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Astra is simple, fully customizable & fast theme that I can wholeheartedly recommend to all Elementor users. I love the fact that it comes with dozens of pre-built sites that were built using Elementor and that can be used to create a full website with one click.

Ben Pines

CMO at Elementor

Readymade Website Demos

Get a huge library of readymade websites created using Astra with Elementor page builder. Import them for free with the Astra Starter Site plugin. Simply tweak and go live!



Sierra Nature

Outdoor Adventure

Italian Restaurant

Wedding Planner

What Makes Astra Best Theme for Elementor?

Astra and Elementor are indeed a match made in heaven. While developing Astra, we have taken special efforts so the theme goes a step ahead and works seamlessly with Elementor.


Full Width / Stretched Layout

Astra offers a Full Width / Stretched Layout that's made especially for Elementor. When this layout is selected, Elementor gets the edge to edge control of your layout. That way, you don't have to rely on the hacky JavaScript method to stretch your rows or sections full width.

Disable Title / Featured Image / Sidebar

Most themes output Page Title, Featured Image, Sidebar, Breadcrumb and other data by default without offering any control to the users. And, while designing pages with Elementor, you need a clean slate or a blank canvas with required restrictions. With Astra, you can disable these items easily and get full freedom to design with Elementor.  

Building a custom landing page? You can even disable the header and footer of Astra and let Elementor take full control of the page!


Global Options From Customizer

If you're building a website where most pages are designed with Elementor, Astra global options give you the convenience to set required layout, sidebar and other settings that are suitable for Elementor right in the Customizer. However, these global options can be overridden on individual pages using page options to set title, sidebar, header, footer etc.

Elementor Pro 2.0 Compatible

Astra is one of the few themes that are fully compatible with Elementor 2.0 Theme Builder. Using Astra and Elementor Pro 2.0 Theme Builder, you can literally design each and every aspect of your website such as header, footer, blog templates, dynamic pages and so on!


Smart Elementor Integration

Astra understands if you're building a page with Elementor and automatically sets the options that are best for Elementor. This saves you many unnecessary clicks and time!

Amazing Header and Footer Options

With Astra, you can literally build 30+ types of headers and 10+ kinds of footer easily. You can even make your header transparent or sticky. And if you have a very custom requirement, with Astra Pro addon so you can build your entire header or Footer with Elementor!


Mobile Header Options

Astra offers a complete solution for a mobile responsive menu with easy settings in customizer you can control and design beautiful mobile menu. Using the break-point setting you can choose when to enable mobile menu and with different style options, you can build the entire menu with without any custom code.

Lightweight & Bloat Free

Astra is a theme made for the Elementor! Rather than duplicating the functionality Elementor already offers, Astra is developed lightweight, bloat-free and modular out of the box. It takes care of global colors, typography, overall styling and integrations with other third-party plugins and let Elementor handle the page building part.


Extensive WooCommerce Integration

Everything you need to build a high-performing WooCommerce Store.

Lightweight & Fastest

Build store that is faster, helps you increase conversion rate and rank better in Google.

Rock Solid & Secure

Build a store that's secure and integrate well with the huge ecosystem of WooCommerce.

User-Friendly, Yet Powerful

Provide great user experience that is essential for boosting your website's conversion rates.

Powerful Features

  • Infinite Scroll

  • Widget Optimized

  • Grid Settings

  • Quick View

  • Dedicated Sidebars

  • Gallery Options

  • Off-Canvas Sidebar

  • Dropdown Cart

  • Checkout Options

Handy Layout Options

Astra gives you the freedom to work with any layout you wish to use on your website. Whether it is a blog, a business website, etc. you have a layout that will fit your needs for sure!


100% Full Width


Right Sidebar




Blog Layouts


Blank Page


Left Sidebar

Fastest WordPress Theme

Every single line of code in Astra is profiled for fast performing websites. We have numbers to prove that.

No jQuery

Many times, render blocking jQuery comes in the way of performance optimization. So Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript instead.

Less than 50 KB

Astra is feather light. It needs less than 50 KB of resources whereas most of the other WordPress themes require at least 300 KBs.

Just 0.5 seconds!

With default WordPress data, Astra loads in less than a half second. It is built for the speed and fully optimized for performance.


Speed Grade


Speed Grade


Load Time


Speed Grade

More Power With Astra Pro

The Astra Pro addon enhances the possibilities of Astra. With advanced addons and customization options, you get more power to create a beautiful website.


Transparent Header

You can add stylish transparent headers that make your website pages look trendy and attractive!


Hooks & Filter

With a combination of easy-to-use hooks and filters, you can customize everything on your website.


Blog Layouts

With a number of blog layouts to choose from, Astra lets you decide and design the blog page on your website.


Mega Menu

Add WordPress widgets and trendy stuff that make your menus look attractive and trendy on your website.

Coming Soon

Header Sections

You can add a top header and a below header apart from the normal primary header seen on your website.


Page Headers

With Astra Pro, you get options to format your page headers and make them look attractive and good.


Better Typography

Manage the typography of your website with better and much advanced typography options with pro.


Custom Layouts

Select from a wide range of custom layouts and design your website according to your needs.


White Label

White label the theme with the addons, so as to call it your own and take complete credit for all you've done.


Footer Widget

You get a collection of several widget layouts for your website footer. Select the one that best suits your needs.


WooCommerce Designer

Design and build an attractive online store that works great with WooCommerce templates and all essential plugins.


Spacing Control

Manage the spacing between layouts on your website, so as to make things look clear, readable and pretty!

More Love from Elementor Users

Astra is being loved by thousands of Elementor users like you! Take a look at what some of them have to say.


I recently went all-in with Astra (Agency version) + Elementor (Pro) on all of my websites, migrating from X Theme. X was great until they came out with their new version, which broke every aspect of my websites and required custom coding moving forward.

Heather R. Huhman -


I am using this theme with its Astra pro + Elementor pro plugins and I am really fascinated. The theme is super light and very reliable. The technical support is without a doubt great. They deserve the 5 stars both for the theme and updates as customer service.

Sergio Carretero - WordPress Freelancer


I have been working with Astra for a few months now and I love everything about it. It is well laid out and easy to get around. Astra Pro has a lot of great settings for you to setup headings, footers and 404 pages with Elementor or Beaver Builder. The tech support is fast and friendly and always helpfull. I can’t say enough about this theme. Great work Brainstorm!

Michael Mancini -


I’m impressed. Most free themes have an unprofessional appearance. Not this! It’s also very complete in terms of features. Using Astra and Elementor, I’ve been constructing a custom site without having to child theme anything so far. The Astra Sites import gave me a huge head start. Just changing colors and fonts then inserting my content made it unique.

Steven Gliebe - Web Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Astra Theme?

The Astra theme is 100% free to download and use.

How can I install readymade demo sites?

To install readymade demo sites, you'll need to install Astra Starter Sites plugin from After installing the plugin you can import demo sites with a few clicks.

Does Astra Provide readymade elementor templates?

With Astra starter sites plugin you can download complete demo websites created using Astra and Elementor..

How do I get updates for Astra theme?

You will get a notification in your WordPress backend whenever an update is available. You can update it automatically with just a click.

Do you have an online community or Group of Astra users?

Astra has an active Facebook group of 4300+ users. You can join the group for theme related discussions.

Does Astra work with All versions of Elementor?

Yes, Astra works with all the versions of Elementor including the free one.

Where can I read the Astra theme documentation?

You can refer to a number of articles and documents added to the Astra Knowledge base.

Where can I find video tutorials for Astra & Elementor?

Please check the Astra Playlist on YouTube for Astra & Elementor video tutorials.

Where can I see the public roadmap of Astra theme?

We have the Astra Public Roadmap where you can see our plans for the future of the theme.

Where can I get support for Astra Theme?

We are here to help! Need some technical help from our developers? You can open up a ticket through our support center.

Astra is Free. Now & Forever.

We believe creating beautiful websites should not be expensive. That's why Astra is free for everyone. Get started for free and extend with affordable packages.



A perfect WordPress theme to offer online courses.

Grid Settings
Container Layout
Blog Layout
Sidebar Options
Header Layout
Footer Options



Beautiful sales pages and better learning experience.

Unlimited Websites.

Updates & Support for lifetime.

No renewals. One time payment.

Top Features of Astra Pro:

Distraction Free Learning
More Customizer Options
Conversion Ready Checkout
Distraction Free Checkout
Customer Profile in Menu
Color & Typography
Transparent Header



Everything necessary for running a successful web agency!

Everything in Astra Pro with:

[simple_tooltip content='A huge library of ready-to-use full website demos built using Elementor and Beaver Builder page builder, that can be imported and used as starter sites.'] Library of Prebuilt Websites [/simple_tooltip]
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[simple_tooltip content='Astra Pro Addon is a plugin that extends the `free` Astra theme and adds more features & customization options.']Astra Pro Addon[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Astra sites is a library of ready-to-use full website templates built with Beaver Builder and Elementor page builders.']Astra Premium Sites[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Convert Pro is powerful customer acquisition & conversion optimization plugin for anyone who is looking to built their email list, increase sales & revenue.']Convert Pro[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='All-in-one Schema Pro allows you to automate schema markup of a website with a simple & easy-to-use interface.']All-in-one Schema Pro[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder extends the functionality of Beaver Builder with 45+ unique custom modules and 300+ ready-made page & section templates.']Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='The WP Portfolio plugin helps you create a beautiful portfolio online to showcase your work along with a number of white labeled demo websites.']WP Portfolio[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='The Ultimate Addons for Elementor is an advanced addon that enhances the possibilities of Elementor with unique custom widgets.'] Ultimate Addons for Elementor [/simple_tooltip]
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