Checkout Page WooCommerce

Following options are available-

Two-Step Checkout

It separately displays the Billing details and Your order sections. Initially, the Billing details form will appear, then the user can see the order summary and can proceed to checkout.

Display Order Note

It will display order notes at the bottom of the billing information. It contains notes about your order, e.g. special notes for delivery.

Display Apply Coupon Field

The coupon field will be visible at the top of the checkout page. If you don’t want want to display any system for coupons you can disable it.

Distraction Free Checkout

When you enable this option, the menu in the header and the 1st footer of the website disappears on the checkout page. The option of Distraction Free Checkout overrides the header and footer settings.

Use Labels as Placeholders

It will display form labels as a placeholder. This will reduce the height of the billing information form.

Persistent Checkout Form Data

It will retain the Checkout form fields even if the visitor accidentally reloads the checkout page.

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