1. Peter Krijger Profile Pic

    Hi Sujay

    This is a really good article! I’ve never read anything like this and it’s so true what you wrote.

    Best regard

  2. Ahrale Profile Pic

    Nice article, not sure it’s practical 🙂
    Most people and customers belong to these types,
    So we might find ourselves alone without customers.

    We should always remember that customers are also living people
    and serve them the best we can & have patience.

    Of course when these are extreme & damage your business,
    better give them up 🙂

    Thanks, Sujay,
    I follow & respect your work
    also when not always showing it 😉

  3. Stephen Profile Pic

    Hi Sujay, hope you are the team are all well.

    This is a great article. I’ve come across many of these types of people over the years. I think you’re right that if they exhibit the extremes of these behaviours that dealing with them is ultimately never productive. I love your suggested approach for how to go about firing them – I’ll have to remember this.

  4. Gilles Profile Pic

    HI Sujay,

    Thanks for the detailed article. I agree with you, there are all kinds of clients out there and some are more challenging than others with which to build and maintain healthy relationships.

    Here’s something interesting. In my 30+ years of owning a business, I’ve never fired a client. If a relationship had become stressed I’ve found it was often due to lack of clearly defined rules and expectations on the outset. I took full responsibility to change this; it’s something I could control.

    I learned that by making an adjustment and always entering a business agreement with clearly defined rules/guidelines, issues stated in the article rarely emerged. In the rare cases that they did, revisiting and discussing the terms or expectations usually solved the problem and a healthy relationship prevailed.

    Having said this, I have experienced a couple of unreasonable clients. Again, I never had to fire them though.

    Upon reviewing the expectations on both sides, if both parties are still not on the same page, both can agree to walk away from one another, no hard feelings. It’s a kind, gentle approach which doesn’t burn bridges. In fact, I’ve had a couple of clients return years after a “mutual departure”. They’re still with me today and we have a very healthy relationship.

    In summary, an alternative to firing worth considering, is to review expectations and if a mutual ground can’t be reached, aim for a mutual departure.

    Food for thought.
    Keep up the good work!

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