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    Overview of LearnDash Integration in Astra Theme

    UPDATE — This article only applies to the Legacy theme that LearnDash offers. If you wish to use LearnDash 3.0, we have an update, you can read the announcement post to know the changes we’ve done in the Astra theme and also go through the knowledge base article to use Astra with LearnDash 3.0.

    In this article, we’re going to take a look at the key highlights and options you will find for LearnDash in the free version of Astra. To see extra options and features you can get with Astra Pro, please refer this article.

    Integration Highlights:

    Easily Customizable

    Astra is fast, flexible starter theme which means you can use it to build any kind of website. Out of the box, it comes with simple, minimalist design. Users can tweak it from intuitive settings in Live Customizer to achieve desired results.

    Optimized UI

    LearnDash is a great LMS Platform. But it’s UI leaves a lot to be desired on it’s own. So on popular demand, Astra theme has designed an integration with LearnDash to give it a modern, clean design and interface.

    Uniform Design

    Astra + LearnDash not only look great together; but uniformed as well. LearnDash takes colors, fonts and style set in the Customizer options of Astra theme.


    Because, a picture is a worth thousand words! Click on any image below to open a gallery of some screenshots:

    Dedicated Settings for LearnDash

    We have provided dedicated design options for LearnDash, so users can achieve make customizations easily without custom code. Some basic options are provided in the Astra free theme, where as more advanced customization options are available from Astra Pro Addon.

    Options in Astra Theme

    For all single course pages, topics, lessons and quizzes — you can have a different container layout.

    LearnDash Boxed Layout, Astra 3.0+

    Astra provides you control so you can choose the position of sidebar on LearnDash pages.

    LearnDash Enable Sidebar, Astra 3.0+

    Table of Contents:
    Beautify the LearnDash Table of Contents easily with dedicated options. The “Display Serial Number” option helps you enable or disable the serial numbers for the table rows; and “Differentiate Rows” option will style even odd rows a bit differently with different background colors for better UX.

    LearnDash Table of Contents, Astra 3.0+

    More Options and Features with Astra Pro

    Astra Pro extension for the free Astra theme takes the integration with LearnDash to the next step. It offers amazing options such as Distraction Free Learning, student’s Gravatar in header, more controls for design of course contents table and much more.

    We provide more styling options in dedicated modules of Astra Pro Addon plugin. Learn more about the LearnDash module of Astra Pro Addon.

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