Unable to Upload the Astra Pro ZIP File because it is Unzipped During the Download?

You are probably downloading the zip file on a Safari browser, which by default unzips your zip file while downloading.

This causes a problem, where you won’t be able to upload the Astra Pro zip file from the Plugins page.

As WordPress requires the plugin to be a zip to be uploaded.

This can be easily fixed, by disabling the setting Preferences in your Safari Browser and other browsers too.

Following are the steps to download the plugin’s zip file on a –

Safari browser:

  1. Go to the Safari browser’s Menu, navigate to Safari > Preferences. Under which at the bottom of the General tab, disable the checkbox option of Open “safe” files for downloading.
  2. Now, visit the Store account and you will be able to download the Astra Pro or even other plugin’s zip files successfully without being unzipped.

Firefox browser:

  1. Go to the Firefox Menu (Hamburger Icon-Top Right Corner) under Options > Applications or Search Applications.
  2. Now under, Applications, you must see a Search Bar, you should search for ZIP.
  3. Besides the ZIP option, you will have to change the Action to Always Ask or Save File.

Chrome browser:

By default, Chrome does not automatically unzip the files. So you should not face any issues on Chrome browser.

If you are still facing issues on the Chrome browser, you might want to temporarily disable all the extensions, which might have this feature.

Note: If you try opening or clicking on the downloaded zip in the browser’s Downloads section, you might find it unzipped. Instead, simply visit the downloads folder and use the zip directly to upload it.

For other browsers:

You will need to contact the respective Support team of the browser for help or on how to find a solution to this issue.

Final Step:

Once, the plugin’s Zip is downloaded successfully, you can upload it. This document lists the steps.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.