Starter Templates Crosses 1 Million Installs!

Starter Templates Crosses 1 Million Installs!

1 Million Active Installs for Starter Templates

Hurray!!! Today we are thrilled to announce another milestone that we surpassed here at Brainstorm Force.

I am beyond excited to share this big news with our community – Starter Templates just crossed 1 Million active installs on the WordPress repository.

starter template 1 million downloads

It is now one of the few WordPress plugins that have managed to surpass the coveted 1 Million-plus active installs.

Reaching this milestone has been an exciting journey. Of course, it did not happen in one day.

The journey started in 2017. Back then, we definitely were not the first ones to launch a plugin with ready-to-import sites.

There were already 100s of themes in the market that offered one-click demo imports. But there were many hurdles in using those demos; as they were created mostly only to show the theme features and not for real use-cases.

They used to look nice in the demo library but when imported or added to the website (of course with lots of effort), they would lose all the nice design and structure. Customizing these demos was again a huge pain for most WordPress users.

All of us have been through this pain when installing such themes.

As a team actively involved in the WordPress ecosystem, we decided to change this trend. We decided to build Starter Templates.

Not just demos, Templates!

We wanted to offer Templates that can give users a fast headstart in their website designing process.

Our vision for Starter Templates was to offer a library of templates with:

  • Beautiful and Sleek Designs: Templates with professional and beautiful designs that you can use to emphasize your brand identity.
  • Conversion Optimized: Carefully designed templates with curated sections. So that they can hook the target audience and bring you more conversions.
  • Lightweight and Performance-optimized: Cut down extra bloated resources and keep templates fast and light.
  • Suitable Design For a Wide Variety of Businesses and Niches: An extensive library of thoughtfully designed templates serving every industry and business.
  • Choice of Popular Page Builders: Templates available with popular page builders in the industry.
  • Seamless Import Process: Hassle-free one-click import process, for the exact template as shown in the library.
  • Easy to Customize: Tweaking each section of each template should be easy.
  • Responsive: Device-friendly and device-agnostic templates so that your website looks beautiful and professional on all screens.

Using these guidelines and goals, we launched Starter Templates in August 2017.

It was a perfect combination of beautiful website templates with the easiest import and customization capabilities.

starter templates library

Users started using it and benefited from the ease it brought to website designing. It delivered everything users were actively searching for.

With Starter Templates, it was finally possible to build beautiful and conversion-optimized websites.

Our users like you have trusted Starter Templates to build their brand identity and launch websites and online businesses. Here are just a few of the positive feedback we received:

Starter Templates - Users positive review
Starter Templates - Users positive review
Starter Templates - Users positive review
Starter Templates - Users positive review

We kept adding well-designed templates to our library – at the pace of 1 new template per every week.

Today there are 100s of templates available in the templates library – Full-site templates, single-page templates, and page sections/block patterns. All of these templates can be easily imported and customized.

Here is how other users start building their website from scratch –

Here is how Starter Templates users start building their website with the ready-to-use templates –

Each minute, 2 new websites begin their website-building process using Starter Templates.

And this is how, finally, today, we reached the 1 Million installs milestone.

Thank you all for your love and support through this journey. ❤️

It’s always nice to see and read that Starter Templates have been an integral part of online business success stories. We feel proud when we hear and know such stories, and are inspired to deliver more each time.

Starter Templates - Users positive review
Starter Templates - Users positive review

If you are one of those users who have built a successful website using Starter Templates, share your experience with us. We would love to hear your story. 

And if you haven’t used this amazing plugin yet, give it a try today

If you have any suggestions or features you need, do let us know.

Reaching 1 Million installs is a happy and proud moment for each of us here at the Brainstorm Force. But we are not stopping here. This is just a milestone and not the destination. 

Our mission has always been to – “cut down website development time by half” and we will continually strive to deliver on this promise in each of our version updates.

With the recent Starter Templates update, we introduced the easiest and advanced way to design Gutenberg websites using block patterns. Next, we are working on adding new templates to the library and additional exciting features. 

What’s our next goal?

Empower more than 10 Million websites to build beautiful, stunning, and fast websites using Starter Templates.


Stay tuned for more! ?

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