Resizing Your Website Logo Made Easier with Astra!

Now Resize Logo on the Fly!

Astra version 1.0.19 introduces a new, much necessary option that allows users to resize the logo directly in the browser.

The nice thing about this option is, it physically crops the logo in appropriate aspect ratio. Most of the other themes that offer an option for resizing logo do not actually resize the logo, but instead they just display the smaller image with CSS is not a recommended way for speed and performance grade.

Here is a quick preview of the option:

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  1. marty Profile Pic

    This feature is pretty much standard with all themes. What we could really use is an easy option to create an overhang logo extending from the header.

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      Do you have an example of how this will look like so that we can forward this to our development team to be considered in an update?

  2. Chris Wagoner Profile Pic

    Standard Overhang in the Customizer. Good idea Marty.

    Also, If I want to make my tiny logo really big… that should be an option too – even if it looks terrible.

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      Right now WordPress adds dimensions of an image as inline width to the logo so it will not go wider than it’s actual size.
      That being said it should be possible to be done using custom css. If you open up a support ticket we will help you with the required code.

  3. pablo estrada Profile Pic


    I have two sites where I have used Astra theme. One of them works fine, the other suddenly gave me this problem. If I go to APPEARANCE – CUSTOMIZE – HEADER – SITE IDENTITY … when I resize the logo, the height of the white background header won’t resize, it won’t adjust to the bigger logo… this looks bad when resizing screen, or tilting the celphone… thanks for the help.

    1. Support Team Profile Pic


      It is difficult to debug things this way. We’ll need to take a closer look to see what is happening so that we can help you with an accurate solution. Please open a support ticket, so we can do so. 🙂

    1. Support Team Profile Pic

      Hello Janisha,

      Currently, we only support the default logo types which are by default supported by WordPress.

  4. Guilherme Profile Pic

    Would anyone give me a step by step to my this log not to be blurry? What is the right size? didn’t work in SVG format. If it’s 2x, what is the standard size?
    Sorry about all this questions. I’m frustrated.

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