Footer Widgets with Astra Pro

This is a premium feature available with Astra Pro.

It allows you to add 7 different footer widget layouts to the footer.

You can activate the module from Appearance > Astra Options > Footer Widgets

After activating the module, you can find the settings under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Footer > Footer Widgets

Footer Widgets Layout

You can choose any layout out of 7 available layouts. After selecting one of the layouts you would be able to add widgets from Appearance > Customize > Widgets

After selecting a layout you can set the widgets for each area under Appearance > Customize >Widgets > Footer Widget Area. 
Choose any WordPress default widget or you can use any third party plugin to add a widget to the list.

Footer Widgets Padding

You can add padding for footer from all sides.

Footer Widgets Width

Full Width

It will set a footer to full width no matter what your container width is.

Content width

It will set a footer to container width set under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Site Layout > Container Width

Footer Widgets Colors and Background

With Footer Widgets module, you would get Background Image option along with default color options. You can find settings under Appearance > Customize > Colors & Background > Footer Widgets

Footer Widgets Typography

With Footer Widgets module, you can set typography for Widget Title and Content under Appearance > Customize > Typography > Footer Widgets

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