Announcing Spectra 2.0: The visual page builder for ultra fast websites

Introduction Spectra 2

We are back with yet another major announcement. 📢

This time, it has to do with the entire website page-building experience. And if you enjoy working with the default WordPress block editor, Gutenberg, you will love this update.

Introducing, Spectra 2.0. 🎉

With this latest release, you can build ultra-high-performance websites without coding.

We’ve been working on Spectra at Brainstorm Force for over a year.

We even had several WordPress enthusiasts test Spectra out when we released the beta version earlier this year.

The result?

A world-class product that takes the website page-building experience to a new level.

Today, we are super excited to share the release of Spectra 2.0 with you. 🎉

Let’s dive in and explore what’s new with Spectra 2.0.

What is Spectra?

Spectra is a visual page builder built on top of the default block editor, Gutenberg.

Spectra website

With Spectra, you can build ultra-fast websites, even if you are a complete beginner. And the good news is that Spectra works perfectly well with all WordPress themes.

Typically, you have page builders that either output poorly written code, hampers the website performance, or are complicated for beginners and involve a substantial learning curve.

That apart, page builders are seen to have compatibility issues with other third-party themes and plugins.

So, we built Spectra!

Now build high-performance websites using a beginner-friendly page builder quickly and easily.

What’s new in Spectra?

Our goal with Spectra was to bring out a product with everything you need to build excellent websites coupled with the best user experience.

So, while we added new features to Spectra, we also updated the old ones to come out with a world-class visual page builder.

Here are some of Spectra’s awesome features

Build ultra fast websites using our visual website builder

With Spectra, building websites just got a whole lot easier.

To begin with, we’ve done away with rows and columns. It’s so old school.

Instead, we now use Flexbox Containers.

A Flexbox Container utilizes flexible containers to solve all your web design problems.

Spectra Flexbox container

Spectra takes this a step further.

Want to change the direction of elements in a container? Maybe justify the content or even customize the alignment? With Spectra Flexboxes, you are entirely covered.

From aligning the various container elements to match your design needs

Spectra alignment options for container block

and controlling the width and height of the container

Spectra container height option

to displaying important feature lists

Displaying features with container block

and building custom tables efficiently,

Creating tables with spectra container block 2

the design possibilities are endless with Spectra.

All while keeping the layout fluid and responsive for all devices.

Another significant inclusion is Presets.

With Presets, you get a jumpstart on your website design.

Spectra premade presets 3

Customize the pre-designed blocks to suit your website requirements.

Want to replicate designs and save time easily?

You know those times when you’ve entirely customized a block and want to replicate the same in another block?

Well, you can now use Spectra’s Copy and Paste Style feature.

Spectra copy paste options

Using this feature, you can easily maintain consistency across your website and save a lot of design time.

You will never have to design websites from scratch again

Our ever-growing library of 100+ FREE professionally designed starter templates is built using the default WordPress block editor, Astra, and Spectra.

Starter templates with spectra

Simply import a page, section, or even an entire website template in just a few clicks. Customize the content and deliver projects faster than ever.

And the best part is that you have a website template for just about any niche.

Prefer using Block Patterns? You know, those pre-built blocks you use for particular sections within your web pages, such as a hero section, features, clients, testimonials, locations, address, statistics, and single quotes, among several others.

Spectra has you covered with a full range of pre-built Block Patterns that you can easily import, customize and use on your pages.

patterns with spectra

Prefer Wireframes to Blocks? No problem. Spectra has you covered there as well.

Wireframes blocks with spectra

These FREE pre-built Wireframe Patterns are designed using Spectra and can be imported in just a few clicks.

Spectra offers great features without sacrificing performance

Spectra is a fast and reliable page builder that helps reduce your website design time. It uses optimized assets, clean code, and has zero dependency, leading to quicker page load times.

Spectra has all the features needed to build ultra-fast and high-performance websites, such as:

  • Clean and less code output, resulting in quick loading times
  • Spectra’s just-in-time compiler loads assets dynamically, resulting in better performance
  • The assets, such as HTML, CSS, and JS, are optimized and minified. This way, your website loads quickly
  • Spectra doesn’t load jQuery, thereby reducing the number of files being loaded
  • Spectra lets you load Google Fonts locally, thereby reducing the number of requests and increasing the speed of your website
  • Built with the modern ReactJS framework, pages made with Spectra are inherently faster and more powerful
Spectra Performance

In addition to ensuring your website performs exceptionally well, websites built using Spectra are super optimized for search engines as well.

With Spectra, you get to use SEO-friendly blocks, such as FAQ, Review, and How-to, that not only adds content to your pages but also automatically implement markup.

Needless to say, this increases your website’s chances of ranking higher in the SERP.

And the icing on the cake is when websites built using Spectra score well over 90% on the Google Core Web Vitals.

Spectra SEO and performance

25+ blocks that give you an ultimate page-building experience

Spectra comes with 25+ blocks that are fully customizable and allow you to build high-performance websites without writing any line of code.

Spectra available blocks

Some of the blocks include:

  • Heading
  • Info Box
  • Call To Action
  • Icon Lists
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Sharing
  • Price List
  • How to
  • Tabs
  • Lottie Animation

And many more.

Here’s what the Call To Action Block looks like.

Spectra call to action block

And this is what the Content Timeline Block looks like.

Spectra content timeline block

Likewise, all you have to do is select a block of your choice, customize it to suit your needs, and you are good to go.

Coming Soon! Spectra Pro

Spectra Pro is coming soon, and we are super excited about it.

With Spectra Pro, we’ve pushed the limits and ensured you can do much more with your blocks.

Here’s a sneak peek into the enhancements you’ll see in the pro version:

  1. Instagram feed block
  2. Dynamic content functionality
  3. Countdown timer block
  4. Comparison slider block
  5. Popup Builder
  6. And a theme builder

We’ve got more surprises coming your way in the pro version.

Stay tuned for this announcement.

If you have Astra’s Essential Toolkit, you get Spectra Pro at absolutely no extra cost.

If you don’t have the Astra Essential Toolkit, this is an excellent time to get one!

Try Spectra 2.0 now!

We’ve ensured Spectra is everything you need to build amazing websites, even if you are a complete beginner. Spectra is THE only visual page builder you’ll need to build ultra-high performance websites.

From 100+ FREE starter templates to an extensive library of Presets, Blocks, and more, we’ve got it all packed into Spectra.

Check out this announcement post for more information on what’s new in Spectra 2.0.

Give Spectra 2.0 a try now. Download Spectra 2.0 using this link: Spectra 2.0.

On successful activation, you’ll see the new Spectra blocks while creating your web pages.

At Brainstorm Force, we continue to build amazing world-class products to help you succeed and scale your online business.

And that goes for our Elementor and Beaver Builder users as well. We continue to build awesome starter templates and include them in the ever-growing library.

Now, we’d like to hear from you.

Try Spectra 2.0 out and let us know what you think. Does it have everything you need to build ultra-fast websites, or is there a feature we’ve missed out on?

Comment below or mail us your feedback at [email protected].

Until next time, stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Laxmikant Bhumkar Profile Pic
    Laxmikant Bhumkar

    I appreciate Astra/Spectra team’s hard work in bringing such an ace builder into the WordPress Gutenberg arena.

    I have one curiosity. Does Spectra support repeater fields?

  2. Kriss Profile Pic


    when will Spectra Pro be available?

    I am at a crossroads. I tried to buy a Kadence package, but Spectra also appeals to me. And probably more.


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