42 Best Responsive WordPress Themes You Can Use in 2024

Responsive WordPress Themes

Looking for a new WordPress theme? Want to upgrade your theme with a responsive WordPress theme but don’t know which to choose? We can help!

We have tried, tested and evaluated hundreds of themes over the years to find the very best you can get. This list of the best responsive WordPress themes is the result.

This is a curated list of top performers in terms of design, functionality and features. The only list you need to decide which theme is for you!

We include both free and premium themes in this list to cover as many needs as possible.

What Is a Responsive Theme?

If you’re looking for a new WordPress theme, you will see the term ‘responsive’ used a lot. But what does it mean and what can a responsive theme do for you?

Responsive WordPress themes are designed to automatically adjust to the screen size it is being viewed on. So if you land on a website using a desktop monitor it will look and feel just as good on a mobile or tablet screen.

It’s a clever piece of design that is now regarded as essential for any website.

Best Responsive WordPress Themes

If you need to pick the best responsive theme, here are the top 5 responsive WordPress themes that we think are the top options currently available on the market.

Theme NameActive InstallsPricingOur Rating
Astra1,653,898+Free / Starting from $49 €45 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hestia100,000+Free/Starting from $69⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hello Elementor1,000,000+Free⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cookely75,000+Starting from $69⭐⭐⭐⭐
Foodica6,000+Free/Starting from $69⭐⭐⭐⭐
Gema500+Free/Starting from $75⭐⭐⭐

Best free responsive WordPress themes:

  1. Astra – Most popular WordPress theme with over 1.5 million active installs
  2. Neve – Simple WordPress theme
  3. Hestia – Responsive business theme
  4. Hello – Minimal responsive theme for Elementor
  5. Guten
  6. Mesmerize

Best premium responsive WordPress themes:

  1. Astra Pro – Premium version of most popular theme
  2. Divi
  3. Authority Pro
  4. Convert
  5. Mai Success
  6. Projektor

1. Astra

Astra School & Kindergarten

Astra features dozens of high quality premium and free responsive WordPress themes. All our themes have been designed from the ground up to deliver an exceptional visitor experience regardless of the device they use.

Astra has the widest range of website templates around. They cover most uses including business, hobbies, learning, food and more. Each works with Brizy Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor or Gutenberg and is compatible with most WordPress plugins including WooCommerce.

If you’re looking for top performing responsive WordPress themes, you can’t go wrong with Astra!

Recommended website templates:

Key features:

  • Built from the ground up to be responsive
  • Uses Brizy Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor or Gutenberg page builders
  • Optimized code designed to load fast
  • Hundreds of page and layout options
  • Fastest loading WordPress theme
  • WooCommerce ready

2. Divi

Divi hosting responsive wordpress theme

Divi also has a selection of responsive WordPress themes ready to go. The quality of design isn’t quite up to Astra’s standards but they are very good nonetheless. Each uses colour, font and page elements well to create a professional looking website for a range of uses.

Designs are colourful, work quickly, load fast and provide the platform from which you can customize to suit your own tastes. Divi is a very viable option if you’re in the market for a new website!

Key features:

  • Selection of attractive responsive web designs
  • Designed to load quickly
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Wide range of customization options

3. Authority Pro

Authority theme demo

Authority Pro is another compelling responsive WordPress theme. This is a single template with a simple, clean appeal. It works well and makes a great first impression with strong fonts and the header image. The shadows are a small but vital part of that design.

Authority Pro uses the Genesis Framework which is a powerful way to build pages. It is compatible with WordPress Gutenberg blocks and offers different options for page creation. This demo website is simple but engaging and could work very well in the right circumstances.

Key features:

  • Uses the powerful Genesis Framework
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins
  • Includes a visual theme customizer

4. Neve

Copywriter Template Demo neve

Neve produces some very good responsive WordPress themes. The designs aren’t quite as varied as some but they are all attractive, load quickly and work well. There are also enough of them to suit almost every taste!

Neve uses Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin and Divi Builder, is compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins and offers a straightforward way to customize a demo or build your own pages. Designs are clean and crisp and include all the elements you could need for any type of website.

Key features:

  • Compatible with most drag and drop page builders
  • Compatible with most plugins
  • Pages load quickly

5. Convert

Convert theme demo

Convert from CSSIgniter is a corporate template that could easily be customized for any use. It’s a flexible theme designed to be fully responsive and deliver a similar user experience regardless of device or screen size.

This website has a nice red, white and blue theme with a large image slider, simple navigation and alternating white and grey content blocks down the page. Modern fonts and some well-chosen images create a professional look with minimal effort. Something you should be able to do too.

Key features:

  • Clean design with some great colours
  • Modern fonts and good page balance
  • Lots of opportunity to make it yours

6. Cookely

Cookely Food Blog Theme for WordPress

Cookely is one of our favourite food blog WordPress themes that also happens to be a top performing responsive WordPress theme. It uses a relaxed colour scheme to create the feeling of effortless elegance. Combined with some very attractive images, you are immediately drawn into the page.

Cookely includes recipe cards, a recipe index, store and all those elements you would expect from a professionally-developed theme. It could be customized to suit a different niche with a little work but really delivers for food blogs.

Key features:

  • Calming colour scheme
  • Good page flow and use of white space
  • Includes all the ingredients a food blog needs

7. Essence Pro

Essence Pro wordpress theme

Essence Pro is another of StudioPress responsive WordPress themes. Unlike Authority Pro, this is a much more colourful design. The demo is built as a blog and includes a very strong header image and headline and flows down into a traditional blog layout with 3D effects on the content blocks.

It’s a great design with that grey background making the white content blocks stand out. Good font choices, calm colours and the selection of content blocks deliver the experience your users want within a very modern design.

Key features:

  • Clean, contemporary design
  • Uses the Genesis Framework
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins

8. Hestia

Hestia PRO WordPress Theme Demo

Hestia is from the same developer that gave us Neve. This is another responsive WordPress theme that uses modern design, lots of white space and clever colour blocks well.

Hestia offers both a free responsive WordPress theme and a premium version. Both deliver great performance by lading quickly and offer a range of demo templates you can use to build from. The premium version has many more options but both offer a great opportunity to build your website your own way.

Key features:

  • Uses material design well
  • Lots of demo templates to customize and make your own
  • Compatible with page builders and WooCommerce

9. Hello

Hello wordpress responsive theme

Hello is a theme created specifically for the Elementor page builder. It competes well with the other free responsive WordPress themes in this list in terms of design and features and could easily be customized to suit your needs.

Hello is a very straightforward design with minimal page elements but with the opportunity to add as many as you like. Elementor is easy to use and loads quickly. It also builds responsive pages, hence its place in this list. While not as fully featured as some, it’s ease of use secures its place here.

Key features:

  • Designed specifically for Elementor
  • Clean design with lots of white space
  • Great use of fonts and images
  • Fully compatible with WordPress plugins

10. Coursemaker Pro

Demo Course Maker Pro

Coursemaker Pro is a subtle yet surprisingly compelling WordPress theme. While it doesn’t immediately strike you as a template for eLearning, that’s what this design is for. Yet we think it would make a much better corporate or WooCommerce theme with minimal customization.

It’s a largely greyscale design with subtle colours and alternative grey and white backgrounds. It’s a full width design that exhibits great balance and an ease of use that adds to the experience. Modern typography, flat page elements and simple navigation completes the look.

Key features:

  • Subtle design with wide appeal
  • Nice balance and use of white space
  • Could be customized to suit any niche

11. Grido

Grido responsive Tumblr-like theme

Grido is an interesting responsive WordPress theme from Themify. At first glance it looks a little old fashioned but then you get that this is a heritage design with thoroughly modern features and a sort of timeless appeal that really works.

The layout is a grid, hence the name. The grid can be made up of blog posts, audio, video or whatever you like. You can add animations, effects, different colours and a range of customizations to make this your own. All without spoiling the overall effect. It’s a subtle theme that delivers a unique experience.

Key features:

  • Tumblr-like theme that is quite unique
  • Nice colours and typography
  • Works fluidly even with effects enabled

12. Decorist

Decorist Demo site

Decorist is a smart modern eCommerce theme. It uses white space, imagery and colour well and combined with modern typography, delivers a confident web design that could work for any kind of store.

It’s a fully responsive theme with crisp fonts, clear navigation and all the page elements you would expect. Search and navigation works smoothly and the page unfolds gradually to show a professional store and instantly inspires confidence enough to buy. Those features alone make it worth its place in our list of responsive WordPress themes.

Key features:

  • Modern flat design
  • Great use of imagery and colour
  • Includes most page elements you’re likely to need

13. Suco

Suco Demo

Suco is another nostalgia-inspired design from Themify. This is a responsive WordPress theme with a mixture of serif and sans serif fonts, dark borders, a textured background and a mixture of old and new design cues.

The page is a flexible business page that could be turned into almost anything. The theme could suit barbers, bars or something else entirely. It includes a simple header with navigation, some colourful graphics, blog elements and calls to action. All things you could use in your next website.

Key features:

  • Builds on nostalgia while delivering modern features
  • Unique colour scheme could work for specific niches
  • Mixed typography suits the design

14. Vega

Vega Pro responsive theme

Vega is a free responsive WordPress theme with a premium version. Both offer an attractive design with full screen image header, basic navigation and parallax scrolling.

The demo is a mixture of modern and classic with clean lines and stark whites in some sections and moody imagery in others. It’s a nice combination that keeps your attention and could either be fully utilized or changed completely. The rest of the design includes the full range of page elements including maps and forms.

Key features:

  • Free responsive WordPress theme with a premium version
  • Both version exhibit great design and layout
  • Attractive color scheme and typography
  • Smooth scrolling with parallax effect

15. Mai Success

Mai Success Business studiopress theme

Mai Success from StudioPress is another very competent mobile-friendly theme. This is a thoroughly modern corporate template that uses a dark header image and starkly contrasting white font to make the impact. It also uses an effective pink colour as a pop of character.

Once past the header, Mai Success unfolds as a standard business website with product sections, blog elements, a portfolio, testimonials and social media elements. There is also an attractive blog and ancillary pages too.

Key features:

  • Uses the powerful Genesis Framework
  • Great design with lots of modern features
  • Wide appeal and could fit any niche

16. Projektor

Wordpress Projektor theme

Projektor makes a fantastic first impression. Sure you will probably have to change the header graphic to suit your brand but if you could find a similar one, you’re onto a winner.

The combination of colour, design and use of font makes this a standout theme for all the right reasons. The off-white background works well with the stark white content blocks. Images are allowed to shine and the complementing sticky header works well on any device.

Key features:

  • Memorable first impression thanks to that graphic
  • Great use of typography throughout
  • Includes every page element you could need

17. Mai Reach

Reach Agency Mai Reach Agency Demo

The Mai Reach demo is pitched as an agency website but it could easily be more. It’s another theme that uses a colourful graphic to make an impression but is less impactful than Projektor. It’s a slightly more subtle design that also works well.

The pages have great flow, with service areas with neat graphics, some illustrations that are very current and borderless content areas to keep the page flowing. The podcast version of Mai Reach is equally good and also has an audio player embedded in it for extra engagement.

Key features:

  • Modern theme with nice colours
  • Embedded audio player is a nice touch
  • Traditional layout below the fold offers options

18. Foodica

WPZOOM Foodica Demos

Foodica is a crisp modern food blog template that delivers on everything it promises. It’s a thoroughly contemporary design with lots of white space, some nice fonts, simple borderless content areas and some excellent images.

It is the imagery that gives Foodica its strength. While the design is very good, it’s those images that make it great. Those and the neat handwritten logo. This is a responsive WordPress theme that genuinely works well on smaller screens so is definitely one to try if you’re planning to launch a good blog!

Key features:

  • Attractive layout with plenty of white space
  • Classy font combination
  • Easy flow down the page thanks to the borderless layout

19. Magazine Pro

Magazine Pro Gutenberg optimized wordpress theme

Magazine Pro is a largely monochrome design with a magazine layout. It’s a responsive WordPress theme so will work anywhere. The simplicity of the design is its strength and allows the imagery and content to take centre stage. That is to its credit.

The layout is very straightforward. Simple navigation, unfussy pages, minimal structure and a genuinely useful sidebar all help to draw you in. A subtle green colour accentuates the starkness of the black and white and eases the transition between monochrome and colour images.

Key features:

  • Uses the Genesis Framework
  • Could be customized to suit any niche
  • Unfussy design that makes the appeal stronger

20. Gema

Gema theme demo

Gema is a thoroughly modern responsive WordPress theme that could be ideal as a lifestyle blog or something similar. It’s a blog template with a mosaic layout with strong typography and imagery. Even though there are animations on the images, this is a super-simple design.

It’s also another of those designs whose success hangs on its use of imagery. While all websites benefit from great images, the quality of them could literally make or break this theme. If you have a line on top quality visuals, this is a fantastic theme to experiment with.

Key features:

  • Chic design that is definitely of the now
  • Very straightforward blog layout with minimal fussiness
  • Great font choices

21. Guten

Guten WordPress theme

Guten is a minimalist and modern WordPress theme. It’s suitable for any business site, portfolio, online store, and personal blog thanks to its clean design and contemporary feel.

It is packed with features and works with page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. It features five blog layouts, ten header layouts, four footer layouts, and makes it easy to create a great-looking website with minimal effort. It is extremely easy to use, and its clean look establishes professionalism and authority with the first look.

Key features:

22. Eclipse

Eclipse Photography & Blogging WordPress Theme

Eclipse is a perfect WordPress theme for a portfolio website. It’s a very straightforward design with a borderless appearance, minimal content and a selection of image blocks designed to showcase your work. It’s a very straightforward concept that has a lot of scope for personalization.

The logo header and navigation is equally minimal. It flows instantly into a large image slider with pagination and down to image blocks. There is very little written content on the demo website and that could work well. There are content blocks should you want to add more to the page.

Key features:

  • Simple but very effective portfolio design
  • Allows images to tell the story without distraction
  • Nice colour and font choices

23. Public Opinion

Public Opinion responsive theme

Public Opinion is a magazine style WordPress theme. It uses the standard white background and image header block with featured stories and flows into category listings further down the page. It’s a modern look which could be tweaked to suit any niche with ease.

The page is well balanced, where all elements have good spacing and lots of white to rest the eye before moving on. Navigation is straightforward, the sidebar unfussy and the choice of category colours works well. These can all be changed of course but the quality of the demo means less work for you if you like what you see!

Key features:

24. Responz

Themify Responz theme demo

Responz could also be used as a news or hobbyist website or as a blog. It’s a light theme that’s easy on the eye and includes minimal design and colour in order to allow the images and the stories to take centre stage. It’s a well-conceived theme that could work well for almost any use.

The modern navigation is subtle but clear, as is the image slider. We can quickly see the main page that continues the story with a modest sidebar. The demo has a single main column but the theme is capable of different layouts depending on your needs. This is a modest but polished theme.

Key features:

  • Modest design that’s happy to let your content shine
  • Multiple layout options if the demo doesn’t suit
  • Smooth operation and fast loading pages

25. Pinshop

Pinshop Demo

Pinshop is said to be a cross between an online store and Pinterest and we can see that. We suggest scrolling past the main header to the body of the demo to see it at its best. You are then treated to a disordered store setup with lots of products and very little organization but we think this is superb!

We are all so used to carefully curated online stores that it’s nice to see a more haphazard design. That said, there is still an order to things and each product has enough space to stand on its own. It’s a very well balanced design that could be made into something truly original.

Key features:

  • Uses a Pinterest style board as an online store
  • Enough space around products to allow them to sell
  • Use of colour and font adds to the appeal

26. Bolden

responsive wordpress theme Bolden

Bolden is a smart, responsive WordPress theme built for podcasters. It could feasibly be customized for videos too but audio is where this is at. It looks a little corporate at first glance but move past the full screen image and you quickly see this is a design with a character.

Colourful graphics make an instant impact and while these would need to be changed, they provide inspiration for exactly how you could promote your own shows. Each podcast sits in a blog-like content box and once you select an option, you see an audio player that would play your podcasts.

Key features:

  • Excellent design for podcast websites
  • Includes support for video and audio players
  • Uncomplicated layout providing instant understanding

27. Winning Agent

Winning Agent Pro theme demo

Considering how much the average property website has going on, making it responsive takes a lot of work. Winning Agent manages it with ease. It’s a real estate website with search, filters and highlighted properties that all work seamlessly on smaller screen sizes.

The design may require some tweaking as we aren’t sure the shades of brown is really the way to go. Other than that, this responsive WordPress theme is excellent. It has all the right features in all the right places and could be customized to suit any type of property, anywhere in the world.

Key features:

  • All page elements work on any screen size
  • Attractive main image with search filter box
  • Clear, unambiguous design and navigation
  • Smooth flow down the page

28. Illdy

Illdy Theme Demo

Illdy is a free responsive WordPress theme that looks anything but. It’s a thoroughly modern design with bold colours, a strong header image, lots of white space and some graphics throughout that help tell your story.

This is a flexible theme that could be tuned to almost any use. It features minimal navigation, headline blocks, calls to action, testimonials, service blocks and all those features you look for along with great balance and a smooth journey down the page.

Key features:

  • Free responsive WordPress theme that feels premium
  • Fantastic use of colours
  • Easy to tell a story as the page unfolds

29. Materialis


Materialis is a free responsive WordPress theme with premium versions. The free theme looks the part with a strong header image and stark contrasting headline before unfolding into service blocks and supporting content.

The various premium demos continue the look with strong colours, great use of graphics and contrasting backgrounds, modern sans serif fonts and imagery. There are several demos available and each looks and feels very contemporary and would lend themselves well to a range of uses.

Key features:

  • Very colourful and not afraid to make an impact
  • Free version is very usable
  • Premium version adds features and demo websites

30. Mesmerize

Mesmerize theme image

Mesmerize is another free WordPress theme with premium versions. It is similar to Materialis in composition. It uses a strong header and headline to grab attention while flowing in a largely traditional manner through service blocks and supporting content.

The premium versions come with a range of demo websites that all continue that idea. Each uses colour, fonts and white space well to tell the story. Pages load quickly and each of the fully responsive theme demos has been carefully considered to deliver exactly what the target demographic would expect. That means less work for you!

Key features:

  • Well thought-out demo websites
  • Free and premium versions available
  • Fantastic use of colours and white space

31. Moliere

Wordpress theme Moliere

Moliere is an upscale responsive WordPress theme designed as a hotel website. It could be tweaked for travel or property rental too with minimal effort. It uses a full size image slider to draw you in which transitions into a standard layout with property details, images and a reservation form.

The use of colour, the mixture of font types and the overall flow of the page works well. You may want to change the order of a couple of the content blocks but otherwise, this template is just about ready to go.

Key features:

  • Elegant hotel or property rental theme
  • Includes a booking and reservation form
  • Stylish fonts used throughout

32. Noto

Noto responsive wordpress theme

Noto is a resume template that could be used to find work, promote your freelancing or highlight your many achievements in life. It’s a very flexible theme that keeps things simple and allows your words to tell the story.

It’s a modest design with an almost comic-like appearance. We think it works well to highlight the various sections while allowing the content to take centre stage. The theme comes with a range of predefined colour schemes or you can create your own. You can also add, move or change the content blocks to suit your needs.

Key features:

33. Minshop

MinShop Demo site

Minshop is exactly what the name implies, a minimalist shop design. It’s simple but effective and uses a colourful header image to grab attention before flowing instantly into the store.

The theme uses an Ajax cart so products can be added without shifting the page, meaning a more fluid experience. The page uses a frameless design with lots of white space, clear images and simple page elements. While the demo could do with a little more content, you can easily see how you could use it for your own store.

Key features:

  • Clean, simple eCommerce theme
  • Ajax cart offers a smoother experience with extra sales potential
  • Minimal design allows products to shine

34. Flash

Flash Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Flash is a free responsive WordPress theme with a premium version. The free version is a standard business site with header image and service blocks. It’s a great look which works well and uses colour, font and simple design to create a reassuring feel as the pages unfold.

The premium versions come with a selection of demo templates that are a mixture of elegant, minimalist and impactful. Each covers a different industry and includes strong imagery, a keen eye for design and a user experience we would all want to give our visitors.

Key features:

  • A cohered free responsive WordPress theme
  • Selection of predefined premium templates
  • Smooth flow down every page

35. Allegiant

Allegiant demo site

The Allegiant theme is a beautifully designed and highly customizable WordPress template. The modern and professional look makes it perfect for business websites, agencies, and freelancers.

It comes with a ton of features such as sidebar layouts, portfolio sections, home page slider, feature blocks, team member section, testimonial sections, and many more. It is fast, lightweight and also supports WooCommerce.

Key features:

  • Simple, intuitive and responsive design
  • Multiple layouts and customization
  • Translation ready
  • Lightweight and SEO optimized 
  • 100+ responsive templates
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Easy integration with email marketing tools 
  • Works seamlessly with themes

36. Wumblr

Wumblr responsive wordpress theme

Wumblr is a Tumblr-esque responsive WordPress theme that offers huge scope for experimentation and customization. It’s a viable alternative to a blog or magazine website that could work in a range of situations.

The demo site keeps things simple with a tiled arrangement within a boxed layout in the centre of the page. A mixture of serif and sans serif fonts, a patterned background and hover effects add interest while support for audio and video offers even more scope for its use. It’s a refreshingly straightforward concept done well.

Key features:

  • Unique Tumblr-like website theme
  • Colours, fonts and effects add interest
  • Could work for all manner of websites

37. ColorMag

colormag wordpress theme

ColorMag is a magazine theme that would work well for all kinds of news, current affairs and hobby websites. It comes with a variety of demo websites that showcase what the template is capable of, with each looking professional and ready to go.

Most demos include a main headline block with main story and supplementary stories. Category sections come afterwards with a variety of ad spaces, colours, backgrounds and sidebars. You could literally build any kind of magazine site with this theme which is why it’s in this list.

Key features:

  • Flexible magazine theme
  • Great design and layout
  • Range of predefine demos to suit most tastes

38. Transcend

Transcend demo site

Transcend is a free responsive WordPress theme with a premium version. Both use a modest header slider and service blocks to tell the story alongside a bold colour to keep your attention. It’s a good looking theme with a very contemporary appeal.

This is an older theme but still works incredibly well. It has a light and airy feel while delivering as much content as you require. The combination of bold colours and white space makes you feel at ease while the theme should work fine with the current version of WordPress and its plugins.

Key features:

  • Old but gold WordPress theme
  • Great design with bold elements
  • Fantastic use of colour and layout

39. Stoked

Stoked wordpress demo

Stoked is an intriguing mix of blog and magazine theme that uses elements of both to tell a story. It depends a lot on imagery so you will need to be a Photoshop whizz to get the best out of it. Other than that, this is a very potent theme with a stylish edge that we like a lot.

The page unfolds after a main image header into more image blocks. Then there’s a variety of calls to action, ad blocks, subscription elements and other page features to help you build out a page. It’s a well thought-out design that could work in many situations.

Key features:

  • Elegant theme that could be customized to suit any niche
  • Nice combination of blog and magazine layout
  • Use of colour and font is good

40. Ignis

Ignis demo site

Ignis is an image-heavy theme ideal for a portfolio or showcase. It would be perfect for websites that are all about the visuals although copy blocks are available if you want. The design is simple yet stylish and works exceptionally well.

The design begins with a striking image header with animated headline. Then scrolls down to a tiled layout with images and no copy whatsoever. It could work in this guise or be customized to suit other uses. The template also includes a store and the usual array of features you would expect.

Key features:

  • Uses the Jetpack Portfolio plugin to great effect
  • Striking header that draws you in immediately
  • Option to add supplementary page elements as required

41. Adroit

Adroit wordpress theme

Adroit is a smart urban blog theme that could be used in any number of ways. It’s flexible enough to be customized to within an inch of its life and could genuinely be unique in the right hands.

The theme unfolds with an image slider with embedded form before flowing into a blog grid layout. It uses a boxed layout with dark background that makes the white content blocks really stand out. While we don’t think the demo fonts work very well, they could be changed in seconds.

Key features:

  • Flexible theme ideal for bloggers or photographers
  • Simple but engaging concept
  • Mixture of dark and light draws attention towards the content

42. The Traveler

The Traveler responsive wordpress theme

The Traveler is our final responsive WordPress theme but certainly isn’t the least. It’s pitched as a travel blog theme, but as you can see, it could easily be tweaked to suit any niche by changing the image.

The template is simple but effective. A neat side menu works very well, as does the filtered background image and mix of white and coloured content blocks in a grid layout. While other layouts are supported, this version works well and could be tweaked to suit any use with the WordPress Customizer.

Key features:

Why Does Your Website Need a Responsive Theme?

Your website needs to be responsive because your visitors will be using all kinds of devices to visit. You need to provide an equally engaging experience regardless of whether the visitor is using a mobile or a desktop.

While there will be subtle differences in the look, the design and utility of the website should be largely the same.

Here are some facts that demonstrate just how important it is for your website to be responsive:

  • By the end of 2021, more than 90 percent of global internet users accessed websites and social media on a mobile device.
  • Traffic originating from mobile devices is now 55% of the global internet traffic, with Asia and Africa leading the trend.
  • At the end of 2021, 47% of the web traffic originating from the US came from mobile devices.
  • In the US alone, retail mobile-commerce sales in 2021 were more than $360 billion USD. This figure is expected to grow to $710 billion USD  by 2025.
  • By 2021, almost 40% of the global social media traffic originated from mobile devices.
  • (Source: Statista)In early 2020, the average CTR for social media ads was 1.3%.   (Source: SproutSocial)

Responsive design and being mobile friendly is now a ranking factor for Google. Alongside a positive user experience, a responsive WordPress theme can also impact your position on the search engine results page.

Essentially, if your website isn’t set up for both mobile and desktop users, you’re going to miss out on a significant portion of the market and SEO performance!

How to Check if the Theme Is Responsive or Not?

The easiest way to check if a WordPress theme is responsive or not is to test it. You can do this in several ways:

  • If you use Chrome, Firefox or Brave Browser, press F12. This brings up the developer console where you can select a range of simulated mobile devices to test a page.
  • Use a website designed to test for responsive web design. Example websites include MobileTest.me, Pagely and Am I Responsive.
  • Have Google check the website by entering the URL on this page.

There are WordPress plugins and other tools that can check to see if a theme is responsive or not but they aren’t very useful unless you already have the theme. If you’re still in the research phase of your search, one of the above options will work perfectly well.


As you can see, there is a huge variety of responsive WordPress themes on the market right now. Each offers something slightly different while delivering a superb user experience. All can be customized to suit your needs with very little effort while looking as though you spent a lifetime developing it.

With Google and other search engines using responsive design as a search engine signal, there is no reason to buy an unresponsive theme. More of us are using mobiles and tablets to surf the web, which is another reason why WordPress responsive themes are so important.

If you are considering designing a website from the base, then you might need to check starter WordPress themes. These themes are flexible and fast at the same time.

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At the end of the day, you build a website for your audience, not for yourself. And if your audience is increasingly using mobile to surf the net, it’s our job to deliver the experience they demand!

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  1. Lukas Profile Pic

    Definitely worth the time I spend on this post. Responsive WordPress themes are hard to find. This article will give you the key to bring that website to the next level.

  2. Austen Aldred Profile Pic

    Looking for the perfect responsive WordPress theme was a lot of work to do. I’ve searched everywhere until I found this article. Very well written. It helped me published by website on time. Definitely recommending this article!
    Must read!

  3. Ellie Profile Pic

    I really like the way Astra and GO theme look, without any customization. They are fast and serve their purpose for a Blog website.

  4. Kayley Davey Profile Pic

    I have a website which is build using Elementor Plugin, and some text is getting out of line on my mobile device.
    If I use one of above responsive theme, can it fix my problem?

  5. Teejay Profile Pic

    On my website, more than 80% of users come from a mobile device and was looking for a theme which is fast and mobile-friendly.
    With the help of these articles I was finally able to decide which theme to go for.

  6. Jae Wilkes Profile Pic

    I tried a few top listed themes and without many changes, My website finally became responsive and fast. Thanks, This was a great help.

  7. Haydn Profile Pic

    I was confused because of the huge list of themes, but then I tested a few on my blog and I really liked one of those themes.

  8. Amin Patrick Profile Pic

    Your website defiantly needs to be responsive, when more than 50% of your traffic comes from mobile devices.
    After switching to responsive theme, my adsense revenue got increased by 20% and it’s huge difference.
    Glad I decided to switch my theme.

  9. Steve Cousins Profile Pic

    Wow, Thank you so much
    After seeing this article on FaceBook feed I finally decided to drop my old non responsive theme.
    My website now feel more fluid and responsive.

  10. Andy Globe Profile Pic

    What an interesting collection of themes including many I have never heard of.

    I do not see Avada on the list which surprised me.

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