1. Cornelius Richards Profile Pic
    Cornelius Richards

    Thank you for the detailed article; this is a fresh dose of knowledge for me. I think a comparison chart of all these payment gateways would be an excellent addition to the article, where we can compare all those options in a single view.

  2. Ervin Simpson Profile Pic

    I am running an organic food online store in New Zealand for the last three years and using Stripe as a payment gateway. I love Stripe because of its clean design and ease of use. Setting up Stripe is that easy; I complete setup without a developer.

  3. Timmy Baldwin Profile Pic

    I was looking for the best payment Gateway for my e-store but was unsure which factors should be considered while finalizing payment gateways. Previously, I was thinking Transaction Fees and Operational Costs are the same factors. You guys saved my life.

  4. Tyler Hartley Profile Pic

    Nice list. Which is the most used payment gateway with WooCommerce? just curious and like to know more 😊

  5. Mitchel Castor Profile Pic
    Mitchel Castor

    Thanks for the article! I’m exploring options because i’m interested in using WooCommerce. For me, a friend recommended Redde Payments because they swear by them. The other provider I was interested in is Square though. However, Square seems to have like a LOT of bad reviews from holds and unexpected closures. Has anyone experienced this? I’m leaning towards Redde because of what I heard but I want to make sure I rule out Square if that’s been a consistent problem. Thanks for any advice!

  6. David Profile Pic

    Great, that’s what I was looking for. May I ask about recommended hosting? Previously, I used SiteGround for hosting, but the price is very high now, can you give me an alternative? I hear Asphostportal has a good reputation for that. Can you recommend them?

  7. Monique Britten Profile Pic

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a payment gateway that can “save” credit cards for certain customers, so that they can just call in and we will have their credit card info securely saved. Is there a payment processor that can do this with our WooCommerce stores? (we have two physical locations and an online store)
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Team Astra Profile Pic

      Hello there,

      Yes, there are some payment gateways that allow customer vaulting with Stripe Connect, PayPal, and Authorize.net with PDS. You can connect with their support or review their docs to achieve this requirement.

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