Introducing Customizer Search Plugin

Introducing Customizer Search Plugin

Customizer search plugin

Weekend side projects are a part of our culture at Brainstorm Force. That’s how we feed our creativity and try to think outside of regular routine.

So today, Nikhil from our team just wrote “Customizer Search” plugin which I think is essential for most websites that use themes powered by Customizer.

See how it works:

Try out the plugin and let us know in the comments how you like it!

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  1. Santanu Profile Pic

    I came to know about Astra theme recently from one of my friend and after that I can find many awesome features and complete theme for any blog. Keep doing the great work guys.

  2. Tim Griffin Profile Pic

    Beautiful, that makes so much sense! (Surprised this is not a core function yet!)

    Great work – I can’t wait to get this in front of our design and edit team. Wow!

  3. Web Design Malaysia Profile Pic
    Web Design Malaysia

    I’ve been using Astra plugin since we’ve incorporated in 2016 which had provided us a tremendous edge in web designing industry. I am eagerly recommend Astra to anyone that have intention in creating a website with great looking functionalities. Kudos to the team!

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