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    I really need this Google analytics plugins. I don’t understand how my viewers are doing while they are looking at my website. I don’t know what they want and what they are looking for. With these plugins I can understand them better now.

    Thank you for this blog. This is really helpful.

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    These top 8 are also on my list. They are really effective in making me understand my site visitors more and I’m getting useful information to use in my planning and strategizing how to get more clients.

    Kudos to the Author for this well written blog.

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    It’s sad that GA Google Analytics plugin doesn’t come with a dashboard. I think for me, monsterinsight is also one of the best among the choices. This listing is really impressive as you have provided all the necessary pros and cons to look for in a plugin. Google Analytics is a complicated thing for me, but you explained it clearly. Thank you for this post

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    It’s amazing how these plugins provide accessible and easy to understand analytics data. I really need one of these for my website because it’s really hard to interpret data on Google analytics. I also like the dashboard of these plugins, very easy to use.

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    Yeah, I also experience the same problem with Lara’s documentation. I hope they will fix it. But this article is really accurate and very helpful. I’ve been exploring google analytics and how to use it to my advantage. I’m also reading one of your blogpost on how to add Google analytics in WordPress and it really teaches me more than what I already know. Very well done. Keep it up. Good job

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    If Google Analytics worked like Independent Analytics, it would’ve given the best page experience. Unfortunately, Independent Analytics doesn’t use Google Analytics.

    What’s missing in this review is CAOS Analytics and Flying Analytics. These two offer Minimal Analytics, which is a stripped-down version of Google Analytics tracking code. From Almost 80KB of JavaScript down to 1KB, which makes page optimization a breeze.

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