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How Astra is tuned for performance and is the fastest theme?


With the latest version of the Astra theme, we have now tuned it up for improved performance. Not only will you get a slick look of your website but it also loads a lot faster. Here is what we did in the background.

Native WordPress Customizer

We have used the old and native WordPress customizer to add editing options to the WordPress. This lets us have absolutely no extra framework which in turn loads the website faster.

Core WordPress Functions & Features

We have used the core WordPress features whenever possible to provide the users the best experience that they can get. Using the core feature helps us to remove any unnecessary load on your website.

Zero bloating

Bloat is a performance killer that frequently causes your entire page to load slowly. To ensure that the admin panel is clean and fast, we have disabled any unwanted features. This ensure absolutely no bloating at all and ensure a faster loading speed of your website.

Performance Profiling and Code Optimization

The Astra theme is aimed at assisting you in analyzing the performance of your apps and optimizing poorly performing protocols. We have even optimized the code to ensure that your website loads faster.

Minimum HTTP requests

HTTP requests take place whenever a web browser “requests” data from a webpage from the server hosting your website.The more files you have on your website, the more http requests can occur. By ensuring that the Astra theme has a minimum of files on your server, we have reduced the number of HTTP requests which results in faster loading times.

Modular Structure & Addons

The new Astra theme comes with the modular structure and addons. By dividing a block’s functionality into distinct chunks or building blocks, each of which has all the components required to carry out a specific functionality element, the Astra theme improves the overall loading time of your website.

Custom Small Font Icon Library

Astra does not come with Font Awesome Icons but uses a custom font icon. By adding the custom font icon size, the loading time of those icons reduces significantly and thus increases the loading time of your entire website.

No jQuery necessary

jQuery is the most widely used client-side library—almost every website uses it—but it may also drastically reduce the page loading time. By integrating custom functions to the site builder, we were able to get rid of the jqueries in the most recent version of the astra theme. This decreases the size of the webpage as a whole and speeds up loading.

Optimized Google Fonts

With the Astra theme, you can not only load the Google fonts locally but also preload them on your website. This reduces the CLS on your website and improves the overall performance of your website.

Prepared for HTTP2

Particularly, compared to HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 is substantially faster and more effective. The manner that HTTP/2 prioritizes material while it loads is one of the ways that it is quicker. The Astra theme is already built in such a way that it anticipates the HTTP2 easily on your website.

Astra is Free. Now & Forever.

We believe creating beautiful websites should not be expensive. That's why Astra is free for everyone. Get started for free and extend with affordable packages.



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