Celebrating 13 Glorious Years of Brainstorm Force!

Brainstorm Force Turns 13 Years Young!

While every birthday is an occasion to party, our 13th birthday is pretty special for us.

(Keep reading to find out how we have made it special for you too!)

Over these 13 years, we have grown our team and built the products people love and trust.

As a result, this birthday marks a major milestone in our journey, and we are happy that you are along for the ride!

So join us in the celebrations, and get a massive discount as a thank you gift from us.

But that’s not all – we would give you a sneak peek at some of the exciting features that we will be releasing in a couple of months.

Our Story, From Agency to Building World-class WordPress Products

Brainstorm Force started as a design and development agency working with clients from a range of industries.

During those early years, we got to experience the challenges and hurdles designers and developers faced while building websites.

We were also able to identify gaps in the WordPress ecosystem.

That motivated us to build Astra, a theme every WordPress user can use to create beautiful and very functional websites.

Today, Astra and other Brainstorm Force products power more than 3 million websites, and our team has grown to 100 (and counting).

We started Brainstorm Force with a simple motto – “Helping businesses grow online with easy and affordable solutions“.

This motto has guided us in product development and customer success. From day one, our culture has been people-centric where our users are at the center of everything.

WordPress is an incredibly competitive industry and we have worked hard to distinguish our brand from the competition.

Anybody can take the easy route, but we decided to do things the right way.

Even if that meant breaking away from the beaten path and finding innovative ways of building products that businesses can use to build and scale their online presence.

Our Biggest Flash Sale – Up to 30% OFF for This Special Occasion

We decided to offer a huge discount on the annual plans for Astra and other Brainstorm Force products.

This is our biggest discount offer yet and we want you to make the most of it.

Discount for New Purchases

Here’s your birthday discount for Astra and other products:

This discount is applicable to other BSF products as well.

Upgrades – This is also a great opportunity to upgrade to a higher plan. You’ll also get the product updates as we release them so that you could use all the features that you need for improving your online presence.

Exciting Features Coming Soon!

We are constantly working to improve Astra and our other products. Part of that includes bringing you some very exciting features.

Here’s a peek at what you can expect to use in the coming few months.

Astra Pro To Get More WooCommerce Features

Astra Pro users will see some exciting updates to their favorite theme. In particular, you will soon see features that will make Astra a far better choice for WooCommerce stores.

Here are some ideas that are in our development pipeline:

  1. A new Dark Mode for the theme that you could enable from the backend.
  2. Tighter WooCommerce integration with support for single product page styling, a brand new shop page, and improved cart and checkout pages.

Spectra Will Soon Be Spectra

Perhaps the most exciting update you can expect is a complete rebranding of Spectra.

UAG will soon become Spectra.

Under the hood, Spectra will be fast with zero bloat and dependencies. The emphasis will be on making sure that you could build exciting designs that capture your audience’s attention.

Thanks to the ReactJS powered components, local Google fonts, and squeaky clean codebase, you will see a significant improvement in stability and performance.

You will also be able to get more done in less time with block presets, rapid prototyping with wireframe kits, and a template library that brings ready-to-use websites to up your design game.

Thanks to the new container layout, you could nest widgets without worrying about alignment and performance issues.

Client Reminders Coming to ProjectHuddle

ProjectHuddle is rapidly becoming the default way designers gather and track client feedback.

As such, we will soon be adding client reminders coming to the platform in an upcoming release.

This will enable you to send reminders to clients about specific feedback items to speed up the pace of design.

It’s a much-requested feature and we will be adding it soon!

Here’s to More Great Years!

We hope your requested feature is on the list (if it’s not, drop us a line). When you upgrade using that 30% discount, you’ll get these features and more as soon as we release them.

We really enjoy building our products and hope you have even more fun using them.

So sit back, relax and use your birthday present (that discount we mentioned earlier) to upgrade your favorite Brainstorm product.

Once again, thank you for being part of our family and making our 13th birthday so awesome!

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  1. Amarnath Banerjee Profile Pic
    Amarnath Banerjee

    After installing Astra and activating it I am not able to see Astra Starter Site plugin. All I am doing from a free hosting and a free domain. Can you please indicate why I am not able to find it?

  2. Marina Profile Pic

    The news about rebranding UAG and the addition of flexbox containers has made me choose in favour of WP and Gutenberg to build my first website. I wonder how long it is going to take to introduce the mentioned above changes? Are we talking a couple of weeks or … are we many months away before flexbox containers make it into Spectra? I am fully ready start building my site, waiting for Spectra and flexboxes to launch is the only thing holding me off.

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      Hello Marina, glad to see your interest in using the UAG plugin. We are already during a beta that has been shared through a dedicated form linked on our Facebook group.

      We are targeting a release for the month of April 2022 please stay tuned! 🙂

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