Now You Can White Label Astra!

Now You Can White Label Astra!

Astra white label option

We at Brainstorm Force (the team behind Astra) have been offering top-notch WordPress services to clients for 8 years now and Astra is the outcome of all this experience. The theme at core is built for Speed, SEO, and Customizability; while our vision is to empower WordPress professionals and help them deliver a better experience to their clients.  

As a part of that, we’re very excited to introduce the White Label feature in the Astra Pro Addon which enables developers to white label the Astra Backend and brand it as per their project needs. 

When you’ll update to the latest version of Astra Pro, you should see a new page where Astra Theme and addon plugins can be rebranded. You can change the name, description, author, links and even screenshot.

Astra white label settings

Quite useful, isn’t it? Read more about the white label in a document from our knowledgebase. Please update to the latest version of Astra Pro to try it out and let us know how you like it.


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  1. anna Profile Pic

    Just playing around with the free version, wonderful experience, I always worked with payed themes, your give away is great, will came back later. Thank you to be so loving your work, makes the world better!

    1. Sujay Pawar Profile Pic

      No — it only changes the branding in the backend. Renaming the directory would mean — users won’t get future updates of the theme. So changes in the core theme files or folders are never recommended. Instead, a child theme should be used if someone wants to have a different directory for the theme.

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