1. Rocky Profile Pic

    You convinced me on investing on the best hosting company rather than investing on the cheaper ones but will not satisfy my needs. Good thing I haven’t subscribed yet to any hosting company. I will consider your recommendations. Do you have blogpost also about the best themes and plugins? I really need you advice for me to have a complete guide in making informed decisions about putting up my website.

  2. Shantal Profile Pic

    SiteGround is a popular option among my colleagues, now I clearly understand why. I was about to use Hostinger because it is cheap, but this article provided me more options. Thank you for this very extensive listing. I can see the effort you put in this one. Salute to the author.

  3. Fancy Profile Pic

    My friends are convincing me to use Pressable but it’s a bit pricy. I might consider using the first one on your list. do you have more posts about it? I really want to know more about it. Do you also have social media accounts where I can follow your posts and updates?

  4. Nicel Profile Pic

    Customer support for me is the best criterion in choosing a hosting company. I haven’t tried the third item on your list, but the first one is definitely one of the best. This is a good reference for website owners.

  5. Charice Profile Pic

    Kudos to the author for this very impressive posting. Looking forward to your future posts. I’m also following you in youtube, you have great tutorials there.

  6. Gabor Profile Pic

    I would also mention Namesilo, because I use them personally and they have very low hosting prices. You should definitely check them out as well.

  7. Judith Profile Pic

    For the ASEAN market, maybe can consider Exabytes too, their WordPress hosting plan is reasonable. They also are quite well-known in Malaysia & Indonesia.

  8. Julia Davis Profile Pic

    I was very much delighted to read your article. Choosing the right WordPress hosting provider is crucial for the success and performance of your website. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting a WordPress hosting provider:
    1.Performance and Reliability
    3.Security Measures
    4.Support and Customer Service
    5.WordPress-Specific Features
    6.Pricing and Value for Money
    7.User-Friendly Interface
    8.Reviews and Reputation
    According to my point of view these are some of the important factors for choosing wordpress hosting. Alakmalak technologies is a reliable IT company in this field. They helped me in my development of wordpress website at affordable prices.

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