Change the Astra Header Breakpoint width

In Astra Theme you can modify the screen size when you want to trigger the mobile header using the filter astra_header_break_point The default breakpoint is 921px. That means the mobile header will be triggered at 921px screen size.

To change the default breakpoint use filter. In the below example the mobile header will be triggered at 1120px screen size. Change 1120 to the screen size of your choice.

 * Change the breakpoint of the Astra Header Menus
 * @return int Screen width when the header should change to the mobile header.
function your_prefix_change_header_breakpoint() {
 return 1120;

add_filter( 'astra_header_break_point', 'your_prefix_change_header_breakpoint' );

Check out the doc that explains how to add custom PHP code using the child theme’s functions.php file. 

Note: Astra version 1.4.0 and above provides an option to change the breakpoint. You don’t have to use the above filter. Refer the document here.

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