2022 WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals [HAND-PICKED]

2022 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress Deals

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In search of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday WordPress deals? Want to enhance your website and improve the website building and designing experience?

Discover the best Black Friday Cyber Monday deals for your website right here!

With some great Black Friday Cyber Monday deals available in 2022, there’s no better time to invest in valuable assets you can use throughout the year.

Got any WordPress products of your own? Are we missing out on any WordPress deals and discounts? Submit your Black Friday WordPress deals here!

WordPress Black Friday sales are often the BIGGEST deals that happen just once a year. 

In this post, you’ll find the best WordPress Cyber Monday offers on themes, plugins and web hosting!

It’s time to see posts listing countless deals you can pick from. But, it’s not easy to make sense of a list of hundreds of Black Friday and Cyber Monday WordPress deals. 

To ease the burden, we have listed a few HAND-PICKED deals that matter. These deals will make a real difference to your website every single day. 

And if you decide to purchase it during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you could be saving a lot of money!

Guess what? There’s more to it! 

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Let’s have a look at some of the exciting WordPress deals around right now: 

WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting WordPress deals around right now: 

We’ve categorized the list under featured deals, themes, page builders, domain and hosting, eCommerce, and others. 

While all the products in the list are worth checking out, you can select the product category and view the products listed for you! 

As we discover more Black Friday Cyber Monday deals and discounts, we’ll be adding them to this list. Bookmark this post and keep coming to see exclusive and attractive deals you can’t afford to miss!

Featured Deals

Here are our top deals for WordPress Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022. This section consists of some of our top WordPress products!

Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

NameCategoryDiscount %Coupon CodeLink
AstraThemeUp to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
Ultimate Addons for ElementorPage BuildersUp to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
Schema ProSEOUp to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
Ultimate Addons for Beaver BuilderPage BuildersUp to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
Convert ProOther Must Get DealsUp to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
WP PortfolioOther Must Get DealsUp to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
ProjectHuddleOther Must Get DealsUp to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
CartFlowsEcommerceUp to 55%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
Presto PlayerOther Must Get DealsUp to 50%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
SureCartEcommerce50%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
SureMembersMembershipUp to 60% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
WP Table BuilderOther Must Get Deals40%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
HubSpotMarketing20%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
SendinblueEmail marketing50%BLUEFRIDAY2022Get the Deal
CTX Feed ProEcommerce40%BFCM2022Get the Deal
HostArmada HostingHostingUp to 75% OFFASTRA75Get the Deal
PerfmattersPerformance30%BLACKFRIDAYGet the Deal
Mailtrap Email APIEmail marketing70%BFCM22Get the Deal
MasterStudy LMSLMS50%BFGMC894Get the Deal
WP ERPOther must get dealsUp to 40%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
DokanEcommerceUp to 45%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
SpotlightSocial media40%BF22Get the Deal
WP RSS AggregatorOther must get deals40%BF22Get the Deal
GetGenie AIOther must get dealsUp to 50%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
Qi Addons for ElementorPage Builders50%BLACKFRIDAY2022Get the Deal
Tyche SoftwaresEcommerce40%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
SeedProdPage Builders65%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
WP Mail SMTPEmail marketing$60Auto-appliedGet the Deal
RafflePressSocial media65%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
MonsterInsightsAnalytics70%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
ExactMetricsAnalytics70%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
AIOSEOSEO70%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
WPVR - Virtual Tour BuilderOther must get deals30%BFCM30Get the Deal
PowerPack Addons for ElementorPage Builders Up to 50% Auto-appliedGet the Deal
Modern Events CalendarBookingUp to 98%BF-2022Get the Deal
WP RocketPerformance30%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
PostXOther must get dealsup to 50%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
StoreAppsOther must get deals50%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
FooGalleryOther must get deals30%FooBFCMGet the Deal
WPManageNinjaOther must get deals40%Auto-appliedGet the Deal
NextCRMEmail marketingUpto 70% DiscountBLACK_22Get the Deal
EventalOther must get dealsUpto 70% DiscountBLACK_22Get the Deal
WidgetKit for ElementorPage Builders60% OffBF60Get the Deal
Visual assets in different sizesPerformance35% off on all paid annual plansAuto-appliedGet the Deal

Page Builders

Have a look at the exclusive WordPress Black Friday sales on your favorite page builders.

Editor’s Choice


WordPress Black Friday deals offering discounts on your favorite web hosting and domain providers.

Editor’s Choice


Own an eCommerce website? Check out these superb eCommerce WordPress products available at a huge Black Friday discount.

Editor’s Choice

Performance and Security

Protect your WordPress website and enhance its performance with these Black Friday Cyber Monday deals.

Editor’s Choice


Let’s have a look at Black Friday deals for marketers.



It’s time to level up your website’s visibility in search with these WordPress SEO Black Friday deals.

Editor’s Choice


Create beautiful forms on your website as needed with WordPress form plugins. Check out these exciting Black Friday discounts on your favorite forms plugin.

Essential Plugins

Check out some Black Friday sales on these worthy WordPress plugins.

Editor’s Choice


What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is the Friday that comes after Thanksgiving Thursday and is found to be the busiest day for shoppers. Thanksgiving Thursday comes on the fourth Thursday of November and marks the beginning of the holiday season. A few government offices declared a holiday on Thanksgiving and also the Friday after Thanksgiving – thus giving people a long four day weekend to begin their Christmas shopping.

Cyber Monday is the Monday that comes after this long weekend and was created by retailers to encourage shoppers to shop online. This gradually became a trend and people started observing Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the biggest sale period in a year. This is when you get exorbitant offers on almost everything.

WordPress is no exception here! As seen on this page several plugins and themes offer irresistible Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals every year.

What is so special about Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and therefore shoppers make the most of it by starting their holiday shopping. It comes only once a year and brings in some exciting deals and offers that you may never see otherwise.

Are Black Friday sales actually worth it?

Black Friday is the only time of the year when you’ll get the best offers on products and services. Sellers too can make the most of it by gaining more customers than usual.

Are deals on Cyber Monday or Black Friday better?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are often listed together. However, it completely depends on the seller to decide whether he wishes to keep the discounts same on both the days or differ them somehow.

Black Friday is the most common term and there are several offers on this particular day. Cyber Monday is popular among online buyers. If you talk about the rush, Cyber Monday seems to be more convenient to make a purchase so that you can avoid the rush. But, again, you may just get late if the sale was live for just a day.

Therefore, it’s best to make a pick as early as possible to avoid missing the sale or seeing the sold-out banner. 🙂

Are there better deals after Black Friday?

No! Black Friday is the only time of the year you’ll find the best deals.

What are some tips for Black Friday shopping?

Here are a few tips to make the most of the Black Friday deals –

Decide what you want and hunt for the deal beforehand. Do not wait until Black Friday arrives. Deals are announced earlier.
Do not wait for the cost to go lower. You might just miss the offer or the item may go out of stock.

What’s More?

Looking out for more deals and discounts? We’ll keep adding them to the list here. Bookmark this post and keep coming to see some exclusive and attractive deals you cannot afford to miss this Black Friday.

As mentioned above, we want to keep this special and therefore only the hand-picked and special deals are seen listed here..

Make the most out of these Black Friday deals and purchase what you need today!

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