any other website.


Themes are a graphical layer you add to WordPress to make it attractive. They install alongside WordPress to give a website a completely new look.

WordPress is a functional system with some basic themes. Professional developers create and sell third party themes that offer a wide array of features and looks. It is these we will look at in this piece.


Plugins are optional apps you install into WordPress to add extra features. If the core system doesn’t include a particular feature, you can add it with a plugin. Many plugins are free while others cost money. They can add huge scope to the capability of any website.

WordPress plugins can include web forms, video or audio players, security apps, firewalls, user features and a whole lot more.

Since there’s no downside to adding testimonials, we recommend using a theme that offers an easy-to-use and customizable testimonial block. 

Practice Areas

One of the ways to help your future clients be more amenable to hiring you is by showcasing your practice areas, i.e., the service you offer. 

A practice area showcases all the law and court-related services that your firm or you as a lawyer deal with. 

Practice Areas in law website

It can be an informative section for your visitors to learn further. You can present your practice area on the homepage, on a separate detail page, or both. 

Contact Details

While displaying testimonials and practice areas can help you attract your next potential customer, a contact form is also essential for them to be able to do it

Contact page example

A site with prominent contact information makes it easier for your visitors to contact you. The easier you make it, the more likely someone is to reach out.

Most themes offer a standard contact form and contact page but it’s worth checking it includes everything you need or can be easily customize to feature everything you need.

Work Showcase

Whether you’re a lawyer yourself or a developer developing a law website for your client, be sure to present work experience, expertise, and work areas.

The work showcase section acts as your portfolio, letting your visitors know who will be looking after their cases and what are your educational background, your qualification, and any specializations. 

Best WordPress Theme for Lawyers

Our articles consist of the 29 best WordPress themes for lawyers worth. If you don’t have time to check them all, here are five of the best lawyer theme.

Theme NameActive Installs?PricingOur Rating
Astra1,653,898+Free / Starting from $49 €45 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Zakra60,000+Free / Starting from $69⭐⭐⭐⭐
Divi2,288,697$89 per year⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sydney Pro100,000+Free / Starting from $69⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ultra7,000+$59 per year⭐⭐⭐⭐

So now you have an idea of how everything is put together, let’s look at those WordPress law themes.

1. Astra

Astra Prime Lawyers WordPress theme

Astra is a WordPress theme with a couple of hundred different website templates covering most industries. That includes a couple of excellent lawyer website templates. We created the designs to suit the subject, so they are clear, concise, use sober colours and provide the features a potential client would expect.

Our Prime Lawyers and Law Firm demo websites deliver everything your lawyer WordPress theme needs. Sober design, authoritative imagery, easy to follow page layouts and confidence inspiring elements. You can use it as is or customize to suit your own needs.

Astra is an exceptional WordPress theme that makes building a website easy. Not only does it provide demo templates for you to use as you see fit, we include drag and drop page builders to help you build a unique website using simple tools.

You could easily install Astra, load a demo website and build your own site with your own branding in an afternoon. Because we include page builders, you can do everything without having to know any code or even knowing how WordPress works.

Astra includes a range of templates, works with Elementor, Beaver Builder and Brizy page builders and is compatible with most WordPress plugins. It’s the easiest way to build a professional website!

Astra Lawyer templates

Criminal Lawyer

Astra Criminal Lawyer template

The Criminal Lawyer template offers a beautiful interface to present your law firm or lawyer website. 

The template displays a high-quality image with all the pre-built pages such as Our Lawyers, Practice Areas, Reviews, FAQ, Contact Form, and Free Consultation service.  

The authentic representation of your law website is possible through the Criminal lawyer template. Further, it offers various sections to display testimonials, practice areas, attorneys, or all the necessary information on the homepage itself.

Law Firm

Astra Law Firm template

If you’re an established law firm, the Law Firm is a suitable template for your website. The dark-themed template elegantly presents your services. 

The combination of bold white fonts and yellow buttons around the pages makes your site appealing. It offers a highly responsive design and easy customization to get you started with your website instantly.

Family Lawyer

Astra Family Lawyer template

The Family Lawyer template is an aesthetically pleasing template offering a great combination of colors, fonts, and textures to present your website. It provides a transparent menu and a quick contact number on the site’s homepage. 

The template is integrated with booking appointment features. It offers pre-built about us, practice areas, and contact form pages. The whole design of the template is minimal, focusing only on the necessary elements. 

Astra Pricing

Astra has a free and a premium version starting from $49 €45 per year. 

2. Mai Law Pro

StudioPress Mai Law Pro Theme Demo

Mai Law Pro is another great legal WordPress theme. This theme uses stark dark and light colours with high contrast fonts to make an impact. Then the imagery and copy conveys the message. It’s a great combination.

Mai Law Pro is a third party theme that uses the Genesis Framework. This is a plugin for WordPress that adds extra features and enables themes like this to work. Pages load quickly, most WordPress plugins are supported and it is relatively straightforward to build the website.

There is a slight learning curve to the Genesis Framework though.

Mai Law Pro

Mai Law Pro costs $99 per year. 

3. Factum

Factum Law Theme

Factum is a WordPress landing page for lawyers. It’s a different take on the legal website where everything is contained on a single scrolling page. The design is modest, with monochrome images, a grey background and a mixture of serif and sans serif fonts.

If you’re setting up a small law firm or are going it alone, you may not need an entire website. If that’s the case, a single landing page could be enough. That’s the gap Factum seeks to fill. It’s a simple, no-nonsense legal theme with enough space for you to say what you need to say.

Factum Pricing

Factum is a premium theme available for $34 per year.

4. Roxima

Roxima Theme Demo

The demo website for Roxima is not set up for a lawyer but you can easily see how it could work. It’s a corporate design with strong header image and stark white font with alternating white and grey backgrounds. There are lots of content blocks to add services and all the information you need to convey.

Roxima also has other elements such as pricing tables, biography sections, a form, map, a services section and even a store. You may not need all of the features here but they are always there if you do.

Roxima Pricing

Roxima has no free version. You can get the premium version from $34 per year. 

5. Zakra

Zakra Law Firm WordPress website

Zakra is a WordPress theme with many demo websites covering different niches. The Law Firm demo is the one we are interested in here. It uses sober colours with contrasting dark background and white font to convey the message. A complementing gold coloured font draws attention in a positive way.

This lawyer WordPress theme is ready to use. It includes a service section, enquiry form, lawyer biography, testimonials, forms, pricing tables and even a case study section. All the elements you could need with the option of adding more.

Zakra Pricing

Zakra has a free version. The premium version is available for $69 per year. 

6. Divi

Divi Law Firm Home Demo

Divi has a range of WordPress themes covering many niches, one of which is law. Their Law Firm demo template is a simple design that could be ideal for those who don’t want to make an impact but would rather let actions speak louder than words.

The design still uses the same sober design as these others, but fewer images or embellishments. Pages include the elements you’re looking for and make the content stand out with dark and light backgrounds and blocks. The orange contrast colour for buttons works well too.

Divi Pricing

Divi is a premium theme available for $89 per year. 

7. Angle

Angle Portfolio WordPress Theme

Angle is another WordPress theme that isn’t set up for law but could easily be customized to suit. It’s a modern monochrome look with lots of white space, an attention-grabbing image in the center with header. Simple logo and navigation elements keep things tight while conveying a professional image.

The page expands to cover services, extra content areas, service pages, a blog, contact form and even a store. You may not want to use all pages and may want to add more but it wouldn’t take long to do.

Angle Pricing

Angle theme costs $69 per year. 

8. Business3ree

BUSINESS3REE wordpress theme

Business3ree is similar to Angle in that the demo isn’t set up for law but could easily be used as a lawyer website. It’s another corporate theme with sensible design that conveys professionalism and authority.

The design uses a header slider to showcase different elements with a service section underneath. Simple navigation up top keeps you oriented while a selection of content blocks as you go could cover most elements you would want to include.

Business3ree Pricing

Business3ree is available from $34 per year. 

9. Mai Success

Mai Success Business wordpress theme

We think Mai Success is a very strong theme. It’s an agency design that could be tweaked to suit the law very easily. This is a modern theme with a mixture of white and grey backgrounds, stark white content blocks, strong contrasting sans serif fonts and pops of colour throughout.

This could be an effective lawyer WordPress theme with minimal effort. All the ingredients are there to configure the site and the Genesis Framework is relatively simple to use once you are used to it. We rate this theme very highly indeed.

Mai Success Pricing

Mai Success costs $99

10. Sharp

SHARP demo site

Sharp is a flexible WordPress theme that could easily be tweaked to suit the law. We particularly like the corporate demo as it conveys authority and reliability well. It could be customized to suit the law with minimal effort.

All pages load quickly and contain a selection of content blocks covering most needs including services, biographies, reviews, a blog and contact forms. The theme integrates into WordPress and you can use the live customizer feature to make your changes and see the results in real time. It’s a great theme to try.

Sharp Pricing

Sharp is available starting from $129 per year. 

11. Neve Lawyers

Lawyers Template Demo Neve theme

Neve is another WordPress law theme with a number of demo websites. We rate Neve Lawyers for this purpose because it manages to appear thoroughly a modern lawyer WordPress theme while conveying authority and confidence.

Some of that comes from the header image but there are also other elements. Elements such as the serif font and use of colour. The page flows nicely, gradually unfolding to show the services, the firm and the contact form. You can add extra elements if you wish but the demo covers most needs nicely.

Neve Lawyers Pricing

Neve Lawyers has a free and premium version starting from $69 per year. 

12. Sydney Pro

Sydney Gutenberg theme

Sydney Pro could actually be a WordPress law theme but it’s actually a business theme. We consider this an excellent option for some firms as it uses a lot of modern design cues that resonate well with younger audiences while still working for more mature ones.

The header image is flexible and adds weight to the page without dominating it. The white and blue colour scheme adds gravitas while the strong font builds authority. Additional graphics down the page could add value while the service and content sections cover most of the other elements a typical law firm might need.

Sydney Pro Pricing

Sydney Pro has a free and premium version for $69 per year.

13. Ultra

Ultra Lawyer demo site

Ultra isn’t a custom-made WordPress theme for lawyers. It is a multipurpose theme that comes with numerous pre-made templates, which include one for lawyers. This pre-built lawyer website template comes with five default pages which are Home, About, Services, News, and Contact.

The great thing about Ultra is the abundance of options that it provides. Even though the lawyer template is attractive and professional, you may also decide that you like the Accountant template and use that instead.

Whatever your preferences in style, there are numerous professional looking options that will be suitable for a law firm or solo lawyer.

Ultra Pricing

Ultra is a premium theme available for $59 per year. 

14. Monochrome

Monochrome Minimalist Theme demo

Monochrome is a minimalist theme that comes bundled for free with the Genesis Framework. It can be used by lawyers (and anyone else), attorneys, and legal firm websites, to create sleek, professional websites that will have your clients wowed as soon as they see it.

It is not a purpose-built theme for lawyers though. So if you opt to use it, you can expect to spend some time putting your own stamp on the theme to make it your own. Fortunately, the Genesis Framework makes it easy for anyone, at any skill level.

Monochrome Pricing

Monochrome has a free and premium version with Genesis Pro, costing you $360 per year.

15. Indigo

indigo WordPress demo site

Indigo is a nice minimalist theme that allows you to build any website the modular way. The theme comes with 30 modules of its own and is fully Gutenberg-ready so you will have access to a nice collection of elements, modules, and blocks.

Indigo provides a collection of what it calls Artisan sites, but really these are just pre-built templates. There isn’t any that caters to lawyers or law firms specifically, but you might find the Corporate template suitable for professional services.

There are also Consultant and Agency templates which may be suitable for law firms or lawyers.

Indigo Pricing

Indigo is available for $129 per year.

16. Elite

Elite demo site

Elite is a dedicated WordPress theme for businesses. It’s not specifically designed for use by lawyers or law firms but has enough features to make a decent website for any law firm or lawyer.

The homepage is entirely widget based which makes it easy to add or remove elements as necessary to create the perfect website for your legal practice. There is also a Staff section that allows you to introduce any key members of staff, which is a nice touch for a law firm with several partners or leading associates.

Elite Pricing

Elite is a premium theme costing $55 per year.

17. Spencer

Spencer demo site

Spencer is a multipurpose WordPress theme with lots of bells and whistles. It doesn’t come with any predesigned templates, so you will need to be willing to get stuck in yourself, or have someone to do it for you.

One standout feature of this theme is its multilingual capability, which is great if your practice serves diverse communities. It also provides a nice range of customization options, particularly when it comes to typography and colours, and integrates nicely with major page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi.

Spencer Pricing

Spencer is a premium theme available from $49 per year. 

18. Decree

Decree Pro WordPress Theme for Lawyers

While mulit-purpose themes can be a good option for building a website for lawyers and law firms, a purpose-built theme like Decree will get the job done faster.

Decree isn’t quite the theme you want if you’re looking for a shiny new website brimming with modern features, but being custom-made for a legal practice, it’s a suitable solution right out of the box. It will require some work to make it represent you well, but the overall design would make that effort worth it.

Decree Pricing

Decree is a free WordPress law theme. It also offers the premium version for $59.99 per year. 

19. Agency

themify Agency Demo site

The Agency theme is very different. It’s more of a low key design with modest aspirations that could be ideal for smaller or rural law firms. It uses a simple header image, relaxed colours and a mixture of modern and older fonts.

This creates a feeling of reassurance as the template portrays calm competence while still delivering the information clients need. It has service blocks, a blog, contact form and a testimonial section. It also has areas where you can add supplementary elements if you wish. We think it’s a refreshing change of pace for a law firm website.

Agency Pricing

Agency is available for $59 per year. 

20. Corporate Plus

Corporate Plus WordPress business theme

Corporate Plus is another great design that would make a superb WordPress theme for lawyers. It’s a corporate theme with strong colours, bold fonts and an effective header image that could make a superb first impression.

The page unfolds more traditionally with a service area, content blocks for features, a portfolio, team biography, testimonials and other essential page elements. Animations add interest but could be disabled if it didn’t fit the brand voice. Finally, the orange contrast colour makes a nice impact throughout the page.

Corporate Plus Pricing

Corporate Plus has a free and premium version starting from $69 per year. 

21. Lawyer Zone

Lawyer Zone Lawyer Theme demo

Lawyer Zone is from the same developer as Corporate Plus but has a completely different feel. This is a dedicated lawyer WordPress theme with a much more sober appeal. The blue hue in the header image reflects the blue in the design while the white background makes everything stand out from the page.

This demo includes everything most law firms would want on a site. It includes services, areas of expertise, a team section, gallery for testimonials and a contact form. Each has been well designed and includes nice graphics as well as images and could be customized to suit any brand.

Lawyer Zone Pricing

Lawyer Zone offers the premium version starting from $69 per year. 

22. Capital

WPZOOM Capital WordPress Demos

Capital is an educational theme but as you can see, it could easily make an excellent legal WordPress theme. The same authority and gravitas a law firm requires is the same a university or college needs. Both are portrayed very clearly in this design.

An informative header slider showcases whatever you need while a corresponding content block allows you to advertise your services in a very simple way. The rest of the page tells your story by adding services, events, blog posts and media, ending in a contact form. We think this is a strong theme that could make a great website for a law firm.

Capital Pricing

Capital costs $99 per year. 

23. Potenza

Potenza demo site

Potenza is an impactful WordPress law theme that has a foot in corporate and a foot in the law. It’s another single page theme that could work for smaller firms, individual lawyers or partnerships. It works well with a strong header slider and bold font, modest navigation menu and contrasting dark and light page elements as you go down the page.

There are service elements, calls to action, pricing boxes, a testimonial section, blog, map and contact form. The overall design is light but serious and could be tweaked to be more light hearted or something else entirely with the minimum of effort.

Potenza Pricing

Potenza is a premium theme available from $49 per year. 

24. Presence

Presence law theme

Presence is a slightly different theme with a boxed layout. There are a range of demo sites available to view and we rate the Education page for lawyers. It’s a light theme with darker blue colour and orange contrast. It’s a popular colour combination for this kind of niche as it works so well.

The pages are very straightforward and waste no time in telling the story with a nice flow and alternating content blocks with images and buttons. It’s a simple but very effective layout that could work exceptionally well for the right firm.

Presence Pricing

Presence costs $69 per year.

25. Krystal Lawyer

Krystal Lawyer wordpress theme

Krystal Lawyer is a free lawyer WordPress theme although you wouldn’t have guessed. The design and functionality is on par with the others in this list and the look and feel works very well.

The colours are more traditional, with white, grey, gold and brown to help build authority without being overbearing. Contrasting backgrounds down the page keep your interest while the different content sections help outline the services and tell the brand story. It’s a very competent design and may take a little more work to build to your liking but is completely free.

Krystal Lawyer Pricing

Krystal Lawyers has a free and premium version for $69 per year.

26. Technico

Technico theme demo

Technico is a colourful theme that could be easily customized to be an effective law theme. It’s another design that uses a header slider to make its first impression before flowing into a more traditional business layout. It’s a light, airy design that works well to set you at ease.

We like the graphics above the services and the strong yellow contrast colour. They attract attention in all the right ways. We also like the fonts, use of white space and range of content blocks used throughout the page. It could provide all the opportunities you need to tell your story.

Technico Pricing

Technico is available for $49 per year. 

27. Agency

Agency law theme

This Agency theme is designed for startups or creatives but would make a fresh, vibrant WordPress law theme too with a little work. The demo website uses a video header which could be changed easily and the rest of the theme would need minimal customization in order to work for a lawyer.

The stark white content blocks and darker elements work well. As do the coloured content areas lower down the page. Along with strong imagery and fonts, we consider this to be a superb WordPress theme for many types of enterprise, including lawyers.

Agency Pricing

Agency only offers a premium version starting from $59 per year. 

28. OnePress

OnePress theme demo

OnePress is a very crisp, clean web design that could be turned into a legal WordPress theme in no time. This is another modern template with calm colours, nice images and a serene, reassuring feel throughout the page.

The combination of stark contrasting colours and fonts, the nice blue colour and borderless content elements creates the authority we need while appealing to the widest possible audience. Add a range of layout options, page elements, forms and more and you have all the ingredients you need to deliver a superior lawyers WordPress theme with minimal effort.

OnePress Pricing

OnePress has a free and premium version for $99 per year. 

Summary of WordPress Law Themes

You have more choice than ever before if you’re shopping for a lawyer WordPress theme. You can choose one with a dedicated demo site to import and customize, or use a more corporate theme and adapt it to your brand.

Either way, if you select one of these lawyer WordPress themes, you’re not going to go far wrong!

Which Legal WordPress Theme Should You Choose?

All of the lawyer WordPress themes in this list are worthy of your money. However, there are a couple that really stand out.

We rate Astra for the range of top class templates that are ready to go, including five law firm website templates. We also think the inclusion of drag and drop page builders opens up the potential to build a professional looking website to everyone, regardless of skill level.

Other WordPress themes for lawyers worth mentioning are Zakra for its impactful first impression, Business Pro for its clean design, OnePress for its elegant simplicity.

As we said earlier, we have selected all these legal WordPress themes on merit so all of them are worth checking out!

Consulting WordPress themes are also suitable to create lawyer websites; check them out.

Do you use one of these lawyer WordPress themes? Have any others to suggest? Tell us below if you do!

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  1. Chet Mitchell Profile Pic

    I’m not a web developer or have much experience to develop a website. With the Astra theme and Astra starter template, I have easily created a good looking website for my law business.
    The process was easy and the end results were great!

  2. Mitchell Profile Pic

    The article was very informative. We always have to show some good looking websites to our customers, and I always end up finding good demo websites on WPAstra.
    Thanks for the hard work, We appreciate it a lot.

  3. Nestor Fuentes Profile Pic

    I like to know which will be better, Genesis theme or Astra + Elementor? I want a simple WordPress Law website, which is fast.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Nestor,

      Our personal recommendation will be to go with Astra + Elementor. We even have a free Starter Templates which you can import easily. [ Link here ] Also, refer this article on steps on how to import.

  4. Randy Preston Profile Pic

    Astra has fantastic law themes, the color, simplicity that’s what I was looking for. It fit perfectly for my profession. Great Share…. Thanks.

  5. Derek Deangelo Profile Pic

    Astra is a WordPress theme that any creator needs.
    It’s now just for lawyers. They offer a hundred different templates for any job.
    Definitely, a must have.

  6. Donovan Clark Profile Pic

    Running a law firm and being a creator of your website is not easy.

    Thanks to Astra and everything they offer, I didn’t have to start from scratch. With just a drag and drop, my website is ready to go!

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