Improved Typography Options in Astra

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New Typography Improvement for Astra

Astra version 1.5.2 introduces a new typography param. With this user can select multiple font variants to be enqueued for base typography. That means the user can select different required Font Variant in Base Typography and use them on the entire site as per the requirement.

The settings can be found in the customizer under Global > Typography > Base Typography. After selecting a font-family, Font Variant option will appear. Select the required font variant. You can choose more than one variant.


  1. Font Variant option is available only for Base Typography.
  2. Font Variant option is available only for Google Fonts.

As shown in the above video, if you select font family as Poppins and select variant 400 Normal and Bold 700. Whenever you mark text as bold, it will be applied with Bold 700 font weight. These variants will be available with page builder as well.

Along with Font Variant option, typography param introduces an option that allows to search font-family from the lists. It can be seen in the above video. This is available for all typography settings.

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