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Astra 4.7: Header Presets and SVG Support

Quick Summary ↪ As part of our continuous effort to keep Astra at the forefront of WordPress, we’re pleased to announce the latest version. There are two headline features and a raft of some improvements in Astra 4.7. Major updates include (1) Header Preset (2) SVG Site Logos

Astra 4.7

The Astra 4.7 update is here! As part of our continuous effort to keep Astra at the forefront of WordPress, we’re pleased to announce the latest version, 4.7.

The update introduces two brand new features and a series of improvements to make working with the Astra theme better, faster and more convenient than ever.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store!

New Features in Astra 4.7

There are two headline features and a raft of smaller improvements in this update.

Header Presets

Header Presets

Let us introduce the first new feature in Astra 4.7, header presets.

They form part of the Header Builder and are designed to make it faster and easier to create unique websites.

If you have used the Header Builder before, you’ll know it lets you create a custom header from scratch using smart tools.

This latest update adds readymade header presets into the mix,

We have created some stylish headers you can use on any website. Rather than building your header from scratch, you can select one of 4 presets, see it in real time and select the one you like the most.

To use it, open the Header Builder in Astra, select Header Presets on the left and test each of them to see which works best.

Here’s a short video to show four header presets:

You’ll see them in real time in the main window so you can see exactly how menus will appear to visitors.

As this is Astra, you can still customize the preset or tweak it until it’s 100% perfect!

We’ll be adding many more header presets in future releases!

SVG Site Logos

Scalable Vector Graphics, SVGs are scalable, editable, small and easy to create, making them perfect for the web.

That’s why our second new feature in Astra 4.7 is support for SVG logos.

You can select from an SVG icon library or upload your own SVG logo, it’s entirely up to you.

To use an SVG logo, select the Astra Header Builder.

Select Site Title & Logo from the left menu and toggle Use Logo SVG Icon to on.

Then select either the Icon Library or Custom Icon to use an existing logo or upload your own.

Being compatible with SVGs opens up a whole new area of design and we’re pleased to add it to Astra!

Astra Updates and Improvements

Aside from header presets and SVG icon support, Astra 4.7 also introduces a couple of smaller improvements.

Updated Useful Plugins Recommendations

Updated Useful Plugins Recommendations

The Useful Plugins element on the right of the main Astra menu has been tweaked to improve the user experience.

Our recommendations are now dynamic and will change depending on the type of website you’re building.

For example, if you’re setting up a normal website, you’ll see:

Standard plugin recommendations

If you’re setting up an eCommerce store and have installed WooCommerce, you’ll see:

WooCommerce recommendations

Simply select the Install link next to the plugin you want to add and it will be automatically installed into WordPress.

Install as many or as few as you like with a single click. How easy is that?

Enabled Default EDD Featured Images

Astra is fully compatible with Easy Digital Downloads and now supports featured images for products by default.

In previous versions, you had to manually enable featured images for digital products. Now they are enabled by default.

While it’s a small improvement, it’s one less thing to do when setting up your store!

Astra Pro Updates and Improvements

Astra Pro has also received some improvements to make it easier than ever to use.

Updates include:

Added Sticky Header Color Options for Logo SVG Icons

Sticky Header Color Options for Logo SVG Icons

Want to use a new SVG logo within a sticky header? Astra Pro adds the option to design your logo your way.

This enhances the new SVG logo option we mentioned earlier and makes it easy to customize your logo however you like.

Open the Header Builder, select the Design tab and you’ll see Logo SVG Icon Color in the list.

Select it and choose any primary and secondary color you like from the color picker.

It’s a small update, but offers complete freedom to design your website your way.

Other Updates and Improvements

Astra 4.7 also brings some bug fixes and general improvements.

They include:

  • WooCommerce – The layout type not working on the categories page having 0 products.
  • WooCommerce – Quantity Selector – With increasing/decreasing quantity there is a violating node error.
  • WooCommerce – Ensure Attribute button state updates automatically when switching valid variation without additional clicks.
  • Header Builder – Account element is overlapping with the header menu on responsive devices.
  • Image is misaligned while using core image block within a container block.
  • All headings created by the Heading block in widget areas had the same font size.
  • Fixed issue with ‘astra_addon_woo_account_user_welcome_message’ filter hook for WooCommerce account navigation.
  • File Generation code improved for better PHP exceptions and error handling edge cases.

Check the changelog for full details on everything included within the Astra 4.7 update!

Astra 4.7 – Always Moving Forwards

Even though there are ‘only’ two new features in Astra 4.7, we hope it’s another demonstration of our commitment to keeping Astra on the cutting edge.

Simply log into your WordPress website and select to update Astra to benefit from these improvements.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve it, refine it and make it easier for you to use.

What do you think of this update? Do you have any feature suggestions for future updates?

Now is a great time to be an Astra user! Check out our premium bundles to make sure you get the best out of what we do!

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