1. Sanjay Profile Pic

    A very useful and insightful article. Thanks, Sujay! I assume WooCommerce is not necessary if one is an affiliate seller, right?

    1. Sanjay Profile Pic

      One more question, Sujay, though slightly off topic: If I’m running several affiliate offers within each sub niche (via 3-page microsites), should I host the micro sites on the same domain domain, or on multiple domains?

      1. Sujay Pawar Profile Pic

        It’s totally up to you and your business needs. If you drive traffic to these sites through SEO, it makes more sense to put efforts on one domain. But if paid ads if the source of traffic, different domains would not make much difference.

    2. Tedi Profile Pic

      Great article, Sujay. It’s really helpfull. Thanks.

      How to create automatic follow-up email like clickfunnels platinum when customer left their cart?

  2. Jose Infante Profile Pic

    This is by far one of the best tutorial to build a funnel that I have found on internet. I was trying to make a decision about getting the “Astra Business Toolkit” for my web design agency but after reading your article my mind opened about creating a new niche for my business. I definitely going all the way.

    Thank you for this great post !

  3. Adrian Profile Pic

    Can you add functionality like multiple pcs order of the same item on the same page as a upsell? Something like clickfunnels or zippify?

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      With CartFlows the option to add multiple products is not available. But it is already there in the roadmap of CartFlows and you can expect this feature in future updates.

  4. Ivan Maker Profile Pic

    Is there any way to create my own ClickFunnels-type of business (e.i. SaaS) for other people on a subscription basis (not only for myself) following this instruction? Any additional tips on how to make it possible and what do I need?

    1. Sujay Pawar Profile Pic

      This article does not cover how to build ClickFunnels-type of business (e.i. SaaS) — but rather, how to build a sales funnel right inside WordPress without having to pay hefty fees to ClickFunnels.

      In the future, we will try and write an article on building a SaaS platform with WordPress 🙂

  5. Tammie Profile Pic

    Great article! Thank you! I’ve been using WordPress “only” and it lacks the upsells/downsells and shows the Cart “Price” first, not the landing page, it’s not effective. I was thinking maybe I should switch to Click Funnels but nope l don’t think so after reading this, lol. QUESTION: Do you know how the end users will gain access to content/membership areas? Right now its instant with the cart check-out process but with the upsell and thank you page, flows… if I add that, is there a way to automation the login / members access so that it’s still instant access to “Members Only” Training Areas? Thanks! Ideally I would like a Subscription Portal with drip content (unlock access 1 Training Per Month) or and annual membership with access to all training. (Just not sure if I have all the tools yet).

    1. Sujay Pawar Profile Pic

      You can use any plugin that is compatible with WooCommerce if you want to add a membership functionality on your website.

      There are TONS of membership plugins that work with WooCommerce. Feel free to choose any that fits your needs!

  6. Kyle Profile Pic

    Amazing. So…I’m building a baseball membership site that will include access to 20 courses along with ongoing community support and a weekly live Q&A for members only. If I’m understanding correctly, in order to use CartFlow I’ll need to use WooCommerce for the checkout function. Given this, would you advise I then also use WooCommerce Memberships and WooCommerce Subscriptions to handle protecting the site content to members only? Well, I guess I’d have to get WooCommerce Subscriptions ?. But as far as protecting the course content, I was looking into Restrict Content Pro. But if I’m in this deep with WooCommerce Subscriptions, perhaps I just stick with WooCommerce Membership? Or would RCP work? The price adds up…buying RCP costs $250/year (or $499 lifetime…which is what I was going to do) compared to $480/year for WooCommerce Memberships ($149) + WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199) + WooCommerce Team Memberships ($129) — that last bit (corporate / team / umbrella memberships) RCP includes as an add on….and I’d need that as I’ll be selling team memberships to actual (baseball) teams. Any/all advice…I’m all ears. Thank you!

    1. Sujay Pawar Profile Pic

      I would recommend:

      1. WooCommerce Subscriptions (because subscriptions is an essential part of the business and I would only use official WooCommerce plugin)

      2. Any membership plugin that works with WooCommerce. Membership plugins are usually simple in nature and do not have any complexities.

    1. Sujay Pawar Profile Pic

      There should not be any problems at all. CartFlows would even show analytics on how your funnel is working and converting.

  7. Tina Profile Pic

    Love this, so valuable information. Pity I did not find that earlier, I did that all myself. I have one additional question – I now want to install courseware into my funnel, do you have some equivalent to this article with info concerning that? LMS Learndash? WP Courseware? I would love to read more on that! Thank you.

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello Percy,

      Yes, definitely you can create a Landing Page with your choice of page builder or use our Templates.

      Regarding the Return gift, you will need to send with the Purchase. 🙂 Do give the free version of CartFlows ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/cartflows/ ) available on the WordPress.org repository a try and see how it goes.

  8. SG Profile Pic

    Hi Thank you for the article,
    If using Astra & Elementor Pro, with LearnDash plugin, do we still need to buy the Cartflow Pro. as I see there is limitation of only 3 product cart flow. I got around 10+ courses so I need to buy Cartflow pro?
    Please advise on this.

  9. Brett Profile Pic

    Hi, is it possible to use this without the Astra theme? I already have a fully built out site using another theme but would like to add this functionality.

  10. Ayesha Profile Pic

    ClickFunnels offers you just the right tools and functionalities you need to transform your marketing and Sales and deliver all your products effortlessly online.
    As a seller and marketer, there are several advantages which you would have while using ClickFunnels for your business. Really very informative .

  11. Ayesha Profile Pic

    Your content is really very informative As Amazon Funnels makes It simple for any entrepreneur to build their own marketing funnels in just minutes…without needing To rely on a team of techies. everything you need to build and launch your sales and marketing funnels in as little as 10 minutes.Thanks for sharing such a piece of content.
    Thanks ‘

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