1. Robin Korovay Profile Pic
    Robin Korovay

    That’s a good list! But I think you missed Mail Engine. I am using it for a pretty long time and won’t deny the positive results it gave me. MailEngine helps me to write 100% unique & spam-free content. Also, it helps me to send 100% unique URLs every time I create a new email. I hope you will find it useful and add it to your blog.

  2. ashok vaswani Profile Pic

    I am trying to set up my mailing with Mautic which is a free open source solution

    However I cant seem to find any good pop up plugin which works well with Mautic integration
    I tried Master Popups with my site ( which has Astra ) but the form is not getting submitted due to some Ajax error .
    I tried Hustle but it is not getting integrated with Mautic
    Anyone been able to find a proper working solution?

  3. Maedusa Body Jewelry Profile Pic
    Maedusa Body Jewelry

    Hello there, it says this post was last updated on June 2022 but Jilt doesnt exist anymore since many months now. You should remove it from the list 😉

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